Sending giant hugs to all my team delusional, team on the fence, and any other friends who may be anxious for tonight’s episode.

Don’t forget that no matter what happens, there are people here who care about your feelings and understand what you’re going through. 💚


As much as I love Jensen, If anybody deserves this award it’s Misha! Going against Jensen is making this round extremely close, and Misha is currently losing.

Click here to vote for Misha and help him win!

“But why?”

  • Cooking Fast And Fresh With West
  • Youtube videos in general
  • Constantly tweeting
  • Facebook cover photos
  • He’s an actual angel
  • He’s been on social media longer than Jensen
  • Gishwhes
  • Random Acts
  • His Face
  • His Body
  • Because he actually deserves this fucking award and uses his time on social media to actually talk to us and knows exactly what’s going on in the fandom. 

Seriously, you guys. GO VOTE!

anonymous asked:


7. biggest turn off(s)

people who are highly judgemental, unforgiving, stubborn, impatient, uptight, dishonest or hypocritical. cruelty for cruelty’s sake. short-sightedness and being dismissive rather than curious and open-minded about shit. 

and I cannot fucking stand people who force their perfectionism onto others or find others inferior or just at fault for not living up to their own standards of who people should be. basically people who believe others exist to serve their ideals, standards, belief system etc rather than individuals in their own right whose differences or flaws are worth being understood rather than being written off entirely.

and arrogant or judgemental or needy/co-dependant or entitled or overly negative people fucking grind my gears oh my god