Our time together 
                           In that fantasy
                                                My Venus has paused
                                                                                  I am wanting you

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okay so a lot of people are asking me why i am into shinhwa lately so i would like to redirect you to this video

the mister part gets me everytime


[News] Articles on Shinhwa renewing contract with Chicken Mania (2 articles)

※ Article 1.

Shinhwa renews its modeling contract with Chicken Mania ‘for three years straight’


Shinhwa will continue to act as the face of Chicken Mania. The group first signed its contract with Chicken Mania in 2012, and following the renewal of its contract last year, again renewed its contract this year, letting this year mark the group and brand’s second contract renewal and third year together.

Chicken Mania revealed that it renewed its contract with the group as Shinhwa’s healthy and bright image fits the brand well, and it believes Shinhwa will continue to positively affect awareness of the brand and sales thanks to its great fanbase both inside and outside Korea.

Such benefits were evidenced when the Shinhwa calendar that Chicken Mania released in 2012 and 2013 sold out earlier than scheduled, leading the company to print additional copies. This incident played a part in spreading awareness of the brand.

Sales also doubled in days surrounding Shinhwa’s concerts as Chinese fans who entered the country to see the concerts visited Chicken Mania branches near various tourist sites.

Chicken Mania plans to again advertise its brand actively in 2015 with Shinhwa. An official from Chicken Mania said, “A shoot for a new ad and 2015 calendar photos will soon take place privately, and we expect the calendars to again draw great attention from Shinhwa fans at the end of the year.”

Scenes from the upcoming shoot showing the Shinhwa members as their natural selves will be released through Chicken Mania’s official blog soon.

Source: Enews Today


Deng Voyage! the Travel Photo Book of 27 countries in 6 continents for Dongwan

Here’s the completed photo book! We’ve sent emails today to everyone who participated in this project. It’s already on its way to our friend and then finally to the intended owner’s hands, Dongwan. :) Again, we can’t ever thank all of you enough for making our first project happen in just one week. It was insane and incredibly amazing. Thank you!!♥♥♥

[News] Eric's 10 different fatal expressions on 'Finding True Love'


A 10-photo set of ‘detailed expressions’ from Eric on the KBS2 Mon-Tue drama ‘Finding True Love’ has been released.

'Finding True Love' released a '10-photo Kang Taeha expression set' showing Eric's colorful charms. Eric acts in the drama as the confident owner of a construction company named Kang Taeha. Eric has been successfully expressing the sensitive emotions of the character after he coincidentally runs into his ex-girlfriend Han Yeoreum (Jung Yumi).

In the photos, Eric is shown smiling broadly, smiling lovingly, boasting his side profile, being attentive, staring into someone’s eyes, spilling tears, and more. Each expression is detailed and powerful. The photo from the scene in which Eric spilled tears while holding Jung Yumi’s hand at the hospital especially made issues for showing a different side to the always-confident Kang Taeha.

An official from Eric’s agency E&J Entertainment said, “We hope you continue to show interest in and support for Eric, who’s been working hard even during his breaks to look over his script and fit perfectly into his role as Kang Taeha.”

'Finding True Love' airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 PM.

Source: 10 Asia


Discovery of Romance Best Moment of the week - Vol.3

Yayhey~!!! my dearest PC is back and… as i have much to do on academic… i finished the Vol.3 with 5 days…. =P Anyway~ i am back with Discovery of Romance Best Moment of the week - Vol.3!!

The 5th and 6th is a turning point from the past to present. Taeha is cannot let go Yeoreum, and Hajin started to have issues with Ahrim… All thing started to go wrong and more and more crossing points are meeting up. Although! i have watched the latest episodes(till ep. 10 today) already and knew why Taeha cannot let go~

I think the part that Taeha keeps seeing Yeoreum’s illusion in front of him is really funny~ almost drive him insane haha! And as also, i put the one i love most at the middle~ This week~ Let’s SAMBA~!!!!!   

I will try to finish vol.4 which is of ep.7 and 8 this week end~ Looking forward to next week’s new episode~



Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Summary ~ This second break up is much harder to accept for me. I can’t believe myself too when I caught myself crying over and over again while watching this episode.

KTH’s character growth. KTH’s warmth. KTH’s sincere apology. KTH’s tears of withdrawal. KTH’s true heart.

I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
And out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now
I’m out of sight, I’m out of mind
I’ll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I’ve done I think I love you better now, now

I think.. I will be exactly like this when DoR ends. T3T


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[ENG SUB] 신화방송 (방귀) Shinhwa Broadcast - Farting Battle

"[Disturbing Hyesung] THE FARTERS!"

[News] Reviews of 'Finding True Love' episodes 9 & 10

※ From September 16th-18th

Episode 9


"Shinhwa’s leader Eric doesn’t exist in ‘Finding True Love’. You can only see the man Mun Junghyuk.

Mun Junghyuk has been drawing attention with his acting skills on the KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Finding True Love’ (Script by Jung Hyunjung, directed by Kim Sungyoon and Lee Eungbok, produced by JS Pictures). His renditions of an indifferent lover, immature ex-boyfriend, and man with explosive emotions are so persuasive that it’s surprising to think it’s his first drama in three years since KBS 2TV’s ‘Spy Myeongwol’ in 2011.


The reason no one can hate Kang Taeha, however, is in the charms of Mun Junghyuk.

Mun Junghyuk shakes hearts by making Kang Taeha cute at times, and charismatic in others. This is why an increasing number of viewers seem to want Han Yeoreum to lean more towards Kang Taeha.” - Star News, ‘"Finding True Love"? Finding Eric, no, Mun Junghyuk