And this is just me being a smiley child ♡♡♡
Sharin smiles awwwyea!

Smiles are actually really powerful one time I just smiled at this random old guy on a bicycle and about 20 minutes later he came up to me and my road dogs and said he was the manager of an apartment complex and he had an empty apartment we could stay in for the night. When I asked him if I had seen him riding by earlier he said yes and you smiled at me!
If I hadnt made eye contact and smiled he may never have approached our ragtag group of dirty humans and animals haha.

Share Your Smile Campaign! PLEASE REBLOG!

Hey guys! We are here to brighten your day with the ‘share your smile’ campaign! It’s simple all you have to do is follow these simple steps;

1.Make a sign or something that will make someone smile, or even send a lovely message to someone and screen print it

2. take a photo of it

3.upload it and tag it; share your smile and submit it to us or send us the url


Can’t wait to see all your lovely creations!

Lots of love,

Sam and Kate xx

anonymous asked:

There's a guy at my job who I'm certain has a crush on me, but I'm really shy and I feel like because I don't talk to him, I'm making him sad and that he thinks I dislike him. Any advice? Thanks :)

Just do this…


I suggest smiling when you see him, if you’re too shy to say hello, and spark up a conversation. 

“Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace.”
~ Christie Brinkley

Anon or not. Share your smile.
Dear Friends/Followers, comment and tell us one thing that made you smile today. Doesn’t matter if that one thing was HUGH or tiny. No matter if you laughed so hard you cried or you only smiled for a fraction of a sec. Share your smile.

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gamerkiddarkness asked:

Hullo again, sweeties! My cousin (he's an absolute darling!) had a wonderful (awful, in his case) time panicking over his meticulously-planned wedding proposal and how nervous he was and "Oh God, I'm gonna f* this up and she's gonna say no! I'm the worst person ever, who would ever love me?!" Haha I was wondering whether Sterek has any proposal stories? Because he sounds suspiciously like Derek XD (P.S - She said "yes")



(Well, to your cousin, but also to you…you know what we mean!)

We have just the list you’re looking for! Just click here

Enjoy! :)

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