After few years of marriage my husband was taken by the sea. He left me alone with our little boy whom I had to feed. I didn’t know a lot about fishing, but I took the boat and the net and went to the sea. I asked St. Barbara for help, and she decided to help me. My net was filled with fish. So, without great effort, I managed to have a good yield. In that way I was able to collect enough money to open a fish shop at the town market.


I have some new zines up in the shop! They debuted at ECCC and I’ll have them at Linework NW, TCAF, and VanCaf but you can get your hands on them even faster.

Quest Pack is a pack of ten random cards that have items your RPG character may have on them. There are a possible 190 items that were a ton of fun to draw. You also get a mini comic to set the mood for what is essentially an instant D&D character inspiration pack all tied up in a bow.

The Carpenter is a mini comic that I’ve posted here before, just bound by hand in a 4x4 inch mini.

Sick Days is a full color mini comic about support while ill. Just a little reminder that it’s good to have it no matter where it comes from. 

Raise it up!

So my good friend Mama Coyote aka coyotecomforts​ needs to raise almost $300 by this Sunday to help out a family member’s pup who needs a biopsy on a growth that showed up on his chest after a sever seizure. The whole family is close to this dog, especially Mama ‘yote’s son. This is a young dog that has no reason to be put down if the procedure can be afforded.  

She not only has personal stuff for sale like supplies and different crystals and stones (she’s a wonderful rock hound!) to make your own stuff but she also has hand made beaded works (she’s a pro at the peyote stitch), and hand made crocheted goods. I recommend you click all of those links. They take you to examples of her work. 

She also has a wonderful shop:

These are ways you can help get her money directly.

Also, if you guys buy anything from my shop (I still have that coupon code: FLAME72 that gets you free shipping on anything in my shop, good until the end of April), 100% of the proceeds will go to her. She needs about $300 by this Sunday.

I can also make something custom for you, such as macrame necklaces, leather bracelets, pouches, paintings, sketches, etc. Message me and we’ll discuss it.