so many beautiful things.. Super Junior, ELF, the Sapphire Blue Ocean wave, the boys’ smiles and tears.. OMG. I want to quote leader’s words:

“Even after 10 years, Super Junior and ELF is.. Even after 20 years, Super Junior and ELF is one FOREVER!

appa!Kangin/Heechul/Shindong. League of Legends.

 ”When I’m done with you,” Kangin growled softly, though everyone in the room could hear it, “the only thing left of your body will be your entrails that I will display in the window so that all will know to never mess wit—”

"Oh cut it out, you drama queen," Heechul snapped, but not daring to let the proud daddy get up off the floor, where he had Kangin pinned by sitting on his shoulders. "She’s fine; don’t you trust me or Shindong?"

"Considering you tackled me from behind so I wouldn’t rip the door off its hinges after telling me you guys bought her a League of Legends costume for Halloween, no, I don’t trust you guys. And if it’s a Miss Fortune outfit, I’ll stick your head on pikes first.""

Before Kangin could upbraid his hyung any further, Shindong triumphantly threw open the bedroom door (the same one Kangin had been growling at) to present the toddler to her father.

It wasn’t a Cowgirl Miss Fortune, or a Arcade Sona, or even a Popstar Ahri, thank the heavens. But Kangin wasn’t prepared for the amount of cute packaged in a tiny purple and green dinosaur costume. Truly, the abundance of adorable was overwhelming, and could have melted the heart of a snow queen, if she were available.

Not that Kim Youngwoon ever melted. Ever.

"What do you say to Daddy?" Shindong picked her up and held her out to Kangin, who didn’t seem to notice that he was flailing wordlessly at her as he tried to dig out his cell phone from his pocket.

"Gnar!" she squealed in delight, stretching her tiny dino arms toward her father.

Heechul would later say that it was the first time he had experienced flying without a seatbelt.