rogueziam asked:

[1/2]Hey! I saw where you said that Perrie flaunting a ringless hand surely isn't the only bs we'll get for our usual Wednesday Shitstorm. To add onto that, Liam posted a video on his Instagram about 4:30 pm Central Time with Sophia quoting the tv show FRIENDS in which Sophia plays Rachel saying "We are so over" and Liam, as Ross, says "Fine by me!". All I can see is Shade (and we all know Liam loves throwin it). Firstly, because FRIENDS (specifically Rachel and Ross) has been linked to Ziam for

[2/2] the longest. Secondly, the ’#friends’ is eye-catching, especially since a lot of people (their audience of tweens, namely) are likely not to understand the tv show reference. I can’t help but see this as prelude to a future Sophiam breakup. And, hey, even if I’m reaching and it wasn’t meant for laying out a breakup narrative, at least I can laugh because I know the headline “We are so over!” will eventually be in endless headlines.

Anonymous asked: about the sophiam thing today (lol…) it’s interesting to me that they’d specifically use the ross and rachel thing when i’m assuming the majority of the fandom has viewed it as a ziam thing up until now. i wonder if all this hardcore stunting and attempts to erase ziam going on right now means 1) we really are close to the resolution of this mess and 2) liam’s role is going to be significant in bringing zayn back which is why they’re going to so much trouble to “"clean”“ his image up before it

That Sophiam video is shady.  Liam might not even be in Monaco right now.

This is M!M.  It was released late in the day after we got Little Mix/Zerrie bullshit.  Liam might have been instructed to post the video or M!M did it themselves, partly because LM news is tanking pretty hard.  Also, it covers for how flagrantly unhappy Liam looked in Monaco.

Dubsmash is also an M!M pushing promo.  They recently used it for Zerrie:

Whether or not this is Liam throwing shade is hard to gauge.  It is well-known that the Friends and “Ross and Rachel” thing is a Ziam thing.  So if this is indeed shade, then Liam snuck it in past Sophia, who either simply does not know or does not care about the reference, and past M!M, who does not know either:

And I think that is very possible.  Liam is known to hide shade even when he plays by the official narrative.  I imagine he was instructed to record a video of a “cute” Sophiam moment and chose this very conspicuous reference.

Personally, as per your suggestions, rogueziam and Anonymous, I think this video’s purpose could go either way:

  • If Liam is throwing shade, since he references a “break up” scene from Friends, he might be alluding to impending Sophiam drama or even a break up.  There are signs that suggest Monaco is Sophiam’s Bondi Beach.
  • This video might be “100% not gay” bullshit to prep Liam for a major plotline, especially if it involves Zayn.  Liam is still the big player from 4/5 in the stunt’s narrative.

STOP THE PRESS!  I just saw that that-regular-chick has already covered this.  She has a slightly different take from me and I highly suggest you read it.  She suggests that Monaco might be Liam’s punishment” for the BBMAs, and that there is unseen conflict there between M!M and new team, and I think she is right.

bakagamieru a good point that Wednesday Bullshit might not just include LM, but the news about Louis and Niall.  And now Liam.

The thing about Liam is, he’s still the one with the most spotlight.  The fandom will pay attention to all the boys, but the media—which is what the general public sees—is still focusing on Liam.  BBMAs, last Wednesday’s Zerrie, Sophiam in Monaco, and right now, Liam singing “Wonderwall.”

Since last week M!M and the new team have both highlighted Liam, but in different ways: M!M hedged him into Zerrie.  New team hedged him into what looked like a ready-for-reconciliation narrative.  M!M keeps stalling to promote LM through Zerrie, but they are slowing down the “quitting” stunt.  And the new team has continued to move towards reconciliation, in bursts (the Ziam explosion in American media last week) and slow waves.  The new team seems to be pushing for the narrative to move, and they want Liam to play a part in it.

I sense there are a lot of behind-the-scenes power struggles and backstage wrangling going on.  I strongly doubt that the boys don’t want to rehearse—I feel they are either rebelling because of backstage drama with M!M, or their arms are being twisted to do more stupid stunts.  The boys all not being in the same place, conveniently when Harry arrives in the UK, and conveniently on Wednesday, and conveniently letting us know all of it—it smells like more of the “OT4 is a hot mess” and “Harry vs. Nouiam” crap we’ve seen before.

If we were moving towards reconciliation faster, this is a good time for Zayn to swoop in and save his boys—but again, things are stalling because M!M keeps prioritizing Little Mix.  I do think the new team will clap back, and we might we see it play out in the press.

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Preliminary Thoughts on The Late Late Show Interview

We finally got the first taped interview since Zayn “quit.”  The following offers speculation and analyses of the interview.

TL;DR: Started with fun and cute dodgeball segment.  The boys were extremely awkward, scripted and uncomfortable.  Lots of 5th album and OTRA promo.  Lots of mentions of the boys’ songwriting.  Project No Control was discussed extensively, and even alluded to the Lilo songwriting credit controversy.  Lots of vagueness and deflection about Zayn that very closely matches the official narrative in the press.

Overall, the interview felt awkward and uncomfortable.  It seemed thoroughly rehearsed, at times down to the order of the questions and specific phrases.  They overperformed enthusiasm (Louis, Niall) or seemed miserable (Liam) and were very guarded.  Corden seemed to encourage them with light-hearted questions, which they either answered with an obvious script or very curtly.  The initial dodgeball segment, which was cute and fun, and Corden’s jovial disposition only made the boys’ discomfort more glaring.  My subjective impressions of each of the boys’ demeanor:

  • Harry was muted.  He did manage some fun back-and-forth banter with Corden, especially regarding Zayn (since Corden goaded him on with jokes) and the dildo story, but he was relatively unenthusiastic.
  • Liam almost never smiled, almost never laughed, fidgeted constantly and just looked like he wanted to die.  He rushed his answers about Zayn, looked away frequently and almost never sounded natural.  The second time Harry mentioned Zayn, his face dropped.  Overall, he was the most visibly uncomfortable.
  • Louis half-smiled throughout all his answers and deflected by joking often.  He was brief and scripted when he spoke about Zayn.  He was very uncomfortable with the partyboy no homo promo.  He generally tried to end every answer as quickly as possible, which was especially obvious since Corden encouraged him several times only for him to answer curtly.
  • Niall played up his jovial persona.  He smiled frequently, even when nothing particularly interesting was being discussed.  When he spoke during the section about Zayn, he seemed more nervous than anything.

Corden showed a fetus picture and joked about their hairstyles, but Zayn was missing.  Corden used the picture to segue into the question of Zayn “quitting” and the boys being “just four.”  A brief play-by-play summary of the boys’ answers:

  • Louis went first.  Topic: the Twitter fight.  Twitter is for things “you shouldn’t say.”  He and Zayn talked it out, are on “good terms” and have “resolved it.”
  • Liam went second.  Topic: why Zayn “quit.”  They were “angry” and “disappointed” about Zayn “quitting.” He claimed that you either love or hate the job, that Zayn was unhappy with some parts of it, and that they four do love it.
  • Niall went third.  Topic: album/tour promo.  He did not speak about Zayn at all.  He echoes Liam about moving on and loving the job (“the four of us love every part of it”), says “the fans deserve it,” and mentions the album and tour.
  • Harry went last.  Topic: can Zayn be replaced?  He emphatically answers “no” to Corden, who jokingly asks several times.  He told a bread truck story about Zayn later in the interview.

Overall, their remarks about Zayn were vague, emphasized that they were fine, and that Zayn did not like fame or being the band.  Speculation and analysis of each of the boys’ comments:

  • Harry was the only one to speak about Zayn in an explicitly affectionate way, which included a second mention in the bread truck story.  Since he told it long after the segment dedicated specifically to Zayn, whether that story was scripted or not is uncertain.  His answers, which emphasize that Zayn is irreplaceable, and possibly the bread truck story, seem to match the Zarry set up in recent press/stunts that positions them as especially close.
  • Liam played band spokesman and answered the serious questions, including why Zayn “quit.”  His answers emphasized the entire band’s reactions, evading his personal relationship to Zayn—despite the Ziam bro love subplot set up at the beginning of the quitting stunt.  His answers follow the “Zayn wants to be normal,” “Zayn didn’t like being a boyband,” and “stress” narratives.  Some light no homo promo when his “clubbing” with Louis was mentioned.
  • Louis says that he and Zayn are now on “good terms,” and that Twitter is for things one should not say, which might mean that the Zaughty vs. OT4 subplot could resolve soon and fits the Zouis bro fight/reconciliation narrative that has long been seeded and played out via the Twitter wars.  A lot of single partyboy Louis talk (read: no homo promo + Larry denial).
  • Niall is still playing clueless about Zayn.  He is, along with Liam, still the one directly addressing and comforting fans.  He is still the one promoting the boys’ artistry and songwriting, and doing the most album/tour promo.

The boys’ comments about Zayn match the official narrative we have seen in the press.  It seems to echo the major points in this article:

  • Zayn did not quit for Perrie.  He quit because he wanted to be a normal 22-year old.
  • Harry was the first whom Zayn called about leaving and tearfully begged Zayn to stay.
  • Naughty Boy cryptically repeats that Zayn’s “true motivations” will be revealed in time.

The boys’ songwriting and artistry was brought up:

  • Liam and Niall spoke the most about songwriting, consistent with the Nouiam/Niam songwriting promo on Twitter/Instagram.
  • Liam answered that they wrote twelve out of the sixteen songs on Four when Corden asked about their songwriting.
  • Niall spoke extensively about their songwriting process when Corden asked about it.
  • They seemed to aggressively push themselves as serious artists.
  • They claimed the OTRA tour break was for writing the 5th album.
  • They mentioned the American leg of OTRA often.  Read: promo.

Project No Control was brought up:

  • Louis starts by explaining the project, almost certainly not a coincidence since it was largely done in his name.  Interestingly, he did not mention the Project advertising his songwriting credit; Corden brought that up by asking about the lyrics’ meaning, and he heavily hinted at the song being about sex.  Louis answered about the song being “sleazy.”  Read: we’re adults who have sex.
  • Liam quipped that “we wrote it.”  Notably, perhaps an allusion to the Lilo songwriting credit controversy.  Since he said it hastily before the topic changed, whether his remark was scripted or not is unclear.

Miscellaneous notes:

  • Tons of Four, fifth album, and OTRA promo.
  • Interestingly, there were a lot of subtle Larry moments during the dodgeball segment, despite the heavy no homo promo pushed onto Louis during the interview.
  • Corden invited subtle sexual and even homoerotic moments, especially with Harry and Louis (the dildo talk, the mention of sleeping on the tour bus, the “No Control” lyrics), which Harry and Louis seemed relatively comfortable answering.  Corden seemed to deliberately present them as adults who talk about sex.  How much Corden was alluding to Larry is unclear.

Overall, the interview played by the official narrative to the letter, revealed almost nothing and advanced the narrative very little.  The most major shifts were 1) Louis’ responses to the Zaughty vs. Louis questions, since his answers signalled that that subplot might end soon, and 2) the Project No Control mentions, which signaled that it was indeed probably management-sanctioned and that another single from Four is possible.  Conclusion: more M!M bullshit.

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