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Sasha Unisex lion tattoos

I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

Decided to doodle Rose♥

You could also try sendin me your gemsona but no guarantee I’ll get to it.. but it wont hurt to send it anyway, right? <:




Miranda Kerr + Street style is life


cisco in every episode
1.01: pilot 

I thought if S.T.A.R. Labs could do something nice for the community, maybe people wouldn’t be so angry at Dr. Wells anymore.

Classic chic. Always tendance.

I know we’ve appreciated Phryne’s hats plenty, but I really do love her assorted hair tiaras/combs/flowers/headbands as well. So I thought I’d put together this unnecessarily large post about them.

BTW, Essie, could you please STAHP being so lovely and perfect! It’s getting a little absurd


Gigi Hadid | Street Style

Just bring your fav things and your day will be the best …

Maybe one day I will be able to afford Yves Saint Laurent clothing…

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