Sebastien Del Grosso


#ILLUSTRATION -  Photographs by Sebastien Del Grosso
Sébastien is a Photo “artist” in the real sense of the word. […] He creates realistic effects by combining his self-made sketches and photographs. The detailing and liveliness is noticeable in every piece of his art. Via
Serie1 : “Self Sketch” / Serie2 : “Désir d'existence” l © Sebastien Del Grosso

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Seb Del Grosso- I am obsessed with this guy. I can’t even remember where I found him but he’s the perfect mix of photography, sketch and humour. According to his Facebook page he only picked up a Canon EOS in 2011, but has long been interested in drawing, painting and graphics. I love it when I find an artist who inspires me to create art and this guy has. I might try out something similar myself. 

[source: Google images]