The Fillmore Acid Test

Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA

January 8, 1966


1. Stage Chaos/More Power Rap

2. King Bee

3. I’m A Hog For You Baby

4. Caution: Do Not Step On Tracks >

5. Death Don’t Have No Mercy

6. Star Spangled Banner / closing remarks

"Obviously this recording has historic value as an early Dead show, especially because it is part of an Acid Test. The transition between "Caution" and "Death Don’t" is interesting. The band has to slow their momentum way down to do it. They manage to accomplish it in an abrupt fashion, and let Jerry create the bridge between the two songs with the others falling into place behind him. This show is also my first exposure to "I’m a Hog for You," which sounds like a goofy song, perhaps from the jug-band days. The interesting part of this track is that in place of a cut in the SBD recording, the Prankster recording is spliced in. Behind the prankster calls, you can hear the band continuing the song. I thought that particularly neat, adding a bit of Acid Test authenticity to it.

The Star Spangled banner is a capella by Weir, Lesh, and others. They sang it as the San Francisco Police were trying to shut down the Test. Apparently, Bob climbed a Prankster tower, and refused to come down. Said McNally:

"It was the ending that everyone would recall. Around 2 A.M. the police came by to close the show, although in the absence of alcohol they lacked any legal authority to do so….. An officer came out onstage and motioned for the band to stop, and was duly ignored. The cops grew perplexed…. They began to pull power cords out of the wall, and M.G. followed them and plugged things back in. At length the band stopped playing and the police dutifully began shooing everyone out, although it was a slow process.

It occurred to Lesh and Weir that when a TV station goes off the air, it plays “The Star-Spangled Banner,” so they began an a cappella duet. Spotting a twenty-foot ladder, and always part monkey, Weir swarmed up to continue his end of the duet from on high” (McNally 122).

Give this show a listen. It’s interesting early Dead.

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