Series A

whatever you do don’t think about how excited carmilla probably was for her date with laura

don’t think about how she probably picked out her corset specially, and how she went out of her way to get really fancy champagne

don’t think about how she was looking forward to one night without her mother, or any missing girls, where she could just relax and spend time with someone she genuinely liked

and do not think about how she must have felt when she was ambushed, and realised that laura saw her as what everyone else did: a monster. 


What is Autism Acceptance Month? Why is acceptance important? Should I support Autism Speaks and “light it up blue”? What is the difference between awareness and acceptance? What can I do to celebrate Autism Acceptance Month? Answers to all of these questions (and a surprise visit from Jiji’s tail) in this special episode of Ask an Autistic!

Update: Captions are now available for this video. Thanks to dendriforming!


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