Two of my favorite baristas, Elsie and Paul, are leaving Cafe Martin so made a comic for them. Good luck!!! 

ps. thank you for all the nice messages while i have been MIA. life kinda got a little flipped upside down (that and i read all of blade of the immortal-awesome!-, hence this comic?). still working it all out. thank you!!!  

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Children of all ages! I proudly present, the man of the hour! The warlord who started it all! The demon king himself! They called him the fool of Owari but they didn’t expect the fool to be cunning! The one…the only… NOBUNAGA ODA! (insert roaring crowd here)

That’s right everyone, who doesn’t deserve a introduction like that (besides myself) none other than my lord Nobunaga. He is the man who gave me all the things I needed to get where I am today. If it had not been for him I would have still been out there peddling needles or worse…dead… So I give major props to my lord. I would walk fire for him if he ever wanted it. 

Like with Magoichi I have had some interesting times with my lord but those stories are for another day >XD

With no sail I have no choice but drift. 
Approaching clouds carry me this gift. 
Sun dried and tattered, each inch of me hurts. 
Surrounded by water but still dying of thirst. 
Because I won’t give in to drinking the sea. 
The ale of defeat. The true death of me. 
Letting my shield down, preparing for the storm. 
Staring up as the rain begins to take form. 
I close my eyes and open my mouth. 
Fill up my soul. My life is this drought. 
Drop by drop it leaks. This is all I want. 
But only a few fall, while the clouds still haunt. 
Draping like a halo, a crown of upsets. 
Is this a sign I’m not ready for it yet? 
Rain down on me. 
Waiting for the darkened skies above. 
Rain down on me. 
Waiting for the skies I thought I loved. 
Rain down on me. 
I don’t know what I want