We are happy to welcome another returning musician is Seventh Element.  He is an electronic musician from Central Illinois, who joined the Brony music fandom in 2012.  He is known from his diversity in producing, jumping genre to genre and sometimes in-between.  Seventh Element produces any manner of dubstep, drums n’ bass, house, chillout/ downtempo, ambient, breakcore, and notably a touch of 80’s style synthwave.  A composer of music for 6 years, he found that composing Pony related music was really fun!  Check out his music here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kc6d-841YQ

seventhelement What what! 


Chants of let her speak, let her speak resound as the moderator attempts to cut off protestor, Zakiyah’s questions and criticisms of hostile police tactics towards protestors.

Our voices must continue to be heard in Ferguson. Please share or donate to fund her stay as she continues to so ground work and organize to get justice for Mike Brown. She has been working feverishly there for three weeks now.


Watch on plumpprettypisces.tumblr.com

FUCK. IT. UP SIS!!!!!!

Mz 007 - Important

So I was robbed today. If you see anyone in #STL with this PS3, attempting to sell it or at the crib, it is stolen property, pls contact me!