This is Henry he is a hedgehog tonight he ran in front of my car. I stopped to make sure he was ok. He ran out in front of another car so I waved for them to slow down. He ran to the side of the road but for stuck in the gutter so I took off my sweatshirt and used it to lift him onto the sidewalk. He is now happily with his hedgehog friends living a happy hedgehog life doing happy hedgehog things. I am thankful for the brief moments we shared together! Please teach your children road safety! Look left and right before you cross the road. You know the drill. Go fourth and sparkle little one. Love always! Your neighbourly friend cam! 💖

So I’ve decided. I want to see a story written about some random chick who just so happened to have the same size food as Cinderella. And she’s just minding her own business when suddenly some people pull over on the side of the road in their carriage, shove a really shitty shoe on her food and exclaim “WE GOT HER! HUZZAH!”

And she’s dragged to the castle and then has to explain to the Prince that he’s really nice and all, but can’t they just be friends because there are plenty of people out there and she’s really not into men who judge women by their shoe size. 

Bolo ties as we know them have only been around since the mid-20th century, though there is some evidence something similar was worn by “American Pioneers” (not sure if this means Spanish pioneers in America or Americans in America) in the late 19th century. However, in the early 1930s, it was apparently popular fashion in Native tribes (specifically Hopi and Navajo) for men to fasten a scarf around their necks with a shell or other bits of found nature, included hammered metal and cut stone. A dude (in perhaps the original, pejorative sense?) by the name of Victor Cedarstaff is nonetheless widely credited with the invention of the bolo tie after he tied his hat strings around his neck while riding his horse in windy weather. He went so far as to PATENT “his” invention. Still, as we know them, bolo ties widely evoke the culture and craft styles of Native People. I bought this one from a Navajo woman on the side of the road about an hour outside the Grand Canyon. I debated, for a not-small amount of time, if it was better to pass on buying crafts-thus somehow, idk, resisting the commercialization of Native Culture?-or to buy something because, clearly, this is what this she does for a living and whatever the politics of the larger, probably insurmountable, situation, if this is one way I can show some appreciation, maybe I should? I did.

I had an afternoon of meetings planned, three big boxes to unpack and then dinner with friends. Instead I ended up spending five hours in a ditch on the side of the road, trying to get a litter of puppies out of a nest of thorns where they’d been hiding for weeks🙈

I saw them scurrying across the road and stopped the car just in time to see them disappear into a hole in the jungle. I looked around, and saw one little puppy lying dead at the side of the road😩😢😔 I knew I could leave until they were safe. Team @sgtpeppersfriends to the rescue!!!

We got the first one out fairly easily but the second little guy wasn’t having it. It took five hours, six people and A LOT of work to get her out. We actually had to cut through the bush and dig through layers of dirt with a shovel to reach her, but we did it! Big thanks to Philip from Philip’s Animal Garden for not giving up!!

Now it’s 11pm and I’m exhausted. Tired, sweaty, covered in dust and dog poop and with thorns in my hands… But happy as a clam knowing these two babies are sleeping quietly here at home. Once they are bigger and stronger we’ll find them a loving home.

Every being counts. I know I can’t save them all but I can try. DOGS ARE LIFE! Adopt, don’t shop. See the story at @sgtpeppersfriends @sgtpeppersfriends @sgtpeppersfriends !🙏🐶😍 #animalrescue #dogs #love #happiness #sgtpeppersfriends

I normally stay far away from any issues normally bounced around here on tumblr but I feel like I need to inject something on this recording police stuff going around.

As a (civilian) crime scene investigator I work all kinds of scenes. I do the same job as my sworn counterparts but I do not have any protection if you come running towards me screaming and pointing things at me.

I agree that police do not always do the right thing but guess what, I do. I have people scream obscenities, give me the finger and film/photograph me while I’m trying to collect fragile evidence that could exonerate someone. Every time you yell, it makes my job harder. Evidence that could help someone’s mom/son/brother/etc.

Furthermore, it’s a safety issue. If I’m on the side of the road collecting evidence and you choose to slow down and film me - you are putting your own damn life on the line. One time I was riding with an officer and we stopped a lady for DWI. Soon a car came to take photos and yell at me. Next thing I knew their Miata was flipped over on the other side of the intersection and because they wrecked in front of us we were able to pull them out before their car caught fire. All because they wanted to take a photo.

So yeah, if you see a blatant disregard for civil rights film it. But not every stop/scene is a violation and when you do record my scene I will hunt you down and give your information to the District Attorney so you can turn over your phone as evidence and be a witness.

- homeless teenager hijikata having a crowd of stray animals following him around because they’re the only things that’ll actually be around him

- homeless teenager hijikata sleeping on the sides of dirt roads

- homeless teenager hijikata trying to work for money but turned away with sneers and whispers of “did you see the dried blood on his sword?”

- homeless teenager hijikata being jumped unfairly for beating dojos and having to deal with open wounds and sore bruises for days

- homeless teenager hijikata thinking it won’t get better and that maybe he just won’t ever be strong enough, maybe he really is a monster


“I have taught you better than this,” Harry says, quiet. The tone - a curling serpent of barely contained fury as Harry Hart has never been known to cover behind stoicism - makes Eggsy shudder.

He’s standing by the doorway, scuffing the carpet with his shoes and feeling like a fuckin utter disappointment. It is hard not to feel terribly guilty and responsible either, for the piss poor mood Harry’s been in since Eggsy’s shite decision-making had sent both him and Roxy blown fuckin sky high in Croatia. By only sheer luck did none of them end up dead in bits and pieces by the road side.

Merlin’s still resolutely not speaking to him. Apart from the necessary debriefing that even then had been curt and short and everything Eggsy reckons he deserves - can’t even argue, can he? And Roxy’s still holed up in medical with bruised ribs and a broken leg, barely lucid most of the times that Eggsy’s been there visiting.

Eggsy’s been climbing the walls ever since. Half nervous tension waiting for a dressing down he knows Harry’s going to give, half the sinking feeling of guilt eating away at his insides, the tiny voice reminding him of his fault in this whole clusterfuck. Well, he thinks wry, here we are.

He breathes out through the lump in his throat and steels himself - he’s no stranger to Harry’s disappointment but it doesn’t ever get easier swallowing down - for the inevitable humiliation. Closes his eyes and count five heartbeats before wrenching them open with whatever courage he has scraped together to meet Harry’s scowl.

Harry gives him a contemplative look. “Do you know what you did wrong, Galahad?” He’s holding a glass of brandy in one hand, swirling it idly.

“Apart from the fact that I defied Merlin’s orders and nearly got us killed?” Eggsy retorts, finding it hard not to feel defensive when Harry pins him with that look in particular. “Sure bruv,” he crosses his arms, “How ‘bout Lancelot fuckin doped up on painkillers there in med bay and Merlin ain’t even meetin’ my eyes? How bout the people dead cause I couldn’t get to them in time, how ‘bout-”

And Eggsy could go on, will, now that the flood gates have opened and the fuckin fuck up that was Croatia he’s been carrying around and letting fester the last one week or so is threatening to pour out and Eggsy can’t find it in him to stop it.

“Eggsy,” Harry says sharper this time, and that’s it, isn’t it? Eggsy’s done for. He wasn’t made to have so much blood on his hands, he wasn’t made to swim under the fuckin weight of innocents dying on him, lives crushed just cause he couldn’t get his shit together-

Then there is a hand warm on his cheek. It makes Eggsy blink, past the way his vision has blurried and the way his eyes sting, to see Harry right up and into his space. “Eggsy,” Harry says and it’s suddenly so gentle, a hint contrite, and that hurts more. Eggsy doesn’t deserve sympathy. “The only mistake you made was to not inform us about your decision to disarm the bomb on your own.”

Eggsy shakes his head at that. “I had no choice-” Eggsy says, “ An’ you an’ Merlin had been yellin murder at me and Roxy for blowin’ our cover too early, and we’d seen the timer and there had been ten fuckin minutes left-”

“Which is why,” Harry cuts him off, the other hand coming to grip Eggsy’s shoulders tightly, “you should have said something Eggsy. We weren’t there without professionals on site. And perhaps they may never have made it to where you were on time. The mission was doomed from the start, Eggsy. But really, the point is, Eggsy-” Harry gives him a slight shake. “You need to trust others to do their job as well. You need to trust that Kingsman will always have its agents’ back everytime they go out there. You need to trust that I have your back as well, dear boy. That we are no longer the barely surviving fraction we used to be after V-day.”

“Do you understand me?” Harry prompts when Eggsy does nothing but stand there, half-lidded and trying his damned best to wrap his head about what Harry has just said. The rousing speech about trust and all Eggsy can think of is how Harry has not blamed him once for any of casualties, has not implied once. He doesn’t know what to make of that. Doesn’t know how to accept a forgiveness he wasn’t prepared to receive.

“Eggsy?” Harry says again.

“I- , ” He starts, voice breaking and dangerously tilting to the side now. He feels so tired all of a sudden. “I’m sorry, Harry, I’m so so fuckin sorry-” And all Harry does is move the hand that has rested on Eggsy’s cheek to the back of his head, fingers fanning wide and shifting his grip to guide Eggsy into the curve of a shoulder which Eggsy takes gratefully - exhausted and shaking.

Harry says nothing when Eggsy’s tears soak through what must be thousand dollars worth of fabrix, says nothing when he cannot hide the small pitiful noises dragged out unwilling from his throat, says nothing when Eggsy’s hands settle into the collar of his suit jacket, wrinkling the fabric beneath.

Harry doesn’t comment as Eggsy comes apart right then and there, silent and unmovable and present, unyielding. Only tightens his hold. Doesn’t let go.


We had a pretty relaxed weekend. Or at least I have because I’ve been waited on hand and foot ;)

Yesterday we had a pretty crazy rain storm. There was so much water on the roads it was ridiculous. We went through one puddle (really, it was more like a pond), and we couldn’t see ANYTHING for like 5 seconds, and we had no idea where we were on the road. Thankfully, we were still on our side, but it was pretty intense! It ended up being like that basically the whole way to his mums house. The sirens were going off as well, and the thunder was unbelievably loud! Once we got to his mums house we found like 6 leaks in the ceiling, and that the pool had flooded. Dang! So now it is just a giant muddy mess. I feel bad, because I’m sure it is a pain to drain it all, clean it, and refill it (plus expensive!). And Taylor’s mum has to come home from vacation to this mess. Sucks. And it is suppose to be thunder storming for the rest of the week as well.

Last night we went and saw Tomorrowland. I really enjoyed it! All the reviews I read about it were bad, but I thought it was good. I think Charlee enjoyed it. I actually haven’t asked her yet what she thought. Then we came and Charlee got to watch the Holy Grail for the first time :) I think she liked it for the most part. At some points I think she was just laughing because we were, but she liked the knights who say ni :P I’m sure it will be a movie she will pick to watch again, like the Princess Bride :)

And since Charlee is on summer vacation and I work from home on Monday’s, she spent the night with us again, and now we are being lazy and watching movies all day (well, not really lazy as I actually can’t drive and take us anywhere). She has been such a doll since I sprained my ankle on Friday. She has helped me with carrying things when I can’t, bringing me things, opening doors, etc. Friday night we watched a movie and she put a blanket over me and got my stuffed animal saying it would make me feel better :)

However, crutches are such a pain. Why did nobody warn me? I was one of those weird kids who was jealous of kids with crutches, casts, braces, glasses, etc. I don’t know why. But now that I have the crutches, I wouldn’t wish them upon anyone. The house looks like a wreck (it is pretty clear who does the bulk of the cleaning ;P) and it is starting to make me internally panic. I hate messes. I feel like I’m living in a frat house. I’m hoping tonight Taylor will do some cleaning for me. And I hate not being able to do the simplest things, like put on clothes, or make a meal. Tomorrow I’m going to try putting weight on it and seeing if it hurts. Or maybe today at some point. We will see. I guess the plus side to this is that my left leg is getting an extra workout each day :P

I like going to the village
but then again,
I like going anywhere with you.

I like the cities,
the roads,
and the sides of unforgiving mountains.

I like our tent pitched on a hilltop near the sea
and how I count
the breaths you breathe in time
with the waves at sunrise.

I like the cobblestone streets and how
you lead me like a lost goat through the maze
of your hometown.
You speak with a man at the market and I listen,
not understanding and forgetting who I am
    or where I came from.
This is my favourite thing, really -
    with you, the world becomes my home.

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21. louis

“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”-Louis

He was looking at you like you were a crazy person. He was driving the car, trying to keep it steady so there was no accident, but he had almost caused on when you had suggested getting out for a moment.

“Live a little,” you said, messing with him. You really did want to get out, dance in the rain and maybe kiss in the rain. You wanted the rain to cascade over you, you wanted to feel refreshed.

“You’re so weird,” he chuckled, pulling off to the side of the road and parking. “But that’s why I love you!”

“I love you, too,” you smiled, pushing your belt off and opening your door. A scream was let out of your mouth as you ran out into the rain, meeting him at the back of your car with smiles on your faces.

No more, no more :) here’s the ones from yesterday

on the bus ride home i saw an eagle just sitting there on the side of the road and my immediate thoughts were along the lines of FUCK YEA AMERICA before i realised i live in tasmania australia

So I was sitting at a stop light on my way home, and there was this guy on the other side of the road driving a tractor.Then right as the light turned green he dropped his bottle of soda. And he just kind of reached his arm towards it and watched it roll away before he had to start driving again, and I’ve never felt so bad for someone in my life. 

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I'm sorry this sounds like the stupidest question ever, but I've tried googling it and it didn't work. What's the word for shops with witchcraft stuff in them, like crystals and herbs and incense? Like little side of the road shops with curious items. It's a common type name. Theyre convenient but expensive. Sorry again for the stupid question.

Metaphysical shops :D

What a great weekend for @latusmotorsracing Castrol Triumph. On the road racing side of the house @bobbyfong50 gets a 5th and 4th in less than ideal conditions at Road America. Stoked to represent the custom culture on both his uniform and bike! Check out the sleeve! Photo by Brian J #crxxx #caferacerxxx

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Do chickens have feelings? Is that why it crossed he road? Was there something about the other side that appealed to the chickens heart so that it had to cross?

I mean, if we’re using chicken science, then we can say for sure that chickens love Cullen since it’s proven fact. And I can only assume the only thing that would get anything or one to ever THINK of moving has got to be him.

So yeah Cullen on the other side of the road

Andy Murray likes to ‘Skype his dogs’ when he’s abroad playing tennis

Andy Murray travels a lot when it comes to his tennis career but he always makes sure to check in with two furry loved ones.

The Wimbledon champions has two dogs with wife Kim, called Maggie May and Rusty, and says he likes to video chat with them while he’s on the other side of the road.

‘I Skype the dogs all the time, but they never respond,’ he laughs. ‘Even if I say their name, I get nothing back!’

Well, he’s not known to have the most enticing voice!

Andy was chatting to My VIP magazine about his dogs, and said that Kim has them well trained for when she wants to show off a little.

‘Kim likes to bring them out when we have people round for dinner. They’re really great dogs – I absolutely love them to bits, and they have a lot of personality.’

Wonder if she can get to do more than sit and play dead?

Andy is currently competing in the French Open where on Monday he had Jeremy Chardy 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Bet he’ll be Face-timing his pups the minute he’s off the court.

To read Andy’s interview in full, pick up a copy of My VIP Magazine which is available nationwide in all Pet’s at Home stores. The magazine is free for VIP members, Pets at Home’s free to join club or just £2.50 for non-members.