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Which NARUTO character are you!?

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Congrats you are “Hinata”! 91%

You are the most shy of the students, always fidgeting to the point of distraction, always trying to proove yourself to the one u secretly admire! Try to foccus more on your work than that special someone…

Ino : 61%

Sakura : 54%

Shikamaru : 45%

Naruto : 43%

Kakashi : 33%

Sasuke : 28%

Kiba : 26%


“Just let it out. Let out all your sadness, fears, and anger.. and everything else! And it all starts from there…

I’ll pick up your pieces…”

When he cries… You are a liar if you say it doesn’t just break your heart.

Shikamaru is my absolute favorite character in Naruto. I mean no other character can compare. I seriously had to pause the episode and take a break just so I could breathe again… I was crying that hard. Waterworks galore!!

I love you Shikamaru!

Dads and their babies (At one point, probably)
  • Naruto:I got your nooose! No- no don't cry you can have it back!!
  • Shikamaru:wake up. Wake up...Temari. Help.
  • Sai:don't eat the paint. It goes on the paper- no, stop-
  • Choji:how could you spit up the lightly salted ones? I TRUSTED you!
  • Sasuke:Peeka-boo! Peeka-Boo! Peeka-BYE *poof*
  • Sarada:?