SUPER BUDGET Ryuuko Matoi scissor blade tutorial!


don’t laugh at the Zayn poster


I did a Ryuuko cosplay in January to Ohayocon.  I’m just now getting around to a tutorial on how I did it.  I took the above pictures just now.  Don’t you want a decently durable, lightweight, CHEAP scissor blade you can hang on your wall, too!!?

 I made my blade before they could be bought on Chinese cosplay sites, so today it’s easier to get your hands on one.  BUT the ones I’ve seen in person…are really thin and just look light and cheap.  Of course this tutorial won’t give you the amazing results all the pro handmade replicas with car paint have, but for about *$10*, it works hella well and the main reason I wanna remake my Ryuuko costume is because I love my sword so much!  See I even hung up a lil bag to catch it if it ever falls.

In the end it isn’t SUPER sturdy, but will not break unless stepped on, struck, etc. and it’s the perfect weight.

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