So I wasn’t going to post this, but after learning that the jewelry of his that the asker of this had fell apart within about a month, I think it’s worth a post. He also doesn’t seem to list on his website what it’s made of, just that it’s “high quality”, which seems shady to me.

Also, I don’t know what the prices of piercing are in LA where he’s located, but they seem overpriced and also I’m not sure why industrials and genital piercings are SO much more expensive than the rest of his piercings? I know LA is more expensive than what I’m used to, but especially if he’s using his cruddy jewelry, his piercings are at least a bit overpriced. And since he’s not listed as a dealer of Anatometal or IS jewelry, I can only assume the “high quality” jewelry he’s using is his own.

- Kat

So this is the last project that I had to do for my texturing class. We had to make a sci-fi crate and I decided to make the crate a healing machine from Pokemon. This is obviously an older model, but still works and is a little faster then the newer ones that in Poke Centers today. It looks like it could be from the war…

Crate model © Full Sail University |  Textures © by Zachary Simonton| Pokemon © Game Freak and Nintendo

Submitted by saint-georgeii | Redbubble | DA