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Since you're Japanese can you explain the difference between daisuki and aishiteru? Sakura used daisuki to confess to Sasuke but is it romantic?

Well, what i know Daisuki is commonly used during a confession with a person you’re not in a relationship with, but like romantically or just like a lot, what people don’t understand is Daisuki is commonly used in Animes to express affection romantically, most if not all confessions which happen in animes use “Daisuki”, Aishiteru is hardly ever used, however when used it is mostly when you’re in a strong committed relationship with the person etc married couples or long term relationship (Even a sibling relationship), example being Itachi using aishiteru when telling Sasuke he loved him during the Kabuto vs Itachi/Sasuke fight, 

So yes according to her words she did confess romantically, and honestly being Japanese or not you should know by now that she loves Sasuke there’s no way around it 

Hope this helps with your confusion 

1.) Suki <—- a way to say love/like ( to a friend for example )
2.) Daisuki <—- quite a strong way to say love/like ( like a mother/father says i love you to her/his kids , like a sister/brother says i love you her sibling/siblings)
3.) Aishiteru <—- strongest way of saying love/like ( saying i love you to someone you love VERY VERY much , you can say that to your siblings , kids or to a lover too  )

IF kishimoto wanted to say that Sakura loves Sasuke very much ( romantically ) he would have used ”Aishiteru” BUT HE DIDN’T that ends the argument there ! . GOODBYE , THE END ANY QUESTIONS ?