Shibue Jyoji

PGSM 30 Day challenge day 5- Best Canon Couple

Usagi/Mamoru- Sailor Moon/ Tuxedo Mask- Princess Serenity/ Prince Endymion

I really like the twist they put on their relationship, I don’t want to spoil, but I like that they are not falling for each other right away and it takes time.

(via 沢井美優オフィシャルブログ「MY HEART」powered by Ameba)

Happy to have a reason to blog this cute picture again ;D

Thanks to the ‘Keeping up w/ the PGSM cast’ thread on I found the source for the cute pic! It’s from Sawai Miyuu’s blog, dated 2012-2-7! (Hehe, thank you Japan for having reasonable y/m/d order ;D)

And she calls them


'Jyoji-kun and Endo-san’.

(I know this is the romanization that all online sources use, but I’m wondering if it shouldn’t be 'George’ for Jyoji. Does someone know if it’s the same name?)

Shibue Jyoji is amazing in Ranma 1/2

A great performance by him in this movie. Its a weird movie (maybe its just me because I have not seen any of the original adaptations) but he is pulls off a solid performance in his role. He does these little subtle things through out that make you watch him, even if he is just in the background he steals the spot light in each scene he is in. Also him walking around in leather ain’t half bad to look at. You get to see a completely different side of him to. He is a villain but its VERY different then his Dark Endymion lol A sinister villain but who is easily frightened. 

I will make some screencaps tomorrow.