Male entitlement.

Male enttitlement gives men cart blanche to feel their unsolicied advice and opinions are paramount. I post about cutting my hair; man tells me he prefers long hair. Talk about my love of makeup; man tells me he hates makeup. Talk about clothes; man tells me he prefers the opposite. Post a workout pic; man sexualizes it and tells how he loves thick women, sends disgusting inbox message about sweaty thickness (which is just triggering as fuck). Talk about women’s rights; man talks about made up shit because some woman “friend-zoned” him. Fuck it all! If my fat ass wants to wear crop-tops, clown makeup, with a bald head, whild chanting about women’s rights, that’s my fucking prerogative. Unsolicited male opinions on what you expect of women is you actively engaging in sexist ideals. Thanks.

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I think #girlswithtoys just proved that women in stem issue is baseless, and all this hyperbolic "women don't go to stem because sexism" has zero credibility. Look at all these female scientists!!! All of them exceptions?

You’re so wrong its laughable. The reason the hashtag is important is because it highlights successful women in STEM careers which gives aspiring scientists role models and encouragement to succeed. Are you really arguing that a few thousands photos of women in Science suddenly means that women are equal in STEM fields? Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m a man, and even I understand this. I am the one who has been creating and sharing these photosets ( shychemist is my personal blog), because I realize how important movements like this are. Even when women get into stem fields, rampant sexism, discrimination and unequal treatement can push them out.

Any opportunity I get I will encourage women in STEM fields. They deserve to be there and succeed just as much as a man.

Let me educate you:


Columbia Business School experiments show that hiring managers chose men twice as often for careers in science, technology, engineering and math

Bias Persists for Women of Science, a Study Finds

Science professors at American universities widely regard female undergraduates as less competent than male students with the same accomplishments and skills, a new study by researchers at Yale concluded.

As a result, the report found, the professors were less likely to offer the women mentoring or a job. And even if they were willing to offer a job, the salary was lower.

This is a must read which goes deeply into why women are discouraged and discriminated against in STEM fields:

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?

Here’s some more:

Women Deterred From Many Fields by Stereotypes of ‘Brilliance’

Teacher Prejudices Put Girls Off Math, Science

Sexual Harassment and Assault Prove Common During Scientific Field Studies

Women Scientists Share Their Awful Stories Of Sexism In Publishing

Sexism In Science? UK Study Finds Women Scientists Get Fewer Grants, Less Funding Than Male Counterparts

Gender Inequality in STEM Fields

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, fields are exceedingly male dominated with women making up only 24 percent of such occupations in the United States. Starting from a young age, girls are made to believe that their abilities are not sufficient enough satisfy the requirements in such ‘complicated’ fields and that boys are just more suitable for such jobs. Many are taught and that even if they were to take interest in such subjects, it would be unnecessary since the fields are male dominated and they would never be able to excel in them. Overall societal pressures and expectations force women to conform to gender norms that hinder their participation and development in STEM fields. Gender inequality in STEM fields reflect hierarchical system that further discourages women from working in them.

Gender disparities in scientific field expectations start at a young age. Researchers such as Sadker and Zittleman suggest that the classroom environment in elementary schools often favor boys over girls as studies showed that “teachers called on boys more, commented more on their work, and praised them more” , creating a discouraging environment for young girls making them feel less competent in academic fields. Corroborated by researcher, Andre found that boys in the same grade feel they have a higher proficiency in physical sciences than girls , leading to girls in grades 4-6 often feeling that boys are better at math and sciences, particularly physical sciences. A decrease in science ability perception for students in grades 5-8 existed for girls only ; these misconceptions reflect career aspirations as a report by the US Department of Education found that, “boys were more than twice as likely as girls to aspire to be scientists or engineers (9 and 3 percent, respectively)” as early as the eighth grade . This evidence points to a societal perception that young girls experience and believe that science is for boys and not for girls. While these girls were taught names of great scientists such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Galileo Galilei, all who were males, they were never exposed to any female professionals in such fields. Without any women role models to look up to, the girls were subconsciously made to believe that women were just not fit to do such jobs. This perception continued to exist in the home as well as the school with even parents having higher expectations for boys’ scientific abilities ; girls had no place to stand in STEM subjects.

Even after entering STEM majors, women continue to face societal pressures and negative stereotypes about their abilities in colleges. A survey of college freshmen by the Higher Education Research Institute showed that 29 percent of male freshmen planned to enter STEM majors while only 15 female freshmen planned to enter similar majors. Gender roles tie women to certain fields even within STEM that are more generally seen as jobs for ‘caregivers’ as seen in 1999 while 4 percent of women and 20 percent of men planned to major in computer science and engineering, in biological or health sciences, the percentages between men and women were very similar. At post-secondary level, women were less likely to earn a degree in STEM fields than men, with the exception to this gender imbalance is in the life sciences. Historically biological sciences were tied with medical fields that were seen as ‘nurturing’ acts, tied with women’s place in society. This ties back in with women’s childhoods in which they were encouraged to believe that they did not have the mental capacity to analyze mathematical concepts as sufficiently as boys. This has nothing to do with actual ability, however as, on average, high school girls take more math and science credits and earn higher grades in these subjects than boys. Women also have higher GPAs on average than men in all majors, including STEM majors. The fact that there is no disparity between men and women in their STEM ability, and that elementary school girls and boys generally have equal interest in science suggests that there are societal expectations prevent women from entering STEM majors as they mature.

The workforce also demonstrates gender inequality in STEM fields. This inequality is often measured by the pay gap, as “women working full time in engineering and architecture earned only about 93 percent of what their male colleagues earned. While women engineers and architects earn an average of 105 percent of their male colleagues in their first year out of college, attributing to efforts to encourage girls to enter engineering fields, this gap soon reversed over time. As much as 38% of female students who remained in STEM fields expressed concerns that they would be in a better financial situation if they had not taken up these male dominated careers, leading them to experience less satisfaction with the workplace environment in STEM fields than men as evidenced by their greater faculty turnover (Xu 2008). Despite women being equally committed to their jobs, the STEM workplace is more supportive to men than women. At work, the bosses expect less participation in the job from women than from men (Xu 2008), suppressing them from expressing their full potential. Even after thirty years since Congress’s outlawing of sex discrimination in education, the gender divided in career and technical education (CTE) has narrowed barely at all (Toglia 2013).

With constant suppression from society, women cannot prosper or enter as a dominant figure in scientific fields. To allow more women to participate in such fields, it is essential that the same academic opportunities are given to girls as the boys at an early stage at their lives. Without an equal distribution of gender in specific STEM roles, a hierarchical society will continue to build, going against the foundation of American ideals focusing on equality for all. Women are constantly undermined for their abilities to perform adequately in technological fields and are forced to conform under such misconceptions. The patriarchal stereotypes trap women seeking an opportunity in STEM fields in the United States of America.

Works Cited
Toglia, Thomas V. “Gender Equity Issues In CTE And STEM Education.” Tech Directions 72.7 (2013): 14-17. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.

Xu, Yonghong. “Gender Disparity In STEM Disciplines: A Study Of Faculty Attrition And Turnover Intentions.” Research In Higher Education 49.7 (2008): 607-624. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.

I really could go on and on and on, but I really hope this is enough. I encourage you and everyone else to read all about this and leave your prejudiced notions behind.

10 reasons you shouldn't be proud of being fat

• Fire fighters might not be able to save you.
• You’re a much easier target for snipers.
• Your car’s shocks hate you.
• You ruin the cushions you sit on.
• You ruin the back of toilet seats.
• Your appetite has a major impact on the environment.
• If you ever have sex - you should never be on top because you’re destroying your partner’s pelvis.
• You take up too much space in aisles and sidewalks: People are annoyed that they have to wait for you to get out of their way.
• Being proud of being fat teaches others that its not a problem when it really is.
• It’s a waste of money.

c: I honestly sometimes wish that I stayed ignorant to feminist and racial issues. Just reading the comments on some news posts or just listening to people in day to day life has become tiring. I’m tired of seeing hashtag after hashtag of people who were unjustly murdered. I’m just so sick of seeing how racist some people just are. It makes me so frustrated I don’t know what to do.

Masculinity as Ideology

“One option is to define masculinity as chauvinism…. This implies that all men are exposed to a socialization experience which turns them into male supremacists. They inevitably internalize beliefs and feelings which naturalize their commitment to the subordination of women." 

"Masculinity is infinitely variable.  What is regarded as being manly and assertive in one context, is regarded as bogus in another.”  

“But this apparent diversity of masculine ideologies and identities does not obscure the fact that men stand in a dominant relationship to women in most of the diverse settings.”   

- From Brittan & Maynard, Sexism, Racism, Oppression

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I want every version of a woman and a man to be possible. I want women and men to be able to be full-time parents or full-time working people or any combination of the two. I want both to be able to do whatever they want sexually without being called names. I want them to be allowed to be weak and strong and happy and sad — human, basically. The fallacy in Hollywood is that if you’re making a ‘feminist’ story, the woman kicks ass and wins. That’s not feminist, that’s macho. A movie about a weak, vulnerable woman can be feminist if it shows a real person that we can empathize with.

anonymous asked:

Hi c: your post "masculinity as ideologies" interests me but I have not good English yet so I wonder if you can tell me your words in simple way? Thank you, I love this blog!

Thanks a lot! Sure, here you go: 

Readers, anon is referring to this post

1. The quotes are from a book called “Sexism, Racism, Oppression” by Mary Maynard and Arthur Brittan. 

2. They believe that oppression starts with sexist and racist ideas and beliefs (ideology) that people share within a society.

3. For gender, the ideas are male supremacist, that men are better than women. Society tells men that they are better than women. This attitude is called “male chauvinism.”

4. Men who believe sexist ideas treat women as less than equal, as inferiors. They may “punish” women for not acting like they are “supposed to.” That is part of gender violence. They believe it is their “right” as men due to their society’s sexist belief system. 

5. This is how gender oppression works. People who believe sexist ideas then go on to treat women as inferiors who deserve less rights and representation in society. For example, before President Obama, the Supreme Court had 8 men and 1 woman. What chance did women have of getting fair representation on issues affecting them? And right now the male-dominated Congress is passing anti-abortion law after law.

6. Masculinity itself, the behavior expected from males in a culture, varies between cultures. For example, in many societies men wear clothes that would not appear masculine to men in other cultures.

7. While masculinity is different between cultures, in most if not all societies, the men still stand in a dominant relationship to women. 

On that last point: UN Women: No country has gender equality

“Two decades after 189 countries adopted a blueprint for equality for women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka says goal is unmet.

Twenty years after 189 countries adopted a blueprint to achieve equality for women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said in an interview with The Associated Press that not a single country has reached gender parity and equality.”

anonymous asked:

I read a tweet today about Liam not stopping for fans because Sophia didn't want to be left alone and I just wanted to know your opinion on this P.S. I love your blog and how you expose your theories

Hi Anonymous.  Thanks for the compliment.  That is very lovely of you.

Frankly, that story sounds like bullshit.  We can’t take fan accounts at face value.  Unedited pics or vids or it didn’t happen.  Plus Sophiam is fake and Liam looks 10,000% done.  He won’t look at her on a boat ride, won’t help her out when it’s done, won’t hold her purse and can’t even pretend to want to hold her hand.  So it’s doubtful he gives a shit about whether she wants to be left alone or not.  And I don’t blame him.  Harsh but true.

I don’t hate Sophia.  But I have no respect for her.

Liam never wanted or chose to be closeted.  But Sophia wanted and chose to be his beard.

It dawned on me while writing this post on Sophiam’s origins: Sophia chose this.  Yes, we knew that already.  But as I combed through the evidence and wrote my analysis, it became all too apparent that she knew exactly what she had signed up for.  She auditioned for months to be Liam’s beard.

Can you imagine what Sophia’s job training was like?  “This is how you look ‘loved up’ with Liam.”  “This is how you make him cooperate when he looks bored and miserable.”  “This is how you smile for the camera, pedal that promo swag and be a thoughtless THOT.”  “This is how you hold his hand even when he bristles, how you kiss him even when he grimaces, how you embrace him even when tries to get away.”  “This is how you make Liam look straight.”

Sophia has no integrity.  She is a happy pawn in a sexist and homophobic farce that says that there is something wrong with who Liam really is and with people who are like him.  Everytime she ho strolls with him from the streets of London to Monaco she tells the world, and forces Liam to say it against himself, that being a fembot with no discernible personality with a chump boyfriend is “relationship goals,” but that being a man who loves another man is illegitimate and wrong.  What is uglier is that Sophia, like her fellow basic beard Eleanor, will get a career come up off of Liam’s oppression and be validated by beard worshippers and fooled fans while Liam still has to lie and hide who he really is and whom he truly loves.

Yes, general heterosexism and homophobia are the real enemy.  1DHQ and M!M are the real enemy.  But that does not mean I approve of—or for that matter, excuse—Sophia’s willful and deliberate collaboration with them.  She traded Liam’s dignity and her own for Zara and Topshop.  Why should I respect her?

So can Sophia and all the other beards go away already?  I am beyond tired of watching Zayn and Liam be degraded, exploited and humiliated in the name of the lurid, ugly spectacles known as Zerrie and Sophiam.  I hate being saddened seeing Zayn and Liam unwillingly take part in their own self-debasement, while Perrie teases her bootleg ring and promos her mediocre music and Sophia pimps herself out for purses and pap shots.  Sophia auditioned for this, but Liam never asked for it.  Free him.

Maybe Sophia is a decent person.  I don’t want to take cheap shots at her or treat her like she is not a person—though her job entails doing that to Liam.  I don’t want to assassinate her character.  But honestly, considering what she has done, she doesn’t seem to have much of one to defend.

I should keep an ongoing list of what the girlfriends are not “allowed” to do

So far, I’ve seen the following criticized about the girlfriends:

-Not smiling when with their boyfriend 24/7 (especially in airports. Girls should always be smiling in airports after 12+ hour flights)

-Not touching their boyfriend 24/7 (The only sign of love is constant touching)

-Touching their boyfriend, but he’s not touching them back (Wow, she’s so desperate, he’s clearly not into her)

-Having their boyfriend touch them, but not touching them back (Wow, she’s such a stuck-up bitch, she should be ecstatic that he’s touching her)

-Chewing gum (Chewing gum means you don’t love your boyfriend, obviously)

-Resting face (Because if you aren’t smiling like you just got botox, then the relationship isn’t real)

-Keeping social media private (you’re being hypocritical, because sometimes you’re seen in public, so obviously it’s a ruse)

-Keeping social media public (obviously an attention seeker, every girl who ever dates the boys wants attention)

-Being papped (it’s clearly their fault. I mean, the girlfriend OBVIOUSLY called the paps in because she wanted to be seen. There’s no other explanation)

-Looking at their phone (Because if you look at your phone, you clearly hate your boyfriend)

-Covering your face in photos (Who are you trying to fool? Covering your face is a historic way to get attention, I read about it in my SOC100 book or maybe it was a magazine on the subway, something like that)

-Flying out to see their boyfriend (I mean, it’s only been a month since they’ve seen their boyfriend, how clingy of them to come support him in anything he does - totally just for attention)

-Posting pictures of them together (wow, totally wants attention and is rubbing it in our faces that they’re together! I totally don’t have the option of unfollowing them, the girlfriend literally comes to my house and shoves their selfie in my face)

-Having nice clothes (They should dress only from Walmart otherwise they’re a gold digger!)

-Not wearing nice clothes (Wow, they’re so ugly, do they even care what they look like, the boys could do so much better)

…+ literally anything a girlfriend does ever.

I hope if you’ve ever criticized a girlfriend for any of the above, you take a step back and ask yourself two questions: 1.) Is it my place to judge this girl that I don’t even know for her private life which I am unaware of? (HInt: the answer is no.) and 2.) Given that I have a criticism of everything a girlfriend does, is there any behavior I wouldn’t insult in a girlfriend? (Hint: No. Which means that you’re only insulting for the sake of insulting.)

As long as you have a sexist and mean mindset, the girlfriends will never be good enough for you because you’re holding them to impossible standards. Please take a step back and re-evaluate your bullying behavior.

Tbh I knew i shouldn’t have looked at the youtube comments from the Supergirl trailer but looking into the belly of the beast brought me to a realisation about the people that use the term “Feminist” as a derogatory term. If they claim that Feminists “hate” men and make media a lot worse i.e: the supergirl backlash and the Mad Max backlash then the real people that are oblivious are the oblivious scum that hate on feminists. If you blame Feminists (not using the term ‘women’ cause feminists include all genders i.e: myself, a male) for hating other genders and making content unrealistic then you are disgusting and a hypocrite. Because if you say stuff like “ So she’s sort of like Superman, only ten times more shallow and uninteresting. So basically female Superman.” then you are the oblivious person that never actually made contact with a women before and you are the problem and do not know how characters actually work because you were born and fed on generations and generations of BULL media that gave you a shallow, singularly dimensioned look on human beings and you do not get to critique, let alone talk, until you open your eyes and look at the women around you.

It doesn't impress me when men call themselves feminists

I couldn’t care less if men do this or not. In fact I’m suspicious of men who wear a feminist label on their sleeve. What impresses me is men seriously taking on the work of confronting their own sexism and putting that before their own status as a man, a feminist or anything else. I don’t think men who are doing that go around telling people how much of a feminist they are.

“Basically what I’m saying is, I see your words about “colorblindness,” “utopia,” “all lives matter,” “in an ideal world,” and that list you pull out of your black and LGBTQ friends, and I call bullshit. Anyone who seriously says “Well, I just wish we lived in that kind of world” while simultaneously shutting down POC and LGBTQ conversations about diversity is revealing how very, very out of touch they are with the lived realities of those communities. When we talk about our lived realities with sexuality, when black people talk about their lived realities with race, what is happening is not “making it all about that thing”—what is happening is taking back space from the dominant culture that refuses to give us any space at all unless we fight for it.”