I had to give a presentation on an article my teacher assigned to me, and the article he assigned me was on Fan Culture. I was just like, “Oh, shit! I got this.” And I got to stand up there for like thirty minutes and talk about Fandoms, and needless to say I crushed it.

”What we really do” I’M SCREEAAMING!! 
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Killing Demons on Supernatural
  • Season 1: “Okay there is this one demon on a plane and he is impossible to kill so we are going to have to exorcise it which is near impossible.”
  • Season 9: *Oprah’s Voice* “You get a stab, you get a stab, and you get a stab, you’re all being stabbed!”
School's Out for Hunting Season

Warnings: language

Word Count: 2158

Based off the imagine: Imagine Sam and Dean pulling you out of class to go hunting.

A/N: Just a fun one that I felt like doing!

The dreaded familiar beeping sound of your alarm startled you from your sleep. You lazily reached your hand over to the source of beeping, slamming the snooze button into action.

You groaned as you stretched out your limbs, surrounded by the protection and warmth of your doona. Reluctantly, you rolled out of your bed onto the floor with a thud, dragging your sheets down with you.

If someone had seen the way you looked, they would have seen a disheveled teenager who looked absolutely goddamn awful, enveloped in a large doona. You were surprised why Vogue hadn’t come around to your house and asked for you to model for them for next month’s issue.

Every part of you just wanted to stay in your room all day, but you knew that you couldn’t, as much as you hated yourself for even thinking that. But you were a teenager. You unfortunately had a requirement to attend school five times a week. But today was worse. You had a history exam. A 3-hour history exam. You would rather have your eyes scratched out by Bloody Mary than do that exam.

But what could you do? You would get into a deep pile of shit if you didn’t attend that exam.

So, exam it was.

The bus ride to school was pretty average. Same as usual. Since you were the last bus stop on the way to school, you were always forced to sit down either next to a girl who would not stop talking to you the entire ride, or a guy who always smelled like rotten eggs (which you first originally thought was a demon, but he was in the clear when one day you ‘accidentally’ spilt some holy water on the poor guy).

But in the end, you would always choose Little Miss Chatterbox.

When the bus arrived at school, you gave a mental sigh as you hopped off. Your test was scheduled to take place as soon as the bell rang, so you had to make your way to the other end of the school, to the classroom where the test was being held.

Once you had trekked it through the buildings to the classroom, you saw your two best friends, Yeti and Mike waiting outside with the rest of your history class. You ran with a large smile beaming on your face to the two boys, who welcomed you with a tight embrace each.

Being the dysfunctional lifestyle that is your life, you were always being pulled in and out of different schools, as your uncle travelled around a lot for different cases. Yeah, being a hunter was a tough gig for him, as you were his legal responsibility after your parents were killed.

You didn’t know it at the time but it was bloody demons that slaughtered them, till their bodies were almost unrecognisable. They never knew what hit them, as they were never hunters and didn’t know anything about the supernatural.

You were 12 years old when they were killed, and 12 years old when you moved in with your uncle. He lived alone. No wife or kids, but he didn’t mind. A hunter’s lifestyle was hard enough when you were solo, but having others close to you only created a vantage point for any evil being that was after you.

So you can imagine at first that Uncle Robbie wasn’t super keen to take you in, but he still loved you, and wanted to make it up to your parents for all his years of keeping his distance from them.

You traveled around with him, whenever a new case popped up, but he would try his hardest to keep you in the same area for at least a few weeks before moving on. As you matured, he slowly introduced you into hunting, which you caught the swing of pretty quickly.

You loved the adrenalin that came with ganking another piece of evil in the world, but you longed for some normalcy in your chaotic life.

So finally, what would be your last year of high school, Robbie enrolled you into a school in the area of his safe house, which became your permanent residence. But he never stayed around much. There was too much to do in other parts of the country. This left you alone in the safe house, to live out a somewhat normal life for yourself.

But anyway, since you were new to the school in such a late year of education, everyone had already formed solid friendship groups, making it difficult to meet anyone enough to be their friend. Until you bumped into Yeti and Mike. Literally.

You were in a complete daydream when you collided with Mike, sending your books straight to the ground on his foot. Yeti was next to him, absolutely laughing his head off, as you apologised like crazy. After several minutes of small talk and laughter, they invited you to come each lunch with them. So you did, and the rest is history.

Still, in the several months you had spent at the school, you had never made any girl friends, which didn’t bother you, as you figured yourself for more of a tomboy, which you could tell the other girls thought was weird and intimidating.

“Dude, I am so not prepared for this exam!” Yeti exclaimed to both you and Mike, “I mean, I have barely studied because Game of Thrones was on last night, and man, I just could not resist.”

You all laughed as Yeti continued vocalising his stresses, which luckily didn’t affect you at all. You weren’t nervous for the test…it’s just you really didn’t feel like doing it.

Just as you were opening your mouth to talk about the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, your history teacher emerged from the classroom, urging you all to enter and sit at your respective tables.

As everyone filed in, including Yeti, Mike pulled you aside before you could enter the classroom.

“Y/N, are you free tonight?” he asked softly, “Maybe you could come over to mine at eight, and we’ll have a binge-session of first season Game of Thrones?”

“Ha, that depends if pizza is provided,” you smirked.

“Oh of course. I just assumed that was part of the package,” Mike said with a laugh, as you laughed along with him. You then left to enter the classroom, giving him a cheeky smirk as you walked in.

Scanning each desk until you found your name printed on a small white card, you took your place, throwing your bag on the ground, and taking out your stationary necessary for your exam.

Waiting at the front of the classroom was your wrinkled old bag of a history teacher, telling you all to shut up and get ready. Once the entire room had quietened down, Mr. Grumbluke (aka. Grumblebum) began to drabble on about the exam conditions. But as he was discussing the acceptable pencils to be used, he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Mr. Grumbluke walked over to the door, obviously quite annoyed at the disruption, and opened it to see two men dressed in suits, both pulling out their FBI badges of their jackets.

But you knew they weren’t FBI.

They were the infamous Sam and Dean Winchester; the supernatural warriors of the world, and the two men who acted like the overprotective brothers you never wanted.

“I’m Agent Xavier,” Sam addressed, “And this is Agent Rogue.” Dean gave a nod as they both stashed their badges away. You just rolled your eyes at their lame attempt to come up with original FBI alias names. But you figured X-Men was better than their previous Batman alias names.

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but we are going to need to take Ms. Y/N Y/L/N out of class,” Dean stated with an authoritative tone.

Mr. Grumbluke did not look impressed whatsoever, as he questioned, “I am sorry, but Y/N has to do an exam today, which is being weighted quite heavily for…”

“Look sir,” Sam interrupted, “We understand this is a massive inconvenience, but unfortunately we have to insist she comes with us. She was witness to a serious crime, so we must take her in for questioning. Please understand that this may take a few days for all the legal procedures to take place.”

Neither Sam nor Dean had seen where you were seated yet, but if they had, they would have seen you giving them Sam’s famous bitch-face directed right at them.

Grumblebum loudly sighed before asking you to collect your things. With little care, you pushed all of your belongings back into your bag, before rising up and walking towards the door. You could feel the intensity of the many pairs of eyes that were staring at your back.

When you reached the door, you met both Sam and Dean’s eyes, before rolling your own and sighing as they lead the way out the door.

You didn’t say a word until you reached the school carpark. Both Sam and Dean hadn’t turned around once, and were still on their set path to the Impala.

“Well, I can’t say I expected you two to pop up anytime soon,” you exclaimed with a smirk to the brothers.

Both stopped in their tracks and turned around, with large smiles on their faces. Excitedly, you gave Dean a large hug first, before doing the same with Sam. As you were releasing from your embrace, Dean responded, “Neither did we Y/N, but hey, duty calls.”

You stood there for a moment, still smiling, until confusion began to invade your mind.

“But seriously guys,” you questioned, “Why have you pulled me out of class? I mean, I’m not complaining, but I’m just a little confused.”

Sam and Dean shared a glance with one another, before averting their focus back to you. You knew this was their secret form of communication that they used fairly frequently.

“There’s a case close by here,” Sam stated, “We’ve tried to contact some hunters in the area to help out, but they’re all tied up, including Robbie.”

And at that sentence, you began to beam from ear to ear. You could see their faces reflecting some hints of confusion at your overly positive reaction.

You need my help,” you smirked cheekily. The brothers gave a small laugh each, as they knew how little they would involve you in hunts. Being the overprotective pair that they were, they even thought that a regular salt and burn was a dangerous task for you, despite you being on many hunts over the years with your uncle with varying degrees of risk.

“I guess we do kiddo,” Dean smiled, before his face became serious again, “It’s a witch, and it has been killing off teenage boys a few towns over.”

Sam continued, “We thought that you could help with the people aspect of the case such as talking to some of the guys we think could be next on the chopping block. But also to lend a hand with the case in general. And don’t worry, we won’t let anything happen to you.”

You smiled at the boys, and their new willingness to involve you in a case. The brothers gave you a smile, with Dean motioning for you to give him a fist bump, which you happily went along with, before moving towards the Impala.

The three of you hopped into the Impala; you sat in the back seat as you knew Sam would never give up his place in shotgun, (but you were secretly hoping that one day you would get there).

Dean was about the start the engine, but was interrupted by your obviously loud sigh as you experienced a pang of realisation.

“Ah man!” you exclaimed, “I was supposed to be going to Mike’s house tonight to eat pizza and watch Game of Thrones!”

As you sat in frustration, Dean stopped what he was doing, and turned around in the driver’s seat to face you.

“Who’s Mike?” he asked authoritatively, “And why were you going to his house at nighttime?”

“Dean…” Sam softly warned, as you rolled your eyes at the older Winchester. Classic Dean to get paranoid and overprotective over the possibility that you could have a boyfriend, (which you didn’t have; it was merely a work in progress with Mike, but they didn’t have to know that).

Dean cleared his throat as he turned back around, and revved Baby to life. The booming sound of Led Zepplin filled the Impala as Dean began to roll out of the carpark.

You smiled to yourself as Dean tapped his hands on the wheel to the beat of the song, and Sam whipped out his laptop to continue researching for the case.

Closing your eyes, you thought about how much you loved your dysfunctional family. Sure, you weren’t related, but after all, family doesn’t end with blood.