To celebrate reaching 2500 followers, I am going to do an unusual giveaway.

I will sculpt something for you.

The options are:

  • Simple 4” figurine
  • Action figure head
  • Simple 1/4 scale bust

They can be of an one of your original characters, a beloved fandom character, or a random celebrity - your pick. I plan to spend 8-10 hours on your sculpt, so don’t expect a polished product - this is still in the “sketch” category.  

Entry info:

  • To enter, reblog this post and tell me what (figure, head, bust) and who.  If it’s one of your own characters, please post or link a pic.
  • You may reblog up to 5 times between now and august 1st.
  • You have to be following me.
  • If you are under 18, you need to clear it with your parents before you give me your address if you win.

Winners will be chosen 8/1/14.

Other important stuff:

Please note that if you choose a fandom or celebrity character, I reserve the right to mold and cast copies to sell in my shop.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I feel like it’s important to put it out there - the sculpt is for you, and it does not come with any rights of reproduction or distribution.  This means that you may not reproduce or sell copies of the sculpt, even if it is your original character.


Modification project

For Dollism US, there was a challenge to create something using a basic Doll Family head. I just wanted to do something purely fun and experimental since I have limited experience with sculpting!

I really enjoyed doing this, and it has gotten me back into the swing of some other sculpting projects.