Jeremy Lin called Scott Machado by mistake

“The day that the trade happened, J-Lin called me – he called me by mistake, thinking that I was Jeremy Lamb – and said, ‘Hey, man, I apologize for whatever happened. Everything is going to be fine.’ And I was like, ‘Hey, it’s Scott – it’s not Jeremy. Did you hear something about me?’”

Realizing his mistake, Lin apologized profusely, putting Machado’s mind at ease after a few tense moments in what goes down as one of the finest unintended acts of rookie hazing in recent memory.


Jeremy, Go have some sleep!!! LOL


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LOL Jeremy :)


Chegou o verão nos EUA! Época das estrelas da NBA curtirem as férias, baterem uma bola sem compromisso e serem desmascaradas no Youtube protagonizando cenas humilhantes.

Neste episódio, Jeremy Lin toma uma enterrada na cabeça sem nem saber de onde veio, após assistência do brazuca Scott Machado.

Eric Angevine: I’m going with Jae Crowder out of Marquette. The positives about Crowder fill up a notebook: he’s tough, physical, built like a battleship, stays fired up and energetic, and can shoot from outside. The only knock anyone can seem to come up with is that he’s a ‘tweener’ in that he’s 6’7”. But he has long arms that will help him defend wherever his future coach puts him on the floor, so let’s not get hung up on labels. This guy’s a hardcore baller.”

(via Breaking down the draft: Second round steals | CollegeBasketballTalk)