She's Just like Standing

-sisters- an rp with vialainn


Cautiously, Amabilis stepped into the room. She couldn’t sleep, and now all she hoped for was to catch a glorious, solitary sunrise.

“…Who are you?” She barked, shocked and tight-faced at the girl standing there. She looked just like Maylis… It sent a wave of anxiety down Amabilis’s body, but this girl was also young, younger than a princess approaching forty.

A cousin? Distant, of course, with Amabilis’s familiarity to the royal family.

Why had father not told her about this?



When I walked by, she was standing just like this, and her friend was taking her picture.
“Is it for a special occasion?”
“No, I’m just feeling great today, so I thought I would take a picture. That’s all.”

Boston, MA





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hospital AU; please tell us that clarke and lexa have definitely been walked in on by someone like they bang ALL THE TIME it has to have happened

that’s how clarke meets lexa’s parents actually she is full on straddling lexa on the couch at lexa’s house lexa has managed to push clarke’s dress up above her ass

lexa is absolutely MORTIFIED bc she wanted to introduce them PROPERLY clarke is her first girlfriend this is v important to her but her dad is absolutely DELIGHTED he has been preparing queer girl jokes since lexa was eleven tbh

so like

‘hi clarke lexa talks abt you honestly all the time we’re so glad to meet also should I shake your hand now or do you need to wash it first lol’

lexa is like I need to leave oh my god

clarke is so happy this is great

Sometimes, this community genuinely disgusts me. All I have to say to Anons who spend their time attacking other people is that I’m really honestly sorry they have nothing better to do with their time than prey on innocent, and already down people. Seriously, what satisfaction does that bring you? It’s just so wrong. If you are someone who preaches about hating Anons but sends them yourself, or even if you just send them in general, you need to seriously look at your life choices and wonder what got you here in the first place. I’m just….I’m dumbfounded. Fowler deserves all the love, and we should send it to her for the hate she’s getting. So send her nice things, yeah guys?

I don’t get why some people are always making fun of what their friends like. unless your friend likes nash grier or going on murderous rampages, just leave them be.

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Katrina, I believe that Liv has been groomed to be Command. Rowan has created the formidable Olivia Pope to be Command. That is what all of these tests and trials have been about. She will be the real leader and power in the Republic. At least that is Rowan's wish. I have an unsettling suspicion that Fitz may die in the finale or give up the presidency .I hope I am wrong. Any thoughts?

alwaysstfd​ posited a similar theory of Olivia’s grooming–a kind of Manchurian Candidate thing. It makes sense why Rowan would try to convince her of all the ways in which she is just like him (not understanding love, their committment to the Republic standing at all costs, including burning bridges of trust). That includes finding ways of making Oliva see that Fitz is just a disappointing man, like all others. That’s why Rowan keeps a stable of dicks for her to have fun with, but nothing more (Jake, Russell). Because if Olivia believes in Fitz in a spiritual way–in the transformative nature of love–it makes her weak and susceptible. But there’s a man who believes that weakness is our strength because it makes us human; it’s where our compassion lies (211). Such things are traits Command cannot afford. Command must be impervious and trust no one. Everyone is expendable, if necessary (isn’t that what Olivia is pretending with regard to Fitz, in the name of bringing down B6-13?). No one takes Command!  Rowan cut that cancer (love) out of his life when he locked Maya away.  

Of course, Rowan truly doesn’t know Olivia. The Command job is antithetical to the person she believes she is, wants to be. Him thinking she possesses all the characteristics to take over the family business would scare the shit out of her, call for self-examination. Make her look at her actions in a new light. What kind of person is she? If any of this is the case, then what I said about her not too long ago stands true:

“Olivia has vestiges of Rowan in her blood (after all, everything Rowan does he believes is justified and ‘right’). The thing that separates her from becoming grotesque like him is her ability to love a person deeply. She has known that”–KP

That’s why Fitzgerald is a threat to Rowan–if he is, indeed, trying to groom Olivia. Olivia is the girl who saves, but love is the thing that saves Olivia from being like Rowan. 

We’ll see how it goes down.  But I do think Foxtail very much concerns her.  

I don’t think Fitz will die in the finale. People keep saying that to me. I’m unwilling to think in that direction. Given how de-centralized his character has been post-kidnapping, it makes me think something big is going to happen where he’s concerned. But not death. I do think that, perhaps, impeachment could be a thing. I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I’m probably wrong (I’m better at behavioral analysis, not Shondaland plot predictions). And, of course, I’m still holding out Hope™ for a divorce. A girl can dream. 

I wanna draw so many cute things, like fashionable Bilbo, fashionable sports animes, fashion, but no I’m just coloring frames of an animation I’m bitter
about despite being co-director because of shit people who put no effort into their part of the film so half of the film is just crap.

The way i got diagnosed

I walked in and said I thought I was schizophrenic and starting talking about my tree that was brainwashing me and then five minutes later the psychiatrist showed me the bpd dsm criteria and I was like wtf is this fuckshit hell no I do not have any of this shit fucking attachment problems no angry outbursts no substance abuse hell fucking no who the fuck are you this is bullshit and then she just kind of looked at me like ‘really?’ because I was standing up and yelling so then i calmed down and started jonesing for adderall and getting offended that she didn’t want to give me any and i walked out convinced it wasnt even a real disorder because okay maybe i did do some of those ‘symptoms’ fine but that just means everyone does those things so then i sat around for another two months thinking i had literally any other disorder but bpd and how the fact that she said denial was a symptom is just more proof that bpd isnt even a real thing 

i realized i was wrong when my friend accidentally broke my slinky and i told her she was dead to me. that was the day it clicked

Drew this for mclfutarinotamashi ‘s challenge of drawing a scene that doesn’t have an illustration from the game. This is from episode 25 when Armin pulls candy behind the locker because candy’s just standing there like the idiot she is. I didn’t draw the teacher there because I got tired of looking at this thing

So this is my first time drawing completely on a tablet without sketching it on paper first, so I feel like my art just decreased by like 5 levels. Ugh. Anyways pls take my lazy coloring and drawing.

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How does the Clarke/Lexa argument over Clarke's partying go? how did they work things out

so clarke parties a lot she’s in college she’s super super smart & v popular she rly likes to party ppl love clarke. but lexa ofc isn’t like that like she can’t drink & beyond that she just doesn’t rly like parties that much

& lexa’s super super busy w school so sometimes she does put that ahead of time spent w clarke 

so things are just kinda tense in general they’re in spring term of third year so they’re also Really Tired & they’ve been together for almost four years & they’ve never rly had a fight so

near spring break lexa finds out (aka clarke tells her) that clarke did ONE LINE (ever) of cocaine at a party & like

lexa loses it like lexa shuts down & she just cannot stand that clarke would do smth like that & lexa’s extra sensitive abt everything w complete justification bc she spent 17 years of her life trying not to die & so health is rly rly important to her & clarke has this gift of being rly healthy & lexa just

cannot stand that it seems like clarke is just kinda throwing that away sometimes? so yeah she completely shuts down which makes clarke angry so then clarke says (no chill yells) some rly awful shit abt lexa having these pipe dreams of being in the UN or being president & they’re just hurtful so then lexa is quietly hurtful back & it’s a really really really bad fight & like lexa ends things that night & she knows what she’s doing it’s not rly a heat of the moment thing bc she’s been thinking abt it for a while even  though she’s highkey in love with clarke they haven’t been working for a while & clarke just rly needs to grow up? i think is the biggest thing

so yeah lexa breaks up w clarke that night & they’re both rly distraught over it but clarke doesn’t rly beg or argue or fight after that (partially bc lexa looks so sad) but she goes back to providence & goes on like a two day little bender but then she goes home for the weekend & CRIES to abby & like clarke ends up casually dating a lot but she rly does kind of just stop partying (maybe one a week on friday or saturday night, but she doesn’t get hammered & if there are drugs she leaves) so really clarke gets her act together p fast

& lexa does kind of reduce her schedule a little bit & shift some stuff around bc not only was lexa not making time for clarke she was also sucking ass at self care which is why some of that explosion of frustration happened in the first place 

so they rly do work on themselves during the time they’re apart & they do some sad but predictable & not rly harmful breakup things (clarke has a few pity fucks, lexa cuts her hair, both are regrettable but not at all detrimental lol) but most of it they just kinda get their shit together, like lexa does more yoga & clarke hangs out w just octavia on a best friend’s date instead of going to a party & yeah

so when they see each other again & stuff they rly have an honest convo abt why things went wrong & what’s changed & i think lexa is still a little wary abt clarke? & also hurt that she slept w people (even though she knows logically she’s not she’s just emo abt it) but yeah clarke kinda broke her trust so it takes a little while but lexa rly does get that clarke’s changed for the better & that at the end of the day clarke did it for herself & not lexa

& lexa makes sure to make their relationship a priority so 

they work through it like good mature human beings & they never rly have a rift like that again

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I'm so mad, I have a best friend who watches TVD and literally yelled at me on how Bonnie is so mad and selfish like? Just because she's finally standing up for herself like sorry if she's tired of being the mystic falls doormat.

Sorry bb ): Personally, I’m with you, I’m all for Bonnie being selfish. I’m all for her getting mad and standing up for herself. I can’t see any good reason not to support Bonnie in this. Not only is she standing up for herself, she’s protecting countless innocents who would otherwise be victims to these magic-wielding hybrids.

Your friend should ask themselves why they’d prefer Bonnie to instead blindly put herself in danger again and again for the benefit of people who never look out for her in return? Why she should turn her back on what she knows is right, just because Lily wants her murderous “family” reunited?

They should ask themselves why they prefer for a black girl to be subservient and to not value herself, because that’s essentially what they’re implying Bonnie should be.

Or they should ask themselves if they also thought it was horrible when Elena went all warrior princess and made it a priority to learn how to protect herself, or when Katherine put her own needs in front of everyone else’s over and over again? Were they up in arms when Damon broke his promise to Bonnie and gave Lily the Ascendant in the first place? 

If not, why are those forms of selfishness more palatable? 

Why is power and self-preservation in the hands of these characters easier to swallow than when it’s Bonnie?

little bioshock infinite things: when you pick up a lock pick right as Elizabeth is about to tell you where it is and she just stands upright and walks away like “alright I guess I’ll go fuck myself then”