Urban Falls

-Sony A7 II, Carl Zeiss 55mm 1.8f

Kyobo Tower, Gangnam, Seoul

Society 6 | Eric Youn Photography | Instagram | Google+


Ack~ a bit behind on my posts right now;;;;;;;

So these are my crappy photos from the Rap Beat show on Friday. I really do need to invest in a good camera already but oh well. My videos turned out much better thankfully!

It was a lot of fun but also exhausting and fan girls were CRAZY. Like I’ve been to three other hip hop concerts but this one was the most insane. It was a standing event so as the concert was about to start, everyone just started pushing each other and it was a huge shit show. For maybe the first couple of hours the performers had to keep telling the crowd to stop crushing each other and move back. I think it was the worst when Block B came on…. I somehow got pushed from the right side of the crowd to the very middle and legit couldn’t move/ breathe cos we were all squished together like sardines. The stupid part (maybe also the lucky part considering the crowd!) was that not only did Block B have sound problems, they were just on stage for probably 10 mins max. I’m still not sure why they bothered to show up at all???

Anyway~ the highlight was absolutely Gray and Loco (lol surprise). Now, let me just say that I am generally not much of a fan girl of anything… but I feel like I’m getting up there with these guys cos omg I lost it a little, edged my way forward and I WAS THE CLOSEST I’VE EVER BEEN (not the very front.. phfft like I could have with all the crazy. My cam makes it look further away than it was unfortunately). Amazing. Imma pretend Gray stared into my soul for a hot second there. Basically my bbs put on a such great show!!! Epik High also killed it and it was really great to see them live finally!