Che poi non è vero che si beve per mostrarsi grandi o fighi, cazzo no. Io bevo per non pensare, per dare piena libertà alle mie emozioni, e ridere o piangere per la mia vita, e non c’è momento migliore per farlo che da ubriachi, perché non te ne frega nulla in quel momento, non pensi al domani, o alle persone, pensi solo a te stesso e al prossimo bicchiere che manderai giù.
  • I know when you look at me you probably think to yourself, now there is a guy who really has his shit together! and while that may be true for the most part, there is still some room for improvement, which is why I am actually making a few resolutions this year.

  • I’m not going to tell you what they are. Well, I’ll give you a little teaser: Be prepared to see the coolest beard ever in six months.

  • You know that thing that’s been going around with the 52 week money challenge? My money is on everybody “borrowing” from it once it gets to $100 in week 14. Maybe leaving money in a clear glass jar that’s easily accessible to ye who has no self control isn’t the best plan for saving money.

  • If I had to pick a favorite post of mine from 2013, it would be a picture of my face. Trying to decide between pictures of my face is like trying to decide between my children. Or it would be if I had more than one child, which I don’t. Sometimes I lay on my bed and cover myself in pictures of myself like in that movie Indecent Proposal. I wonder if Robert Redford’s character had a pickle jar with the 52 week money challenge in the kitchen of his mansion. If I was a billionaire I would have money-filled pickle jars all over the house.

  • I guess my favorite post would be this one, although I’m a little embarrassed by it for whatever reason.

  • I bought Lisa and Michele's father a half gallon of Everclear because I guess you can’t get the 190 proof version here in New York. He said he’s going to make homemade Sambuca with it, which is weird because they DO sell Sambuca here. But I don’t question him when it comes to alcohol, because he is truly one of the great masters when it comes to cocktailing.

  • This is probably my last post of 2013 (unless I have an interesting poop later or something) so Happy New Year and good luck to all of you in 2014. I’ll see you on the other side.