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ok so i have seen ‘you want to stay away from credit cards’ in a few posts lately and all you youngin’s are about to benefit from my age and expertise (i am in the real estate/finance industry) bc i wish someone had told me this when i was a lot younger. credit cards are NOT BAD and are in fact VERY USEFUL FOR ESTABLISHING GOOD CREDIT, which is super important (read: required) if you want to:

  • buy a house at any time in the future
  • buy a car
  • take out any kind of loan with an interest rate that won’t slaughter you (with the exception of federal loans, which have fixed interest rates at the time of application nationwide and tend not to be based on an individual’s credit)
  • signing an extended agreement for cable/security systems/a handful of other services
  • your insurance rates will go way down
  • some leases will require it
  • lots of other stuff

it’s really important to establish your credit EARLY. here are some things that factor into your credit that you should think about:

  • what is your debt to income ratio (how much do you owe vs how much you make)
  • gross debt (total amount you owe)
  • how many hard credit score checks you’ve had (a ‘formal’ check is a ‘hard’ check. something like is not a formal check and is a ‘soft’ check. you can have as many of those as you want) (this is not a huge factor but it is a factor)
  • length of time since last new line of credit/debt (right after you take out a loan to buy a car, your credit score will go down a few points. making on-time payments will make it go up.)
  • total number of on-time payments***
  • number of lines of credit*** (each source of debt is one)
  • duration of credit history***

***these three are not only HUGE parts of your credit history, they are the ones that are SUPER EASY to control, and the reason why you should not be afraid of credit cards.

esp for people who go to university, you’ll start to get credit card offers in the mail about when you start turning 18, saying you’ve been pre-approved for a card. find one with the following characteristics and apply for it:

  • no annual fee (you don’t actually have to Pay to own the card)
  • 0% interest rate the first year is p typical and doesn’t really matter
  • some kind of rewards like percent cash back or miles or whatever
  • read the fine print for some kind of language that says that the card will not start charging interest if the last bill was paid in full. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT bc what it means is that as long as you pay off the credit card on time, you will not owe any interest. because of this, as long as you pay off the bill as soon as it’s due, you’ll never generate debt from the card

take this card and use it for small, routine purchases. do you go out to eat a lot and usually pay with cash? that student loan payment you have that you usually just take right out of your bank account? a new pair of shoes that you’ve saved up enough money for? pay with your credit card, then pay off the bill right away. make sure not to buy anything that you can’t pay with cash Right Now, and always pay your bills on time. in as little as a year, you can get a credit score in the 700s, which will get you the best interest rates, p much sails you past any loan officer checks when you want to take a loan, and plus you can brag about having kickass credit when most people don’t have any.

while i’m at it, there’s a cool app called mint that helps you manage your money. it’s never too early.

a small disclaimer that you should definitely talk to someone you trust re: money issues because while i am in the industry i’m definitely speaking as general advice and not specific to any one person. also this is USA specific. sorry everyone else, i don’t pretend to know how your financial systems work.

Tales From The Bar

Just because Starbucks aprons happen to be the same color as the “go” traffic light does not mean they are a go ahead to treat your baristas like shit. 

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I'm not a violent person but I feel like slapping Georgia Sharma is just a public service. I lolled the other day when G was going on about how she was the best thing that ever happened to Rodney and Diane was giving her epic sideye like "So my goddess self and my goddess sister and the our adorable, terrifying daughters with him are what, chopped liver?".



LMAOOOOO, NO I  - Urgh, no I really don’t like her =/

Oh man I love Diane, honestly she gives the best shade faces LMAOOOO!!!

Ready For Lift-Off

Gogo Inc. provides in-flight Internet connectivity and wireless in-cabin digital entertainment solutions in the United States and internationally. The company, through its proprietary air-to-ground (ATG) network and satellite-based technologies, offers a suite of connectivity solutions and other services, including passenger connectivity, passenger entertainment, and operations-oriented communications services, as well as advertising, e-commerce, content, and other offerings, such as destination-based event ticketing, flight tracker, and weather and travel sites. The company operates in three segments: Commercial Aviation North America; Commercial Aviation Rest of World; and Business Aviation. The Commercial Aviation North America segment provides in-flight connectivity and wireless digital entertainment solutions to commercial airline passengers flying routes that generally begin and end within North America. The Commercial Aviation Rest of World segment intends to provide in-flight connectivity and wireless digital entertainment solutions to passengers flying on foreign-based commercial airlines and international flights of North American based commercial airlines. The Business Aviation segment provides equipment for in-flight connectivity along with voice and data services to the business aviation market. This segment’s services include Gogo Biz, an in-flight broadband service that utilizes both its ATG network and its ATG spectrum, and satellite-based voice and data services through strategic alliances with satellite companies. This segment serves original equipment manufacturers of business aircraft; aftermarket dealers; and fractional jet operators, as well as government and military entities through a distribution network of independent certified dealers. As of December 31, 2013, the company had 2,032 commercial aircraft online and an additional 395 commercial aircraft under contract. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois.—FINVIZ

From a stock perspective GOGO has been trading sideways for 11 months, it has found support (buyers) every time it traded down to the $14 level and it tends to find resistance (sellers) at the $19 level.  Technicians might call this a base, which very simply is when a stock has been stuck in a range.  I’m always intrigued by bases, the longer the better.  Prior to the base GOGO was in a downtrend, the stock traded as high as $34 back in December of 2013, peaked, started its downtrend, then started its 11 month base.  The base just tells you that the sellers have dried up and a whole new set of stock holders (buyers) are now taking control. The stock is also now trading above its long term moving average (200 day) something that it has not done since March of 2014 (character change).  These type of bases after they break tend to lead to decent moves to the upside, if GOGO can trade and hold above $19 it could lead to a decent move to the upside.  With 34% of the float short a break and hold of $19 could lead to short squeeze.

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Read unapologetically.

Read publicly.
Read privately.
Read anthologies.
Read short stories.
Read constantly.
Read occasionally.
Read quickly.
Read slowly.
Read history.
Read erotica.
Read middle grade.
Read psychological.
Read classics.
Read fantasy.
Read queer.
Read straight.
Read the good.
Read the bad.

And never apologize for what and how you read.


Mirkwood trio + archetypes


SaturDIARY: I’M ON TV // Grace Helbig

Things that are okay

  • thinking Classic Who is better than New Who
  • thinking New Who is better than Classic Who
  • thinking the RTD Era is better than the Moffat Era
  • thinking the Moffat Era is better than the RTD Era
  • friendly discussion, debating, and teasing between them

Things that are NOT okay


Soldiers trust each other
        That’s what makes them an army

I’m so sorry you have to work during the holidays!
—  No you’re fucking not. If you were, you wouldn’t even think about shopping. I lost out on going home because of your need to consistently shop.
If you’re really apologetic about me working, don’t shop on holidays unless it’s an absolute necessity.