I’ve seen a few people commenting on the release of The Underwater Menace, and it’s delay and being the last DVD of the range, but they’re forgetting one - The Crusade still needs to be animated, right? I mean it’s eligible for it - 2 episodes missing. There’s more incentive to do The Underwater Menace, since ep 2 isn’t in a retail format, but hey, they released the surviving Moonbase episodes in the Lost in Time boxset, then did an animation - The Crusade deserves an animation as well, for completion’s sake.


All fourteen incarnations together <3
See also newschool and oldschool Doctors separately.

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An update of sorts, to this older version before Twelve’s time.

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OKAY BUT DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN the companion who stayed with the Doctor the longest was a piper’s son named Jamie McCrimmon from 18th century Scotland who couldn’t read or write and had no idea what a radio or a toaster or an elevator was, much less a time-and-space-ship? And who probably mentally catalogued Daleks and Cybermen as “metal beasties” and “the other metal beasties”, and made fun of the Doctor for never, ever landing the TARDIS even remotely where he intended, but still called him a clever wee chappie and would follow this rumpled-looking little Englishman to the ends of the earth without hesitation?

And then remember how the Time Lords ripped the Doctor’s companions away from him and wiped their memories, and Jamie woke up in the middle of the Battle of Culloden with a redcoat shooting at him, and the Doctor was exiled on Earth with a broken TARDIS so he could never find them again?

And then remember that one time on the Scottish moors when Ten used the name Doctor McCrimmon.



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Nine, don’t you wish you could have been part of this gifset too?

-I thought we were going to the French seaside, Doctor.

-Yes, well, it is France you know. Or will be, after a bit of tectonic shift. Looks, oh…late Cretaceous, I’d say.

-Cretaceous? Doctor, how on earth did you undershoot the landing by 65 million years?

-Nobody’s perfect, Zoe! Besides, Jamie’s never seen a dinosaur before!

-I’ve never seen a what now?

-Oh you’ll love them, Jamie! Huge reptiles the size of houses with teeth like millstones…

-Oh aye… those sound…nice.

The amount of time that Two spent just trying to take his companions for a nice day at the seaside is very important to me.


Happy 51st birthday, Doctor Who! (23rd November 1963 - 23rd November 2014)

What can I say about the best show in the universe?! Every 23rd of November is special to me, because I know that so many years ago one of the best thing in the world started to exist. I knew Doctor Who was my show from the first minute pf the very first episode I ever watched. I felt something that,I think, you can experience only a few times in one lifetime: I was watching something special and unique. It quickly reached my heart and it never let go since then. This show has given me so many things and I couldn’t be more grateful to the all the wonderful, talented and dedicated people who worked on it since the beginning. There aren’t many show in the universe that can capture your heart like Doctor Who: it has something for everyone and it always changes and it always grows to be better and better and I never want it to end.

So…happy birthday Doctor Who! Here’s to 51 years more! ♥