“I majored in visual art in college. As a director I shot a film for my graduation project. One of the scenes included a mother brutally beating her daughter. The person playing the mother couldn’t hit the daughter, so I scolded her, saying, ‘Ah…don’t do it like this. It should be shot in one take, so don’t hit her like that.’ The woman thought the girl was like her own daughter, so she said she couldn’t hit her. Even though I kept on explaining it to her she couldn’t understand, so I said, ‘Look, hit her like this’ and I hit the actress playing the daughter. Having seen me hit the daughter, the director of photography got mad at me and left the set, yelling at me that I’m a shitty director. Later I apologized. I was doing my best, but I was so absorbed in what I was doing; I think I lost all rational at that moment.”

“전 대학교에서 영상을 전공했어요. 제가 감독이 되어 졸업 작품으로 영화를 찍었죠. 그 영화 장면 중에 엄마가 딸을 무참히 때리는 장면이 있었는데. 엄마 역할하시는 분이 딸을 못때리는거에요. 그래서 ‘아.. 이렇게 하시면 안 돼요. 한 컷에 쭉에 가야되는 데, 그렇게 때리면은 안 돼요.’ 하고 제가 나무라자, 그 아주머니가 자기 딸 같다고 못 때리겠다고 하시는 거에요. 계속 설명을 해도 이해를 못 하셔서 제가 ‘보세요 이렇게 때리는 거예요’하고 주인공을 직접 때렸어요. 그랬더니 촬영 감독이 촬영을 하다가 절 보고 화가나서 촬영장에서 나갔어요. 뭐 이런 쓰레기 같은 감독이 있냐면서요. 나중에 제가 사과를 했어요. 전 나름 최선이었는데, 너무 몰입해서 이성을 잃었던 것 같아요.”


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