These are hard to part with, but I’m also selling some of my rubber strap collection that I don’t really need anymore! More details below.

All of these are in good condition and have only been removed from their packaging for display purposes. They have been kept out of direct sunlight and come from a smoke free home. 


  • I accept Paypal only at this time!
  • Willing to hold for up to seven days, but if you have not payed after that time, the item will go to the next person willing to
  • International buyers accepted, but you will be responsible for customs and any additional fees
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All SDR2 characters are $10 each plus shipping!
(I also have a Hajime Hinata Yura Clip still available here, for those interested!)

The Sengoku Basara characters are $15 each plus shipping!
(Note: there’s a small spot to the left of Motochika’s face, and a small spot on Ieyasu’s face as well, I believe these are minor irregularities from the factory but I wanted to be fully clear about their conditions so no one is surprised)

Please e-mail me at rumminov@gmail.com if you are interested, serious buyers only please!

SOLD: None so far! (If this is a reblog make sure to click through to source to check for any updates.)

ON HOLD: Akane Owari, Twogami, Sonia Nevermind, Hiyoko Saionji, Hajime Hinata


Capcom Channel uploaded a stream of SB4:Sumeragi Rikyuu gameplay. Starts at 16:28.

There has weirdly enough not been any official gameplay trailers of the new playable characters yet, this is my first real view of Rikyuu in action. Not exactly fond of how Capcom handles things.  Rikyuu himself seems great though - he is a different type of character. I like his peaceful side, like in the intro where a bird lands on his fan, and how he can float. Put ya zen on~

This week's Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi gaming magazine coverage

This week is Dengeki PlayStation’s turn to present the latest Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi updates. It wasn’t the greatest article; everything in it was already revealed on the official website and in the previous Weekly Famitsu coverage. Perhaps we’ll get a new video clip in the next website update to make up for the lack of news?

Series director Yamamoto Makoto had some comments about Maria to go with the main article about her moveset:

Azai Nagamasa’s elder sister, Maria, heads out to the battlefield to play around when she gets tired of being at the Emperor’s side. She’s reckless enough already as she skips around the battlefield, twirling her enemies around and turning them into spinning tops, pinball games and draught horses. On top of all that, please imagine her rating the way that Hideyoshi and Nobunaga look compared to Yoshiteru - and Sakon’s reaction when he hears about it!

Aside from that…

  • The magazine writers described Maria’s Giga Basara artwork as depicting a ‘sexy beauty’.
  • This isn’t actually news, but they keep spelling Maria’s Oshibeshimobe Kuruma♪ move slightly differently (it’s back to Oshibeshimobe-guruma♪ in the magazine). The spelling doesn’t affect anything important but it’s driving me crazy when writing this blog, so I’m going to stop correcting it until I can see the final game and use the definitive spelling.
I also picked up Weekly Famitsu; as expected there was no new Sengoku Basara information but it was interesting to see a shift in their list of upcoming games. The PS3 version of Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi has dropped to 34th place, yet the PS4 version has risen up to 26th; it’s surprising to see the PS4 version leading for the first time. Dengeki PlayStation has the game ranked in 5th place in their corresponding list, with 37.9% of votes being for the PS4 version compared to 62.1% for PS3.

The Butai Sengoku Basara 4 DVD will not be released after all

The most disappointing news of the day was this morning’s discovery that the Butai Sengoku Basara 4 stage play DVD has been officially cancelled. Capcom aren’t behind this; the DVD was the responsibility of their partners, and no explanation has been given beyond the cancellation being due to 'a number of factors’. I submitted some feedback through the official contact form so hopefully they’ll respond.

I was just thinking about the stage play again last night and it’s terribly sad to think that it’s never going to be available for those who weren’t able to attend its limited run last year. While the upcoming crossover stage play is interesting too, it’s a shame that the future of the main series is so uncertain now. The actors put so much energy into those performances.

I have a huge fondness for young, quiet girls with game-breaking power/importance. The mixture of such emotional vulnerability and intense (or uncontrollable ) power just, does something to me.


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