i didn’t know when i was eleven
that home would one day be a girl with bubblegum hair
and soft eyes that would spend their time
piercing through me
making me feel eleven again

the way i felt walking through the playground
and having my first kiss under the slides
before she went away to camp that summer
and we ended up going to different middle schools

the night i met her i sliced my palm
with a swiss army knife
when the blood cleared
there was a scar extending my love line
i thought this meant
she was the one

sometimes when you think you’ve found the one
you give up on everything else
take them for granted
assuming you’re just as important to them
and that you’re never going to lose them

sometimes when you think you’ve found the one
it’s like everything clicks
and you never want anything to happen
you water a plant too much
not realizing that even though a cactus holds onto water for the dry seasons
it can eventually drown

over time my scar slowly healed
and i felt her drifting away
careless phrases showing that our love was wilting away
until the day she walked out the door
and i felt myself reaching for the kitchen drawer
not able to find anything sharper than a butter knife

i’m still trying to figure out whether
i was trying to bring her back
or just trying to get
lightning to strike twice

Declare your love for cool tools and be a cut above the rest!  Girls on-the-go with modern, multifaceted style need to be prepared for anything that comes their way.  Enter life’s must-have accessory; the Swiss Army knife.  For centuries, these legendary tools have battled rogue threads on our cocktail dresses, smoothed chips in perfectly manicured nails and so much more.  Our pocketknife pal stays put in our purse and is as essential as lipgloss!  Aside from the obvious “fix-it” functions, we’re big fans of using this handheld toolbox to DIY. Read on to learn how you can create a coveted “kiltie” embellishment for heels in need of an overhaul.  

To create, trace and cut a template (almost like a stretched trapezoid) on paper.  P.S.- The size will depend on your shoe size.  Be sure to measure the template to the shoe before cutting and also leave a few extra inches toward the upper portion to tuck into the shoe.  Use your Swiss Army knife (on a cutting board with a flat surface) and cut two pieces of fabric.  Any type of suede or leather-like material works.  Use mini snips to cut two-inch slits. Continue to use snips to create an inverted “V” fringe.  Pierce two tiny slits with your knife half-way down.  Feed cord through the holes, leaving space for your ankle to fit in. Lastly, add a bead detail to the ends and tie a cute bow.   Get creative with your colors of materials, cords, and shoes-  mix and match your heart away…

Your  Swiss Army pocket knife pal is super sharp… your DIY style should be too!


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