There is this guy that I went to school with in middle school, and tonight we were serving at this Valentines Dance and Dinner thing, for services hours.

He was joking around and starts throwing punches really close to my friend’s face. So I told her to smack him. He said in return “If a girl smacks me I’ll retaliate with twice the force.”

And too me that didn’t sound right.

Then he goes on to tell this story.

He was at school, and saw this girl wearing “too much make up” so he decides that its ok to walk up to her and start wiping it off her face. She smacks him and pushes him away, and he back hands her across the face.

Now I’m just standing there with my friends (who are all girls) just staring at him like he is the grossest thing I have ever seen.

I wanted to leave right then and there. I didn’t care about the service hours that I needed to get Confirmed, I just wanted to get out of there. So the whole night while busing and serving tables, I tried to avoid him.

This is why I need feminism. 

Women shouldn’t be scared of men.

Women shouldn’t have to walk this fine line just so we don’t get back handed across the face.

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No entiendo todo el odio hacia este rollo del "meninismo". Puede que el origen fuesen unos misóginos que querían debilitar el feminismo, pero muchos tíos parecen abrazarlo más como un feminismo incluyente. Yo soy feminista, pero no es tan estúpido autodenominarse meninista como el negarse a cambiar el término feminismo por uno incluyente para ambos sexos? igualitarismo, melasudarismo...qué más da? hay gente que comulga con la idea pero se siente excluido del termino...lo mejor: búrlarse de ellos

No, no, el odio es porque es justamente al revés de como dices xDD

La idea es que meninismo (que sería masculinismo pero ok) sería igual que el feminismo, como expliqué el otro día. Pero el tema es que no, que se ha convertido no en lograr que la igualdad no perjudique a los hombres a la larga porque se confunda con sobrecompensación, sino en decir que los hombres son los discriminados y  las mujeres las privilegiadas por defecto. Es como las feministas que dicen que los penes fuera y todo eso. La diferencia es que ellas no son feministas aunque se lo autodenominen porque el feminismo existe de antes que ellas, y estos han corrompido el término desde el momento en que lo han inventado. Básicamente porque si entendieran el feminismo no les habría hecho falta inventarlo (o podrían haber hecho algo rollo “Feminismo = meninismo” para dejar claro a los ignorantes que ambas cosas de verdad buscan lo mismo y habrían ayudado tanto al feminismo como al nuevo término). Lo malo de eso es que a este paso, meninismo=machismo. Se nota, por ejemplo, en que esa gente en general dice que las mujeres tenemos las discotecas gratis como si fuera un privilegio y no como si nos estuvieran usando como reclamo en vez de como personas.

Me recuerda a cuando los ricos se quejan cuando los pobres reciben becas para la universidad. En plan: “a nosotros no nos dan, somos unos discriminados de las becas”. Pues así veo yo a esos meninistas que en realidad son machistas.

Gentlemen! Let’s play a little game. I call it “Creep or Normal Guy?”

The way you play is you have less than a second to decide whether a man you don’t know is a threat or not. If you identify a normal guy as a threat you could get called a bitch; if you identify a creep as a normal guy you could end up dead. This is fun, isn’t it? Now play it every day, with nearly every man you see, in nearly every situation you’re in, from the time puberty hits to … well, I turned 38 this week. Can someone tell me when I can stop playing?

Square Enix Is The Only Publisher That Would Touch Life is Strange Because It Has A Female Protagonist

"Square Enix has announced their newest IPLife is Strange, follows Max, who has the power to rewind time and is searching for a missing fellow student. The game will be released digitally and episodically, with “each new chapter building and evolving based on the choices you made in previous episodes.” So why did it take so long to find a publisher for Life is Strange?

Max is a girl.

French studio Dontnod is creating Life is Strange, the same studio that made 2013′s female-led 2013′s Remember Me (though that game frequently did not make the best use of its most interesting mechanics). In a developer diary, Dontnod’s creative director Jean-Maxime Moris said,

Square is basically the only publisher who didn’t want to change a single thing about the game. We had other publishers telling us to make it a male lead character, and Square didn’t even question that once.”

Nice work Square!  

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Lettttsss qué opinas entonces de esas feministas antiheteropatriarcado que van en contra de los hombres sólo por ser hombres, a mí, sólo lo de heteropatriarcado ya me suena redundante y estúpido.

Poh el concepto de ‘heteropatriarcado’ no sé por qué le parece a usté redundante, me da que no lo entiende. “Heteropatriarcado” es “heteronorma” (heterosexuales, religiosos) + “patriarcado” (machos).  Ir en contra del heteropatriarcado no es ir en contra del hombre por ser hombre, sino de que la sociedad la domine un determinado tipo de persona (que, de hecho, deja fuera tanto a mujeres como a muchos hombres que no se corresponden en sexualidad, raza o religión con los privilegiados). Hay mucha gente que usa la palabra “heteropatriarcado” (igual que “izquierdas”, “feminista”, etc.) en cualquier circunstancia aunque no venga a cuento, pero eso no quiere decir que la palabra en sí no tenga sentido.

Así que el confundir el anti-heteropatriarcado (postura lógica con respecto a los derechos humanos) con las mujeres que van en contra de los hombres solo por ser hombres en un contexto heteropatriarcal (que son tan irrespetuosas como los que van en contra la mujer por ser mujer) es exactamente como confundir “feminista” con “hembrista”, es decir, un desconocimiento muy extendido que parte de la sociedad intenta mantener así para evitar el cambio. Pero para eso está uno mismo, para buscar en Google qué significa cada cosa y formarse su propia opinión sin que le cuenten cuentos. Porque yo entiendo que muchísima gente haya pensado que “feminista” es “la mujer mola más” porque la palabra pueda parecerlo. Y entiendo que quieran incluso cambiar el nombre para que llegue a más gente (aunque indirectamente desprestigien al feminismo mismo). Pero no entiendo por qué no buscan qué significa de verdad para así aprenderlo. Es como escribir “ermita” directamente con H (porque reconozcamos que pega más) en vez de mirar cómo se escribe por si acaso.

"All of Hollywood is run on one assumption: that women will watch stories about men, but men won’t watch stories about women …. All of the decisions are based on this - this concrete fact - and nobody’s really proved that that’s true. I think it’s a terrible indictment of our society if we assume that one-half of the population is just not interested in the other half."

- Geena Davis

From the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media Facebook page

"Happy Birthday to our lovely and talented founder, Geena Davis. Thank you for all that you do, and for the inspiration you spread. If you like what the Geena Davis Institute is doing, support our research by donating today and share what you like about our work."

Montage Video Shows How Women Were Portrayed In The Media In 2014

Angered by the sexism he saw being heaped upon his female colleagues – and attempts to downplay it – Karl Stefanovic decided to conduct an experiment. 

He wore the same blue suit on air, two days in a row. Then three. A month ticked by without a ripple.

Now, a full year has passed – and he is still wearing the same cheap Burberry knock-off, every morning, on Channel Nine’s Today program.

Not a single audience member has asked about it, he says. Fashion commentators and other media also seem oblivious. 

Yet co-host Lisa Wilkinson still receives regular and unsolicited fashion appraisals, as she revealed in her well-received Andrew Olle lecture last year. (“Who the heck is Lisa’s stylist?” one emailer demanded to know. “Today’s outfit is particularly jarring and awful. Get some style.”) These same viewers, however, have failed to observe – or simply don’t care – that the man beside her happily slips on the same outfit, day after day. 

"No one has noticed; no one gives a shit," Stefanovic tells Fairfax Media. "But women, they wear the wrong colour and they get pulled up. They say the wrong thing and there’s thousands of tweets written about them.

"Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear."

His frustration at this, he says, sparked his experiment.  

"I’ve worn the same suit on air for a year – except for a couple of times because of circumstance – to make a point.

"I’m judged on my interviews, my appalling sense of humour – on how I do my job, basically. Whereas women are quite often judged on what they’re wearing or how their hair is … that’s [what I wanted to test]."

Noooo Anthony Mackie Why Did You Have To Say A Woman’s “Role” Is To “Make Daddy A Sandwich,” WHY???

"Just a few days ago I was praising Anthony Mackie’s awesomeness for being such a big Marvel fanboy and an all-around awesome dude. Today, I am sorely disappointed to report Mackie went on Wendy and told her he thinks men and women have specific roles – and that women should “make daddy a sandwich.” You can start the video at about 5:20 to have your heart broken.


It’s interesting to see how the audience doesn’t respond negatively to Wendy and Anthony’s suggestion that men and women should occupy traditional gender roles until he mentions wanting a sandwich. We know some people enjoy sticking to certain gender roles in their relationships, but it took us by surprise to see Mackie taking such a firm stance on this particular issue – especially with a phrase as inflammatory as “make me a sandwich.” What are your thoughts?”

From The Mary Sue