I had a nerdy Sailor Moon wedding like a fancy ass grown up and lived to tell the tale. Entire blog post including DIY tutorials and background up at Defective Geeks! IT TOOK ME ONE BILLION YEARS TO WRITE so I hope someone out there reads it haha.


WOOOOT finally done!

thank you tumblr ppl for your lovely feedback on the WIPS <3<3<3<3

Uniform color:  white
Beast: Byakko (Tiger)
Cardinality:  East
Season: Autumn
Element: Metal
Stone: Love and Emotion (stone of Aphrodite and Astarte)
Flower: Myrtle (symbol of aphrodite)
Heavenly King: Komokuten, who discerns and punishes evil
Crystal Knight: Affection and Purity

Uniform color:  Green
Beast: Genbu (Tortoise and snake)
Cardinality: North
Season: Winter
Element: Water
Stone: Creativity and Vitality 
Flower: Iris (Fleur de Lis, wisdom flower)
Heavenly King: Tamonten, the All-knowing king
Crystal Knight: Purification and Healing

Uniform color: Red
Beast: Suzaku (Bird/Phoenix)
Cardinality: South
Season: Summer
Element: Fire
Stone: Dream Stone
Flower: Poppy (Orpheus Flower)
Heavenly King: Zochouten, King of spiritual growth
Crystal Knight: Intelligence and Comfort

Uniform color: Blue
Beast: Seiryuu (Dragon)
Cardinality: East
Season: Spring
Element: Wood
Stone: Purity and Beauty
Flower: White Lily
Heavenly King: Jikokuten, the keeper of the realm.
Crystal Knight: Patience and Harmony

I really hope that the quality of the Adventure sequel won’t be as hideous as what I’ve seen of Sailor Moon Crystal based on screen shots. To make matters worse, another childhood favorite of mine is finally going to become a TV-series, but seems like they are having budget issues… so much of what makes it unique might be cut out, like one of the main characters being a polar bear and another being a sort of fish man… *worry worry*


  • wtf is with that hand
  • torso is way too shortened and just looks odd
  • legs don’t seem to connect to a butt at all
  • when did jupiter get that much hair
  • her arm looks muscular at least tho so that’s nice but
  • forearm is the same size as her upper arm?

all these bluray covers have sucked and I’m tired of Crystal’s lack of fucks given