Painting. Mother Teresa Juliana, called “the negrita of Salamanca” (+ 1748), supposed daughter of the king of “la Mina Baxa de el Oro” (Guinea), Dominican at the Convento de las Dominicas Duenãs at Salamanca, in adoration.

SOR TERESA CHICABA—the African nun of Salamanca who spent several years in a sequestered monastery after her enslavement—represents the embodiment of the Black Diaspora. Born around 1676 presumably somewhere off the coast of Mina in West Africa (the part that comprises present-day Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria), captured and enslaved at the age of nine, transported somehow to Spain, and purchased by the Marchioness of Mancera (wife of the Marquis), Chicaba’s story weaves together a series of narratives—about the racial, religious, and national identities of Africans and Europeans in the eighteenth-century—that are difficult to unravel.

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Mandala. Caférestaurantebar. Salamanca. A nice place where you can eat two main dishes and dessert for 10€. The waitressses’ attention is just delicious.

Mandala. Caférestaurantebar. Salamanca. Un lugar agradable y en el que puedes comer por 10€ dos platos y postre o café. La atención suele ser exquisita.'s terrace in Salamanca. Memories. The dinner after my daughter's admission test for the Degree in Translation and Interpreting. The Graduation's meal. Good food and delicious desserts. 

Terraza de en Salamanca. Recuerdos. La cena después de las pruebas de ingreso de mi hija para la Facultad de Traducción e Interpretación. La comida de graduación. Buena comida y excelentes postres.