The Sherlock co-creator said he and everyone involved in the show were thrilled by the response of the audience, and that those who visited the set were “fantastic keepers of secrets, incredibly well behaved, polite, sweet and nice”

Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat says he believes the recent ‘Setlock’ debate as to whether fans should watch Sherlock being filmed in public places had been fueled by one innocuous remark being spun out of control and that the cast and crew were genuinely appreciative that fans love the show so much.

The debate between Sherlockians began after Martin Freeman was quoted as saying he “didn’t love” the phenomenon.  A recent poll showed 75% of fans disagreed with the idea of ‘Setlock’ if it disrupted the show.

“Martin just made a very innocuous remark. He literally said ‘I don’t love it’. He doesn’t mind,” Steven Moffat exclusively told at the Radio Times Covers’ Party. “We’re all genuinely –including Martin, including grumpy old me– very appreciative that people love our show so much, we’re thrilled by it in fact.”

He also rejected the idea that the fans were somehow trespassing. “We film in public places. People are entitled to do what they like, frankly.”

In fact, Mr Moffat had nothing but nice things to say about ‘Setlock’, who he called “fantastic keepers of secrets, and incredibly well behaved and polite and sweet and nice.” 

The writer and showrunner was at pains to make sure fans didn’t feel spurned. “Please don’t allow the fact that that one line of Martin’s has been spun out of control to suggest in any way that we are any other than thrilled by the response of the audience. That’s not spin, that’s the truth.”

I’m listening to the Mamma Mia movie soundtrack and still thinking about Sherlock and Molly being roped into doing the karaoke version of Lay All Your Love On Me while drunk at the NSY Christmas party or something 

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Cumbernews for Thursday 29th January 2015

So, yesterday is was “sorry day” for dear Benedict. 

Today?  Sherlock filming?  Hope so.

Goes to bookshelf.   A, B, C, D, E, F, G  - aaahhh pulls out book marked “Google”.  Opens cover, reads first page:

Well it looks like a lot of folk are coming to Benedict’s defence: 

  • Cumberbatch controversy is ridiculous, says Selma star David Oyelowo.  Link. "I think it’s ridiculous," Oyelowo said, "When you look at what he was actually saying it’s clear that he’s a huge supporter of black performers.  To attack him for a term, as opposed to what he was actually saying, I think is very disingenuous and is indicative of the age we live in where people are looking for sound bites as opposed to substance."

    And this:

    So does David think the negative publicity Benedict has been getting will harm Cumberbatch’s career? “Absolutely not,” said Oyelowo.  “I think it’s just part of the silly news cycle that we all feed off and it will go away like chip paper as it does. “He’s a brilliant actor, he gives a brilliant performance in Imitation Game and, like I say, it’s just a diversion from what we should be talking about, which is that astounding performance.”

  • Don’t crucify Cumberbatch for ‘coloured’ gaffe.  LinkBenedict Cumberbatch misspoke and sincerely apologised. Meanwhile, the serious issues the actor was discussing must not be ignored in the furore over his choice of words.  Tee Hee – this article starts with this:  Benedict Cumberbatch had a brain fart.  He does those, unfortunately he too often let’s off some that are quite smelly.

  • Opinion: Cumberbatch misspoke — now let’s get over it and fight real prejudice.  Link. 

There’s more, but that will do.  At least the message he was trying to convey is getting traction now.  And that’s a good thing. 

  • How to tell a Redmayne from a Cumberbatch. Link. Have you got these leading men confused? Here’s how to tell a Redmayne from a Cumberbatch.   Um, no – I can tell them apart.  Apparently USA Today can’t – because all British Actors look and act alike to them it seems.  I did have to laugh that they refer to the GAG announcement in the Times as “discreet”.  Yeah, right!

  • ‘Imitation Recreation’ director Morten Tyldum to helm space flick ‘Passengers’.  This is what happens when you get Oscar buzz and Noms.  Work!  And it’s Sci-Fi.  Kewl!

  • Cambridge University development to include street named after Alan Turing.  Bank Notes AND Street Names!  

Yeah, dredging the bottom of the barrel by putting in Morten and Alan (Benedict was mentioned) but the “coloured” remark created a bit of a media blitz.  At least the “rushed eVite Wedding” is now buried a bit.  

And that’s all for today folks! 

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Call me ignorant, but can someone tell me how they all know BC and SH are marrying Valentines Day and all the details about her dress and so on? Is it something that’s been left off the British press?


SoGo:  A lot of conjecture, basically  but we have the fact that one of Sophie’s good friends Jessica Grindstaff posted on her Instagram (now private) that she and her daughter would be spending a week in February in London  Then shortly after a photo of same daughter being fitted for a couture Valentino toddler dress and cape in winter white (we didn’t even know about the Valentino fashion show then, so that just confirmed our suspicions)

Combine this with the fact that V-Day is on a Saturday this year, Sherlock filming is likely to wrap around then, and Benedict would get a nice pre-Oscars publicity boost from a wedding

And if you are asking because you are from the British press and are digging for info, I expect a credit in the story and maybe a job offer because you guys have been dropping the ball on this shit!


"I think all villains have something in common: they have something that they need or want very, very badly. The stakes are very high and they are not bound by moral codes or being ethical, so they can do anything and will do anything to get what they want."