• Sasuke:So, you're not gonna wear the onesie?
  • Sarada:No papa.
  • Sakura:Sasuke-kun, i love you but your fashion sense is so questionable.
  • Sasuke:not true.
  • Sakura:Sasuke, you wore a skirt, with that dreadful bow, thank Kaguya i buy your clothes now.
  • Sarada:I want to wear my clothes like mama!
  • Sasuke:Can she at least wear my arm bands?
  • .
  • Sarada:look mama!
  • Sakura:Awww, you look so much like your mama when she was a genin--Sasuke-kun?
  • Sasuke:Did you always show that much skin?
  • Sakura:Well yeah i did--
  • Sasuke:Sakura get me a jacket for Sarada she can't walk around like this.

Sarada Uchiha

I like the first option the other would be too much like Sakura … Unless she love her mom too much … well she used “shannaro”  so …

PD: Kishi are you crazy ? where is Himawari  she will be the fresh in this new manga all others kids are copies of their parents. I demand to Himawari !!

PD 2: I do not like BoruSara (I want the series concerned about family and as Naruto and Sasuke behave with his family) I prefer they be best friends as Naruto and Sakura, however if will be ships I want InoSara and their moms fangirl over them ;P

PD 3: My english is very bad…

Me gusta la primera opción la otra sería demasiado parecida a Sakura…A menos que ame demasiado a su mamá…bueno usa el shannaro de Sakura así que…

PD: Kishi cabrón donde esta Himawari?, es lo único fresco que habrá en este nuevo manga todos los demás son copias de sus padres. Exijo a Himawari joder!!

PD 2: No me gusta el BoruSara (quiero que la serie trate sobre la familia y como Naruto y Sasuke se comportan con su familia) Prefiero que sean los mejores amigos como Naruto y Sakura. Y si hay ships entonces prefiero InoSara y sus mamás fangilreando por ellos ;P


Okay, I showed the photo of Sarada, Bolt and Naruto to my brother and he has pointed to me something that I didn’t notice.

Look closer…

He thinks that the gloves Sarada’s wears are similar to Sasuke’s when he was with Orochimaru.

And I check it, and that’s true. Look!

So, my headcanon is… I’m 95% sure that Sarada can use the chidori. That gloves are special, or that’s what I think.

Sorry for this shitty post, I just thought this and I’ve had to post it. Oh, and sorry for my english.