Al Sharpton Announces War On States’ Rights To Push National Federal Policing – Part Of The Plan


Al Sharpton says the reason “why we goin do dis march from here [Baltimore] to Washington” is because the Justice Department needs to step in and insert itself where it has no constitutional right to be. Experience has certainly proven that to be the Obama forte and Sharpton works for Obama. This obvious scheme has been underway since the first Swisher Sweets were stolen in Ferguson.

Sharpton says the feds “need to take over the policing in this country.” The learned historian adds, “In the 20th Century they had to fight states’ rights to get the right to vote, we goin have to fight states’ rights in terms of closing down police cases. Police must be held accountable.”

Now we understand. The only reason blacks who resist or attack police are treated badly is because they only obey federal laws. That’s why there are no black convicts in federal prisons and why there has never been a black offender shot and killed by a federal bullet.

The anti-Constitution Marxist agitator adds, “I don’t think all police are bad, I don’t think most are bad, but those that are need to be held accountable.”

What this liberal trash thinks, if he is in fact capable of that process, is not important. What gives him the idea that he can walk in to any city and demand the people of the United States submit to his racist black boots or that of his puppeteer in the White House? Has he ever heard of the Tenth Amendment? He may have heard of it, perhaps he should have someone read it to him some time.

States’ rights are not something that is negotiable and they have been eroded to the point of being in need of reinforcement to prevent this type of degradation. If this racist substance of dubious origin that’s stuck to the bottom of Obama’s shoe doesn’t like the Constitution, which he obviously doesn’t, he has options. America has plenty of airports with planes that will fly him to any number of better, more desirable places. Topping the list are his master’s newest nation friends, the beacons of justice of Iran and Cuba.

The federal government already has the ability to intercede sufficiently, particularly as it relates to the primary complaints of those seeking to manipulate us down the road to totalitarianism, those of discrimination or a violation of civil rights.

This slime ball is right to march towards DC. It’s the kind of dirty, nasty town that was made for people like him; the kind that hate a free America.