I just prayed??? for the first time in my life????


However loving his parents may have seemed, he [Simon] knew that, scratch the surface, and they’d scream and run away. And here he’s confronted with a guy who is just everyting he thinks is wrong about a person, who comes back for him when the chips are down because he’s on his crew. To me, that’s a real parent, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to get to, and I think it’s very real… But the most important thing about ‘Safe’ was that relationship.

Joss Whedon, Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One


The Magic Begins: A character you feel the need to defend

Draco Malfoy

"And Harry realised, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying - actually crying - tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin."


naruto challenge: favourite story arc → five kage summit

i finally got my first bit of revenge for itachi. it was a high unlike everything i’ve ever felt. like i was cleansing the uchiha name of the stigma that’s dogged it for all these years. like i’m freeing the uchiha from being associated with this rotten ninja world. in a sense, it’s what konoha has always wanted. after rejecting my clan for generations, i’m finally going to wipe it from your memories, by killing every last one of you until konoha is crushed forever. any bond to the uchiha will be severed and our name will be purified. that’s how i will revive my clan.”


smells like teen spirit - an orphan black AU

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Senior year is looking to be the most promising for this small group of friends. Sarah’s band is starting to get noticed, Alison’s acting is getting better by the minute, Beth’s the vote to win every cross country meet for the whole season, and Cosima’s lining up a full four years of high school with nothing less than an A. How do they deal with the stresses of their futures knocking at their door when things start to take a turn for the worse. The limits of their friendship are tested when they are forced to face the very real consequences of drugs and sex. Past demons come back to haunt them, sexuailties come into question, and even when they want to push each other away, they can’t, because they have no one else to turn to.


Scenes from PGSM: "Why didn’t I see this before?" [Act 24]


I would always suggest keeping a little journal and then every time that you say yes to something that you wouldn’t normally say yes to, or you’ve pushed yourself a bit, or you’ve done something that scares you a little bit just make a note of it and write about what it was, how you did it and how you felt afterwards and then if you keep a little note of all the little things you’ve done and you’re having a low day or a low moment you can just flick through and be like, ‘Oh yeah, see I can do it!’

An open letter to Modest Fuckwit Management re One Direction.

I admit it. You have done it. I am finally at the end of my tether.

You see, today I got quite excited at the prospect of a book signing. Now I’ll admit, Im a bit embarrassed about this. Because a book signing, announced a huge 48 hours before it occurs, 3 weeks before an album launch, when only a few thousand tickets go on sale should not really be a cause for celebration. Not for the Biggest Band On The Planet (TM)

But nonetheless I was excited. You see, I long to see the boys interact. Call me crazy (and I know you like to) but I like to see the band I support, you know, talk to each other. And it doesn’t happen that often.

So. I looked for tickets. As an older fan I can afford to go to London when I want. I have 13 weeks holidays a year and a fair bit of disposable income. I would LOVE to spend it on One Direction. (Sell me an oops jumper. I’ll be a happy woman)

And now we come to the crux of the problem. If I had got tickets, I, as a grown professional women with a very respectable job, cannot, apparently, be trusted to carry my own mobile phone.

Now this causes me a moments reflection. What could possibly be so dangerous about a boy band that I can’t be trusted with my own mobile phone whilst around them? Or am I not the problem? Is it that you, their own management, don’t trust them to behave in front of their fans? Are you worried about what we might see?

Coz I have to tell you, that ship has sailed (do you see what I did there? Yes, I have seen their tattoos!) That horse has well and truly bolted. 

Because, us older fans, we know. We don’t just think. We know. Because we are older, we have work connections at hotels and bars, we have uni friends in high positions at media companies, we have friends at radio stations all over the world, we have friends who live in rural towns in Cheshire and Yorkshire. I somehow don’t think they are all lying about the thing you are so desperately trying to hide.

So you cannot keep hiding these boys in plain sight. Releasing books that they themselves have slated, that contain a narrative that anyone with working eye balls can see is not the truth, and stopping fans taking pictures at a signing won’t help. Myopic micromanagement of this type just reeks of desperation and makes you look even more obvious. Especially when your clients seem to be doing everything in their power to challenge your narrative.

Now there are rumblings that actually this might be a secret showcase of the new album. Oh how I would love that to be the case. It would indicate you are willing to try new things to promo this band. And boy, do they deserve it. They are the Biggest Band On The Planet. Despite of you.

So please. Can we have a Live Lounge, and a talk show where they can talk (oh what a concept) and some promo where we see THEM? Not your version of them.

Coz those 12 years old you are currently pandering to and are fleecing for every last penny? They gonna grow up soon.

And then you’ll want me and my disposable income. 


FRASIER REWATCH: The Good Son (1x01)

i’m reading about these for-profit centers around the country for “at-risk teens” like teens who are gay or trans or depressed or have eating disorders or mental health issues or intellectual disabilities or their parents just can’t handle them for some bad reason

and they’re ridiculously abusive and would be very illegal if not for loopholes in the law

and they yell at kids and blame them for trauma they’ve gone through or things that have happened to them

and then like if say girl got raped they’d keep re-enacting the situation all the way to like holding her on a mattress and then screaming at her to get over it or how if she wasn’t being promiscuous it wouldn’t have happened etc. just ridiculously shitty and terrible things like that

and then doing things like using the bible and the book of mormon (even though these camps are supposedly non-denominational) to justify that children are doing things that are inherently wrong and shameful when they’re anorexic or are gay or even talk back to their parents and that children aren’t the victims when they gets raped or abused or anything like that

and then every day the kid is force fed information and propaganda about how everything they’re doing is shameful and abhorrent. and if their “offense” was something sexual they’re given sex ed classes that teach how to not be a whore and how abstinence is the only option. and if the child has an eating disorder then he or she is literally force fed food even when crying and literally vomiting from the stress and abuse

and anybody who forms a same sex relationship while in these camps or harms them self or any other major offense is isolated from the camp in what amounts to solitary confinement and is screamed at constantly and threatened and even more severely emotionally abused than normal, or in repeated offenses the child may be sent to even harsher and more abusive facilities

oh, and i didn’t even mention how these kids get to these facilities in the first place. their rooms are barged into in the middle of the night by masked men and women who then forcibly take the child in their car to an airport in order to fly the kids to these camps. and if the child draws attention or yells out something like “kidnap!”, then the camp “counselors” will just instead drive for hours to the camp itself.

not to mention the very forced gender roles and gender stereotypes within the camp. swearing is not allowed for girls at all, but boys can use all the swears they want since swearing is “unladylike”, except homophobic and transphobic swears and slurs such as “fag” “faggot” “dyke” “tranny” and other such words aren’t reprimanded at all. also, boys get twice the amount of meals as girls do, since boys should eat more and also “a lot of girls don’t even finish their food” which is a clear representation of the lack of concern and effort put towards helping eating disorders faced by many of the children. girls are also forced to clean messes that everybody, including boys, accumulate. meanwhile, the boys are forced to run through courses similar to army basic training obstacle courses, and administered by counselors who dress and act like real drill sergeants towards the children. they treat the kids by screaming at them and making them do grossly unnecessary manual labor and physical punishment such as carrying 50lb tires. one child at this camp even detailed how she was forced for weeks to dig out a giant tree trunk literally all day using only a shovel and a hand saw when normally tree trunk removal takes powerful hydraulic machines or chains and many men 

most children leave these camps with even worse issues than they came in with and what issues they began with are grossly and severely exacerbated. it takes them years to overcome the brainwashing that they went through at these camps, and most kids even show some if not many signs of severe PTSD and other signs of extreme mental and emotional abuse. at the same time, the parents of these children are being brainwashed by these camps to believe that the kids are the only ones who have done anything wrong, and that if the kid acts out at all again then the parent should act just like the camp counselors by screaming and being very harsh, sometimes even kicking the child out of the house

the parents pay very much money, often up to $5000 per month, to unknowingly have their kids abused while the parent is told that this is the best thing for their child. some of these troubled teen camps even suggest ideas for parents who can’t figure out how to pay the cost. my favorite idea: ”Others have used college savings since their child is not on track to complete high school, much less go to college.” even when the child is simply gay or any of the other “diseases and disorders” faced by these children

the worst part is that i didn’t even cover all the abuses and terrors that kids faced and to this day still face at these camps around the country. due to the way that they’re run, the law has hardly and jurisdiction, so the only way that these have been shut down is through protests and awareness so people won’t send their kids there

if anybody for some reason wants to read more about these shitty places here are some links i used, and you can also google things like “troubled teen center abuse” and stuff







No but really, what happened to Anderson was not really that funny…

For two years he belived that he had bullied a person into taking their own life and he felt so bad for that, that he eventually lost his job. He made up theories with people that Sherlock was alive but nobody belived him… and then later when it turns out Sherlock was in fact alive and is meeting him Andreson starts crying and Sherlock just leaves him so Anderson thought that he was hallucinating and then just loses it… that was actually really horrible to watch for me…

I mean can you imagine how he must be feeling, how painful it must be to think that you had something to do with a person taking their own life? Losing your job and pobably your friends - but when it seems to be so that it did not actually happen, that you did not have somthing to do with a persons suicide and all just seems to be well again. That you can forgive yourself and move on„, then he’s gone without a trace, like he was never there, like it was all in your head.

That part was so sad and painful, and honestly I hate to see it being treated as a joke…


"Mother!" Joanna shouts as she runs into the solar, her red hair fluttering behind like her father’s banner. With Little Cat sleeping in Mother’s lap, she takes a place at her feet. “Mother! Maester says you were in the war.”

"I was." Sansa’s voice is more solemn than her eldest daughter has ever heard.

"Well what did you do?” Joanna asks a little too loudly. 

"That," Sansa says over the baby’s cries, "is a story for another day, darling. Now, bed. Tyrion, take her, or we shall find her asleep on the floor of the library again." 

Out in the hall, Joanna can no longer contain her laughter. Mother still doesn’t know it was Father who takes her to the stacks of books and reads to her whenever she can’t sleep. “So what did Mother do?”

Father grinned. “She won.”

→ for CAT

wish i had liked math in school cause i’m so hooked now. some book about the munchhausen trilemma and logic got me fixated again now they just make me feel very alive. approaching complex ideas w/ logical progression & finding explanations woven into concepts i thought unexplainable calms me. also cause the books pose challenges for me that require hefty mental exertion but reward it the moment it comes together and you feel wonderment/ acute awareness of the universality of the language

there was one i read recently called “mathematics: modeling our world course 1” and the application based setup really resonated w me- it gave you a problem to focus on but approach from all directions via different mathematical tools- it implemented a new kind of self critical approximation of quantitative reasoning within me i hadn’t evaluated in mathematical terms before. math is so useful for evaluating social tradeoffs and everyday conflict resolution. it’s neat

also “e: the story of a number” had me so fucked up e is riveting i need more books about it

Loki’s Unquenchable Thirst 

Loki’s got a fever and the only cure is more Thunder D.


Lover to Lover - Florence & The Machine | Burning Desire - Lana Del Rey | Obsessed With You - The Orion Experience | I Touch Myself - Divinyls | Shiver Shiver - WALK THE MOON | Need You Tonight - INXS | Your Body - Christina Aguilera | Whatta Man - Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue | Dirty Love - Ke$ha | Dirty Work - Halestorm | Follow Me Down - The Pretty Reckless