Day 10: Favourite ninja technique

Chidori -I really like this technique because of the power it has, it allows you to put your entire hand through a person’s chest whilst emitting lightening, now why wouldn’t that be awesome, plus Kakashi made it ALL by himself so it means it’s pretty badass. Also it contains my favourite element so that helps. cx

Rasengan - I like this one again for it’s power. I like how Naruto has his own way of creating it with a shadow clone, excluding the fact it shows that he can’t do it by himself using the clone lets him make it his own. Also his little “RASENGAN!” yell is kinda cute.

Shadow possession - This technique is great. Using shadows to take control of a person’s body and also using the shadows to kill them which is great. Considering the fact that I really like this technique I am able to pick the faults such as it not working without shade but other than that I love it.