We get a lot of compatibility questions, so I typed up an easy reference. If you have any further questions that this posts doesn’t clear up, feel free to ask! This is just a tool, not a rule. No paring is impossible. This is just help for you with preparing for what you’re getting yourself into!

Great: Leo, Sagittarius
Good: Aquarius, Gemini
Could go either way: Aries, Libra
Okay: Pisces, Taurus
Challenging: Scorpio, Virgo
Difficult: Capricorn, Cancer

Great: Capricorn, Virgo
Good: Pisces, Cancer
Either: Taurus, Scorpio
Okay: Aries, Gemini
Challenging: Sagittarius, Libra
Difficult: Aquarius, Leo

Great: Libra, Aquarius
Good: Aries, Leo
Either: Gemini, Sagittarius
Okay: Taurus, cancer
Challenging: Scorpio, Capricorn
Difficult: Pisces, Virgo

Great: Scorpio, Pisces
Good: Taurus, Virgo
Either: Cancer, Capricorn
Okay: Gemini, Leo
Challenging: Aquarius, Sagittarius
Difficult: Aries, Libra

Great: Aries, Sagittarius
Good: Gemini, Libra
Either: Leo, Aquarius
Okay: Cancer, Virgo
Challenging: Pisces, Capricorn
Difficult: Taurus, Scorpio

Great: Capricorn, Taurus
Good: Cancer, Scorpio
Either: Virgo, Pisces
Okay: Leo, Libra
Challenging: Aries, Aquarius
Difficult: Gemini, Sagittarius

Great: Aquarius, Gemini
Good: Leo, Sagittarius
Either: Libra, Aries
Okay: Virgo, Scorpio
Challenging: Taurus, Pisces
Difficult: Capricorn, Cancer

Great: Cancer, Pisces
Good: Capricorn, Virgo
Either: Scorpio, Taurus
Okay: Libra, Sagittarius
Challenging: Aries, Gemini
Difficult: Taurus, Leo

Great: Aries, Leo
Good: Aquarius, Libra
Either: Sagittarius, Gemini
Okay: Scorpio, Capricorn
Challenging: Cancer, Taurus
Difficult: Pisces, Virgo

Great: Virgo, Taurus
Good: Scorpio, Pisces
Either: Capricorn, cancer
Okay: Sagittarius, Aquarius
Challenging: Leo, Gemini
Difficult: Aries, Libra

Great: Libra, Gemini
Good: Aries, Sagittarius
Either: Aquarius, Leo
Okay: Capricorn, Pisces
Challenging: Cancer, Virgo
Difficult: Taurus, Scorpio

Great: Cancer, Scorpio
Good: Capricorn, Taurus
Either: Pisces, Virgo
Okay: Aquarius, Aries
Challenging: Leo, Libra
Difficult: Sagittarius, Gemini

*Fire is excellent with fire
Earth is excellent with earth
Air is excellent with air
Water is excellent with water*

*Hit or miss for a sign dating the same sign or the sign opposite on the wheel*

*Fire is also compatible with air and air with fire
Earth is also compatible with water and water with earth*

*Signs neighboring your sign (the ones right before and right after) have an okay time understanding you*

*Cardinal signs have a harder time dating other cardinals that are not elementally compatible
Fixed signs have a harder time dating other fixed that are not elementally compatible
Mutable signs have a harder time dating other mutable signs that aren’t elementally compatible*

*The leftovers ones that are not your neighbor, opposite, or elementally compatible are challenging.*

*None are impossible, all dating requires compromise, some more than others.*

I hope this helps!

Sagittarius: Weekly (Starting on September 29)

Is there a pal in your life you’ve been thinking about way more than usual? Someone who is currently in the “friend zone,” but who has obviously caused a stir in your heart? If so, you may not want to ignore this anymore. There’s every possibility that he or she shares this growing attraction. Until October 23, you will have a beautiful opportunity to enjoy exploring the potential of a friend becoming your lover. The possibilities are delicious.

Career & Finance

A key component might come from an unexpected source on Monday, so be alert. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, the best way to get the resources you need and even the rewards you want is to be direct. Make your case, and let the facts speak for themselves. You’re a quick study on Thursday and Friday, and your ability to extrapolate from what you’ve learned is even more impressive. Shine in a meeting or a one-on-one. Getting started may be tough this weekend. If a project seems overwhelming, choose just one action step and start there.

Love & Relationships

You have a story worth telling; share it to inspire confidence in yourself and others. Those good feelings lead to increased robustness and self-reliance midweek. Make your own lunch, do for yourself and explore how you can do for others. On Thursday, talk with that special someone — your powers of relating are at their height. Friday, however, is a day to keep your cards close to your chest. You might feel distracted, so be careful not to lose sight of your goals. Listen carefully. Other people’s stories also have unexpected resonance in your own life.

marina and the diamonds songs for the signs

aries - radioactive
taurus - how to be a heartbreaker
gemini - power and control
cancer - valley of the dolls
leo - primadonna
virgo - obsessions
libra - e.v.o.l
scorpio - fear and loathing
sagittaurius - home wrecker
capricorn - oh no !
aquarius - im not a robot
pisces - teen idle

Ribbon Hairstyles for The Signs....

{I know some styles might look similar but I’m more presenting the type of ribbon than the hairstyle. Like to me, 90% of the ribbon type was important while 10% of the hair style was important. This happened because the placement of the ribbons are limited}

























||Month of October 2014||

Pisces: Strength: This month is going to require that you tap into your inner strength, and make sure you don’t give into temptation. Make sure you allow yourself to overcome obstacles and that you aren’t being your own worst enemy. 

Aquarius: The Star: This month is going to prove to be a little more “dark” than September, but allow yourself to follow the light of the stars and you will be guided to safety, and your intuition will blossom. 

Capricorn: King of Coins: Manage your resources well, Capricorn, and make sure you rule your domain with an honest and fair hand. This month, I would suggest that you look at your “inventory” and figure out what all you have. 

Sagittarius: Ace of Wands: Time for you to let your passions run free, and stop stressing about how others perceive you because of them. Your passions are the reason you are here on this earth, allow them to flourish. 

Scorpio: 10 of Coins: This month, you will have a tendency to hoard your resources, and this is understandable. However, allow yourself to occasionally tap into your resources to enjoy your life, everything you’ve worked so hard for. 

Libra: Six of Cups: Your mind is in the clouds this month, you are craving emotional satisfaction and you are longingly looking towards the future of what you will have with your own version of the term family. 

Virgo: Five of Coins: This month, you need to be willing to reach out and ask for help from others, Virgo, otherwise you may barely make it out of October. You need to allow yourself permission to get assistance from others. 

Leo: Faith: This month, you need to have faith that all things will work out for you, and that you keep YOUR faith burning brightly and with passion. Don’t lose faith in yourself or in others. 

Cancer: The Lovers: This month, you will be forced to make tough decisions, Cancer. You will have to decide between following a logical route or following the route of your heart/emotions. Make sure that whichever path you choose, you don’t look back. 

Gemini: Eight of Swords: You are going to feel entangled by the demands of others, and that you are spreading yourself too thin mentally and emotionally. Time to cut yourself off from those who use you, regroup, and decide what to do with your energy instead of letting others take advantage of you. 

Taurus: King of Cups: You rule your emotions this month, Taurus, and this is going to be a great thing for you. You will be able to use your emotional clarity to make the best of your circumstance and truly grow from what’s been happening. 

Aries: Three of Swords: This month is going to bring you grief and heartbreak, you aren’t going to be able to control this loss and grief, but you will be able to learn and grow from it. You need to make sure to give yourself permission to grieve and feel your emotions. 



Messier 75 - Globular Cluster in Sagittarius

Discovered in 1780 by Pierre Méchain and later catalogued by Charles Messier, M75 is one of the densest of such clusters known. It is a very distant globular cluster, which means that it can only be resolved with larger telescopes. If you stood a certain distance away, it would look 180,000 times brighter than our own sun!

Top: Wide-Field - Tim Lockhart

Bottom: Close-Up - NASA/ESA