you want cheetos
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>luke:</b> i'm really craving some cheetos right now<p/><b>michael:</b> why do you like cheetos so much?<p/><b>luke:</b> they're a tasty snack choice. how many of you guys eat cheetos?<p/><b>crowd:</b> *roars*<p/><b>calum:</b> no worries luke, i'll get ashton to buy you an unlimited supply of cheetos for the road<p/><b>ashton:</b> wait what?<p/><b>michael:</b> ASHTON, LUKE CRAVES CHEETOS, WE SHALL GIVE HIM CHEETOS<p/><b>ashton:</b> but what do we all get in return?<p/><b>luke:</b> cuddles of course<p/><b>calum:</b> okay bb and remember, don't wear socks<p/><b>ashton:</b> they never sold cheetos at kfc or the video store i worked at.....but thats okay...and snacks are snacks so dont be embarrassed for what you eat and don't let people hurt your feelings over what you decide to eat and always make sure to drink water bc health is important and i can't have any of you cuties falling out and fainting over dehydration:-))<p/></p><p/></p>

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Poor Bilbo keeps getting heart attacks cause his dumb husbands do the stupidest shit when drunk. He'd prob threaten like no sex for a month if they keep being stupid. (I say month cause lets face it, they both bomb as hell in bed)

To be fair with having Bilbo and Thorin as husbands Bofur has JUST as many heart attacks. If you leave Thorin and Bofur alone they’ll either trash the living room during an overexuberant game of Mario Cart, watch tv and end up fighting over who shouldve won Cupcake Wars, or start daring each other to do stupid shit.

Bilbo and Bofur left alone get stoned and bake. Everything is ok.

Bilbo and Thorin left alone go off on adventures that end with Bofur getting calls from the hospital that start with “your tiny priss boyfriend started a barfight. No I’m pissed at him so he’s YOUR boyfriend right now.”

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Can you feel it now me krabs?

cole in asunder tho, like

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my day was gay bc u talked to me and lonked me to some pornhub video while im in the car with my own father.


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lmao today my mom was bitchin me out about taunting my brother & she was like "you're just jealous of you brother." & i just

you shouldve started reciting the boat note

your mom: you’re just jealous of your brother!



you:…..who has received the reward of jannutul firdaus before me. I do not mourn because his soul is very much alive” 

Whenever i have some random 15-20min conversations with my coworkers (sth i very rarely do) i spend the rest of the day thinking “i shouldve said this, shouldve said that”, “that person made this gesture to that other one, was it about me?”
I shouldnt have those convos at all or i should just keep my mouth shut!