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I'm shocked that STARISH is not canon in the game :O I honestly thought the anime was will through with the routes and storyline, like Fate. Now I wanna play the game even more T^T Too bad otome games aren't usually translated and released.

The games follow routes and stuff, and the anime selects what they put in the show, and what not to. Like, Natsuki/Satsuki’s story was completed in the anime, Ren and his family issues/personality trouble also completed. But then you have people like Syo, that has a serious heart trouble, or Otoya and Cecil with the half-bro thing, so I can’t get their logic. I think they try to get the easiest to finish, kamisama knows how Aine/Reiji/Ai’s full story would take a whole season to be told as well.

STARISH, with this name, this friendship… it’s unique. So when I see people complaining about too much friendship in the anime, I can’t agree much bc it’s the only place they have to bond like this (*kicks Music 2′s reward scenes bc doesn’t count*). While in the games, QN has this

And this

But STARISH can only have some singing CGs for Rainbow Routes, and bonding among duos/classes, and when the others show up in the first games, is usually as rivals Cecil in Otoya’s route is the most annoying thing in this whole world I swear pls stop he’s your bro. Things like Original Resonance would not happen in the games, for sure. A pity.

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Starish and QN taking care of their partner who's sick with a bad cold~ Love your blog!

Natsuki Shinomiya: He immediately jumps into action, taking your temperature and urging you to rest. After many attempts to receive your permission to make you soup, you two come to the consensus that he would only supply water and tea. He stays with you to keep you company, reading you stories and making you Piyo-chan origami. 

Tokiya Ichinose: He tries his best to clear his schedule in order to take care of you. He forces you to rest as he makes you soup and other healthy foods, even giving up some of his manuka honey to mix in hot milk to give to you. 

Cecil Aijima: He treats you even more like royalty, going as far as asking (in all seriousness, of course) if you needed to be washed. He makes sure that your water cup is always full and that you’re comfortable. 

Ren Jinguji:Though he’s not really one to take care of others, he stays with you until he’s forced to leave he’s no longer needed. He attempts to alleviate your usual amount of housework by washing the dishes or trying to do your laundry. (Un)fortunately, your being sick doesn’t stop him from kissing you and cuddling.

Otoya Ittoki: Initially, he wants to give you space, but he ends up staying by your side the entire time. He helps out around the house, cleaning up and doing your dishes. Lots of hugs and affection are given, but he keeps it short and sweet so he doesn’t pass on any more bacteria.

Syo Kurusu: He urges you to stay in bed and checks up on you frequently, taking your temperature almost every time. He calls his twin brother and asks for tips on how to help you out. He makes sure you take your medication and (despite your protests), when you’re feeling better, kisses you, using the “I just wanted to take your temperature” excuse.

Masato Hijirikawa: He initially freaks out and bombards you with questions like “How do you feel?” and “Did you take your medication?” and “Have you seen a doctor yet?” He takes on the “house wife” role and sanitizes almost everything in your living complex. He’s overly cautious when checking on you, making sure not to touch you or come too close.

Reiji Kotobuki: He cooks the best-tasting “feel better” food and does everything he can do to make you comfortable. Ignoring your protests, he stays by your side until you fall asleep.

Ai Mikaze: He comes up with a list of things to do to help you feel better. He makes you drink water often and cooks for you. Eventually, he reaches a point where there’s nothing more he can do, so he sticks by your side and observes you, sometimes caressing your cheek and checking your temperature by touching your forehead.

Ranmaru Kurosaki: Although somewhat reluctant, he stays at your place and takes care of you until he’s no longer needed. He doesn’t cling to your side; he wants to give you your space. He’s not very affectionate but he does everything he can to make you comfortable. 

Camus: Even if he doesn’t know what to do, he does his best to take care of you. He frequently asks you questions like “How do you feel?” and “Do you need anything to eat/drink?”. He hires someone to look after you when he can’t. 

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Love your blog! Can you do a headcanon for me? What would STARISH and QN's reactions be to finding out that their s.o. wanted to adopt children rather than have them biologically? Thanks! <3

Natsuki: He’d be really accepting since he’d love the kids all the same.

Tokiya: He’d be really understanding, knowing why you wouldn’t want to go trough with it.

Cecil: He’d shower you with kisses, saying how strong you were for making this big of a decision.

Ren: He’d be slightly disappointed, but he’d understand since it is your body.

Otoya: More reasons to have more kids.

Syo: He’d prefer it since he wouldn’t want to see you in pain during childbirth.

Masato: He’d be super understanding, but slightly disappointed since its traditional to have your own kids.

Camus: Much like Syo he’d prefer it if you weren’t hurt during childbirth.

Reiji: “Doe that mean no more sex?” Just kidding, he’d be really accepting since it is your body and you can do what you want with it

Ai: Much like Tokiya he’d have many reasons why you would want to adopt.


*Evil laugh* welcome to the anime world my child, I hope you enjoy your stay! Also, i’m gonna write this as a one-shot kinda thing.


As he sat around the dinner table, every spoke of there holiday plans; Natsuki planned to go back to France, Tokiya and Syo were both going down south to visit there parents, Masato and Ren both going to stay at Ren’s family house in Kyoto, Cecil was going back to his family and Haruka going back to her Granma’s. Where did that leave Otoya? He had no family, no where to go and no friend’s that would take him along. The only other option was the orphanage.

“-then me and Kaoru are gonna go to a Urawa Red Diamonds vs. Shonan Bellmare football match! And then we’re gon-”

“I’m sick of hearing about your family Syo!” Otoya stood up, making his chair fall onto the floor with a loud thud “I’m sick of hearing about all of your families and your holiday plans!” His eyes were filled with tears “Have some consideration for others!” Otoya turned and sprinted out of the room. 

“I…I didn’t realize…” Syo muttered
“Don’t worry Syo, none of us did” Cecil tried to cheer him up, but it didn’t really work
“We should split up and try and find him” Tokiya said while standing.

Darkened sky and just the moon reflecting of the waters surface gave Otoya enough light to see. He stood on the grass muttering to himself. “They didn’t even notice I was upset…” He let out an exasperated sigh and looked up at the star filled sky “Can I even call them my friends…?”
“Don’t say that Ittoki-kun!” Haruka’s soft voice pierced trough the evening air

Socked, Otoya looked over his shoulder to see all of STARISH and Haruka stood there

“Shes right, we are friends, we always have been!” Natsuki shouted out
“And even if you have nowhere to go, friends should always help” Masato stated, giving Otoya a warm smile
“Even if that help comes in form of changing plans” Ren finished
“So lets go and a vacation together!” Syo shouted, fist-bumping the air
“Guys…” Otoya’s crimson eyes filled with tears and he sprinted towards the group, enveloping them in a bear hug “You guys are the best!”