phanniemay theme 7: time

(still playing catchup lol)

one of my favorite things is when benign phrases take on a darker meaning so here’s an unnecessarily angsty take on one of my favorite goofy videos

idk how well i got my point across but this is all kinda supposed to play off of all these ghosts having tragic backstories (ember’s isnt technically canon based on what happened in the show but apparently she died in a housefire after a boyfriend dumped her or something) and now that all this time has passed after their deaths, theyre malevolent spirits that wreck havoc on others. 

spectra doesnt seem to have that in common with the first two as far as backstory goes, however, it is implied (and shown in her debut episode in canon) that she’ll have a karmic ‘death’, in that all the time shes spent sucking youth from depressed teenagers will eventually catch up to her

122) American Tour Headcanons

-They will drive to their tour stops together in a tiny little car rental because they want to see as much of the scenery as they can.

-Phil will always beg Dan to stop at those roadside attractions that only your lame Dad ever wants to see

-Dan will yell at the GPS at least once for getting them lost

-Dan will have control over the radio for the most part, and while he could be mean and play Kanye the whole time, he’s nice about it and cuts it down to one Kanye song per hour or so. Phil doesn’t say anything, but he notices.

-Holding hands across the middle of the car




School Grade: 6th (11 years old)

This character is a combination of 奞 a Chinese-only character meaning “big stride” and 田 field. The 大 in 奞 is actually a miscopying of 衣 clothing, which combined with 隹 bird gave “clothing flapping like a bird in flight,” hence a person walking quickly. In this case, it lends an idea of “birds flapping in flight,” and also works phonetically to express “fly.” Together with 田 it originally was a reference to “birds taking off from a field with much flapping,” which would indicate that they had been frightened/roused, leading to the current meanings.

We are in the Great North, near the North Pole, in a modern town where about two hundred souls live precariously in minus fifty weather, and where roads lead to nowhere but the endless white. In that town, Lucy and Roman are in love and try to give meaning to their lives. But tragedies in Lucy’s past force her to escape the ghost that haunts her. In a week, she will be gone. Roman can’t follow her to the South or all Hell will break loose, and he can’t deal with Lucy’s departure… Together, they will make a leap for life, a leap for inner peace. That adventure, which seemed simple and safe, turns into a real journey, a quest, a struggle for life.” (x)

I’ve always wanted to carry a lighted torch through a cave, like- Just one time, y’know? Is that an odd thing to want to do? Probably. Wow, hi, guys. I’m Blake, unfortunately all I do is eat Jolly Ranchers and watch Modern Family instead of actually seeking out caves to live my dreams out in. I don’t know. I’m lame. Hello.