Whenever I take out the electric foot warmer I’ve used since I was young, I really feel like winter has come.  Also, when my room wear changes from shorts + tank top to sweats.  Speaking of room wear, that fluffy stuff that girls wear is cute, huh.  No, I don’t wear that?  Because I am not at all in touch with my feminine side (laughs).

     I have a soft spot for winter since it’s the season I was born in, plus, I like that clear sky.  One thing I’ve discovered since entering my 30s is the joy of hot sake in winter.  That stuff really gets me (laughs).  In “Kazoku Game”, we filmed a scene where we got soaked in the rain in the middle of winter and the hot bath I took right after that really got me too.  It was literally paradise, all I could think was I’m glad I’m Japanese!  We filmed “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de” in winter as well.  At that time, I had leather gloves made that would suit my costume, I measured my hand to find out the size for them.  I felt like I had become an adult, getting something order-made.  After all that though, I didn’t end up using them during filming……ah, I don’t even use them privately either.  Since they don’t really go with casual wear, it’s hard to find a good chance to wear them.       

 Sakurai Sho

About the tour:  I think this tour will have a very different impression than any other tour we done until now.  One thing I’ve noticed is that for our 15th anniversary, rather than stopping and standing in place, we put one foot in front of the other and took a step forward.  Because I think that’s how we’ll reach the next step.

Arashi's leader Ohno to summarize Arashi's 15 years as a group.