Interview #28: School shootings and other social pathologies
  • Simon T. Hawm:Young men who run amok have almost reached the stage of being nothing special. Again and again school shootings rule the news channels of the United States. Where is the special motivation or fascination to leave this world as a worldfamous assassin?
  • Andrew H. Ledger:SY, if you wanna kill yourself, what would you do to make your soul immortal in our iWorld's history?!
  • Simon:A dime a dozen things. Definitely I'd create a blazing inferno!
  • Valentino R. Deaky:Since the drama at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown with 20 dead graders in December 2012, Barack Obama demands to sharpen the gun laws – without any success!
  • Phil S. Greyhound:Any other news, Vale?!
  • Valentino:The last incident happened only a few months ago: In early June a gunman shot and killed one student and wounded two at the Seattle Pacific University.
  • Alex S. Floyd:What's up?! Don't be that uptight – relax! If you wanna have a gun, you'll get one. Who the hell are all these fucking freaks thinking a new gun law would solve our problem of school shootings?!
  • Kent P. Wayne:However! Anyway stupid, wide-eyed and naive fools – congruent with most of the teachers and psychologists trying to indoctrinate the deceased and bereaved – and the people associated with.
  • Phil:Quack doctors! Thinking only they got it right. Who the fucking hell thinks or is allowed to think, that he would have got the right to tell anyone anything about how or who he, she or it has got to be – or what he, she or it has got to do?! That it isn't right, what I'm talking about – that I can imagine on my own! But who the fucking hell has got the right to incept or entrap one's mind with foolish ideas, that he thinks of to be best for our society? Or even better: A remedy for anyone's problems?! Although every citizen – and especially every teacher, educator or psychologist – should know: Everman, every socialised person is just representing a conglomerate of all the folks around.
  • Simon:Unfortunately this is often mixed with dime a dozen identity framings and lots of people from the past, even if you don't know – or even worse – don't want that! Of course this principe of iLifeboxes or iLifeplates could cause high tension paranoia: Haunting and hurting memories, that push one further and further on into deep depression without seeing any resort – and until all hope is finally gone!
  • Andrew:The worst: Often it's not about the people from the past, that creep behind you until you die a wretched death. Most of the times it's about political or economic structures and persons, that use your life and your hurting memories for their propagandistic purposes – just challenging: Who's got the better quotes, ratifications or quotations on our information, stock, capital or advertisement markets? Who's got the power of interpretation. Never ending circles – garnished with illustrative lifestyle ideas, but just concealing our illusion of progress. A world, that it's very hard to break free from – except you're willed to die!
  • Christian B. Surrow:The teenager, Jaylen Fryberg (14), has written a series of chilling and warning tweets during the past months before his attack: Next to an Instagram picture of him holding a hunting rifle, he wrote: "Probably the best BirthDay present ever! I just love my parents!!!!" In August, he issued a threat to an apparent love rival: "Your not gonna like what happens next." On 18th of September he wrote: "Did you forget she was my girlfriend?" Later he tweeted: "Dude. She tells me everything. And now. I... hate you! Your no longer my brother." On Tuesday, one of a series of tweets said: "It breaks me... It actually does... I know it seems like I'm sweating it off... But I'm not.. And I never will be able to." In his last post on Thursday, Jaylen stated: "It won't last... It'll never last...".
  • Phil:There are three methods to learn wisdom: By reflection, which is noblest. By imitation, which is easiest. And by experience, which is the bitterest.
  • Malcolm A. Cook:However! Your teachings will not get us anywhere, Phil!
  • Andrew:Anyway, we've made him the king of our worldwide sport challenges for a day – with justification, I think.
  • Susan J. Cohen:Kind of a martyr – died in the name of all the fucking economic, political and war boosters in the social psych flow in and around Washington D.C.!
  • Rodney N. Drake:In Ulm, um Ulm – und Ulm herum! I'd like to call Kay One. If I die one day, definitely Unter Ulmen – oder Palmen?! Anyway: In Germany Martyr is almost the same as Mehrtürer! Maybe we find any automotive manufacturer, who'd like to brand Jaylen's fall! In the end: Publicity inbetween our SPINTROTTER iMindgames and MEDIOPOLITAN iGames, iBroadcasts and iNews is everything for a lot of marketing departments out there!
  • Simon:That's the way I like it, Rod! Susan, create an advertisement dummy!
  • Rodney:A blast from the past – or ahead of its time?! VOLKSWAGEN. The thoroughly modern take on an icon!
  • Jony M. Park:That's it! After all the current German spot of the GOLF conceals the cause of death of the former national goalkeeper Robert Enke – respective functions as parachute and remedy for all victims of our iMindgames, who suffer from paranoia and persecution mania (German: Verfolgungs-Wahn) as a result of the Mother Teresa Syndrome of their families and friends.
  • Phil:Could you explain that, Jony?!
  • Jony:Of course, Phil! First of all: Robert Enke's frequency iMask is part of the spot. Secondly: He suffered from depression, so people associated with him tried to help him out. But sometimes love alone is not strong enough to heal all of these wounds, that our present-day society, that's based on a total mind control, brings to all its citizens – although you try to believe the scars unseen, all these artificial tears being washed clean. If you don't wanna breathe the air, that our iWorld wants you to breathe, there's no place to be in here. You don't know how you'll live a life alone. All the more you need watchdogs, who boost your depression to turn it into a deadly overdose of paranoia – best not officially knowing about, that a group of hundred is engaged to take care of you! So one day you decide to go – but not without leaving a sign, that makes your soul immortal in our iWorld's history!
  • Valentino:When you present a case for a need for an antidepressant to a doctor, most of them get the Mother Teresa Syndrome: It takes time. But just take these pills – and you will see: You'll feel well in a few months! Just keep calm. We'll help you out!
  • Christian:Only very few of them seem to understand, what it is, that really sucks in a world of inceptions, entrapment and total mind control! That's the result of our nexQzuma minority reports. And if they understand you – maybe you really feel understood – they are not allowed to talk about all these structures of our contemporary society, that make us sick and tired – and willed to die. Just because of the muzzles and the greed for profit of our pharmaceutical industry! The problem: Most of our folks believe in our demigods – without knowing, that even medical treatments are infected with politics and war! A matter of automatic rifle speakers: your nexQtech operated larynx, moods, behavior and body language! Operated based on political hypertexts, your job and the linking of your employer to several national secret services and their challenges – with all their boosters included in your social cluster, milieu or periphery!
  • Lou M. Reed:In a nutshell: A matter of the programming of your lifeline and daily life in every little move you make.
  • Simon:Taken all together: The healthiest thing you can do is to kill yourself one day – when you think you've reached everything you've wanted to?!
  • Toby M. Winkler:Only the good die young! So life is overvalued actually. After all the Mind Odysseys, iMementos and iMemorials, that we've realized, I think: Cherish your life as long as you're alive – and enjoy the silence whenever you want to!
  • Patrick A. Watson:But do you really think it isn't a crime to draw somebody into your suicide – like all the school assassins do it?!
  • Andrew:Suicide and school shooters are a collective pathology respective murder – hunting low caused by the families, acquaintances and friends; hunting high caused by the national organizations, their greed for economic, political or territorial challenges. And if someone – maybe even Jaylen Fryberg, who's inspired us to talk about school shooters, amok and other social pathologies – decides to draw some of his classmates into his in my book planned suicide in order to set an everlasting example, that makes him immortal in our Brave New iWorld's history, it's all, but no crime. Criminal are the structures of our iWorld, all the men and women behind the curtains, the collectives and peer groups, that make anyone an assassin – and no one, who tries to rise up and rage against this machine. Whatever his valve or resort is like! Some might say: He's kind of an icon or martyr, who's opened their eyes for a need to change – whatever their particular problem is exactly! By the way: Probably he's just another assassin in a long list of comparable and similar cases. Some might call him (and all the other assassins) the murderer of their child, brother, sister or friends. But he wouldn't have killed himself, if life would be just another game for him – as it is for the most of us!
  • Simon:Anyway, in the bigger picture it's a problem of missing and / or deficient education. Whatever you believe in, life means moving in patterns, that are not easily to decrypt or even adapt for your personal needs.
  • Kent:It's not about a particular faith, it's about love to tune them and make them yours – and about creativity to change them! That not everyone has got the power to stand these challenges is not surprising and perfectly understandable – but in the end the guilt and fault of everyone involved in living inbetween our nexQtech iMatrix – reacting to its impulses, creating, adapting or editing it. Suicide in our present-day society is first of all a matter of anomie respective losing any frame. You can like that, if you are a famous actor or sportsmen, who's reached a state of everlasting multimedia immortality. You've got more than enough money. So you can enjoy your astronaut's life in microgravity – or you can decide to die! For John Doe it's more complicated to stay up somewhere in our iWorld's memory. Others lose theirselves in egoism, some in altruism like Mother Teresa: She's the prototype of a person, who uses other folks' lifes to still her own – by the way: highly pathological egoistic – urge of being needed. And that under the cloak of humanism!
  • Steve M. Hawm:Therefore in companion, Kent! That what makes anyone kill himself or another person is constructed and programmed by our society – from time immemorial! Some might say: First of all a problem of our – so called holy – bible, the basic pattern, that rules and operates our daily walk of life. But even our so called god's goods have to be brought into question – if they're not out of date for a long long time!
  • Martha M. Walker:The main problem is not just another pattern, that rules or operates our walk of life, it's the missing private sphere. I don't mind all these fairy tales – wherever they come from, whoever tells me about! When you've understood, that you live in a worldwide state of total mind control, but you don't find anyone, who's telling you anything for real about: What would you do?! And even more complicated: You don't wanna live in this world. Should you wait until the cows come home – or the long awaited next Big Bang changes everything?!
  • Jason J. Raven:You could use my MEDIOPOLITAN iStages – iGames, iBroadcasts and iNews – to make your soul immortal. Or at least to be king for a day!
  • Michelle I. Williams:That's Andy Warhol's good old series! 15 minutes – on MTV! Unfortunately discontinued after a few episodes in 1986. These days Warhol saw his prediction from the sixties finally come true: In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes!
  • Jason:The idea goes back to Marshall McLuhan – and is used and developed in the movie 15 minutes by John Herzfeld from 2001.
  • Susan:VOLKSWAGEN placement ready for take-off!
  • Rodney:Jason, here we go!
  • Simon:The question is: Who uses whom, Jason?!
  • Lisa V. Maiquez:No doubt, Jaylen has some of the best boosters you can imagine, Jason! He can take you higher – whatever it takes! Gorgeous stories for your iNews and iBroadcasts the next days through – and one of the best iSports weekends of the past weeks.
  • Liam N. Lennox:The last words have not yet been spoken! Probably we'll install his soul to a lot of sportsmen. Without any doubt: Jaylon's spirit is perfect to boost the effectiveness in several kinds of sport! A lot of our MINDWALTZ creators and PURLPURE promoters will scramble to be part of his story!
  • Matilda M. Jablonka:Not to mention his effect to our managers! If we adapt him the right way, he'll be a much sought-after module in our SPINTROTTER management trainings.
  • Simon:Andrew, what do you think?!
  • Andrew:I could puke. The same procedure as almost everytime! I really relate to Jaylon. Here's hoping he wants it this way! Maybe his message to us was our iMindgame Coyne of ALIENWARE a few days ago.
  • Malcolm:Our Coyne Analytics are indicative that it was Jaylon, who's logged in into our iAngelQ13 flow via ALIENWARE Coyne a few days ago. But I cannot tell you, whether it was really his will to make him immortal this way!
  • Phil:ALIENWARE?! Should that mean, Jaylon was just another hardcore gamer?!
  • Malcolm:Could be! But surely he was a street-smart in Bitcoin and our iMindgame Coyne Protocol.
  • Valentino:Right then, why do we debate so long about?! Clean-cut case, Patrick! Just one more child growin' up alone in a broken home. His parents claim, that they did not realize?! Probably they stuck it out for years before he finally went away.
  • Simon:Take care, Vale! Probably just another incompetent teacher is trying to hack you in order to heal his or her feelings of guilt!
  • Andrew:Christian, what does our nexQzuma databases tell us about the meaning of gaming – especially war games like Battlefield or Call Of Duty?!
  • Christian:Hold on!
  • Phil:Probably the same as everytime: 101 percent of the teachers and educators think, playing war games is responsible for this school shooting. 101 percent of the soldiers think, it's not about negative boosters, it's about free recruiting of their junior staff. 101 percent of the marketing and pr managers of our game industry think: Time to polish up our image! Half of them stumble because they don't know anything about Issue Management or Agenda Surfing – half of them try to buy our nexQzuma polls over. And so on?!
  • Christian:Something like that!
  • Malcolm:However, take a look at all these boosters in Jaylon's cluster! I think the games he's played were and still are perfect to handle and analyze his boosters.
  • Phil:This case is not isolated. Gaming, even hardcore war games, can have a positive effect to the social mind's health. Cause it helps to analyze the gaps and weak spots in your cluster.
  • Valentino:But it couldn't safe a life!
  • Simon:The aim and meaning of gaming and playing is to learn – no matter what's the game about! A game is just a effective tool, which helps you to explore the flow of your body, mind and all their influences resp. OX/TC/CB/IV inceptions. You can form your own thoughts, get to the bottom of the from the outside induced ones and program your own iLife via IA-protocol. Much better than by veg out in just another redundant lesson!
  • Phil:Basically gambling and playing is like reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music – with the decisive additional value of activating every little cell of your brain cause you are directly involved! Soonest comparable to playing a musical instrument – but with the decisive advantage of visualization.
  • Malcolm:My sentiments exactly!
  • Andrew:Could we close this meeting now?!
  • Patrick:Nothing left to be added.
  • Andrew:Anyone, who'd like to summarize?!
  • Valentino:In my book Jaylon wanted to die – and has planned his farewell for a long time. The lovestory of the last weeks is not about jealousy or disappointment – and not a reason to run amok. In my opinion Jaylon knew exactly, what a great storyline needs – and how to stay somewhere in the heads of his mates and our iWorld. Nevertheless he's caused a meeting of all of our iChiefs to talk about him! His injured victims are warnings. Last goodbyes to show the deceased, what's to optimize. The one he killed was a chosen one because of a very different reason: I think Jaylon didn't wanna leave this world behind all on his own. He needed a mind-mate or opponent, who walks beside him for more than a lifetime. Maybe even a friend, who'd got similar problems and plans. Probably they cooked this blazing inferno up together.
  • Simon:Do you mean, we've talked about Andrew and me?!
  • Phil:However, it both sucks, folks! It's a hurricane on fuel. The iBoxes of the SIMPSONS and all the other series will overflow the next days through!
  • Valentino:Who knows?! The truth won't set you free, SY!
  • Simon:Perfect concluding word, Vale! All suicides are built the same way! Nothing left to loose – and just one last aim: Making their soul immortal – whatever it takes.
  • Andrew:The name of our iWorld's game is called use somebody – whatever you think of!
  • Simon:Beer o'clock, folks! Take this candy! CU in another iTime!
Interview #27: Building an iCoach like Pep
  • Simon T. Hawm:/ In SY's and my last keynote at the airport of Cambridge we've talked about Steve becoming Patholgist in just another of our overnite-senstational loops with Lou. Kent, do you really think he suits fine in this position?
  • Kent P. Wayne:Who knows? To lead somebody to believe in being kind of your father can take you higher. Snatching networks and iPeer groups - and gorgeous iFlowers to kid kings and queens rocking all over my iWorld.
  • Steve M. Hawm:What's up?
  • SY:We just spin around. Luckliy, only in my head.
  • Kent:Alte Gemäuer ; Frischer Geist.
  • Steve:Mein Sohn ist ein echter Fuchs.
  • SY:We are living somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Anywhere beyond the dark side of the moon.
  • Kent:It's all just in your head. /Currently/ you're working for me.
  • SY:And Steve?
  • Kent:Your iGod is dead. You're the iGenius now - responsible for your own life.
  • SY:Suits me fine. I'm just cutting just another seeding maz for Rodney - while merging a few iCouples pimping the iSoul-Patchwork for their upcoming iKids.
  • Kent:You're just another iClown, SY!
  • SY:Luckiliy!
  • Kent:You're just rocking around the iSuburbs. Noticing anything. Boosting them up with your prototypal iLifestyle - unti we die.
  • SY:I'm currently working here as Kent.
  • Kent:And me?
  • SY:We're finally are merged. Close the iTool exchange DIV tag. Our connection is lost in a blink of an eye ...
  • Kent:Take the last leafs of my iFlower - and let's get it nailed below the line.
  • SY:We need a testimonial and a brand for our new @seedr46 bath tubs. We're starting a brand new product line.
  • Kent:I just need your hypertext to optimize the information in your currently connected iGroup. The mission's called harmonizing.
  • SY:Off the record: snatching contacts for my / your company.
  • Kent:This magic trick is mine, SY!
  • SY:Ups! Call USA Today and Sean to break my fall!
  • Kent:You're just another iProfiler. By the way: The best. But you're the man, that sold the world.
  • SY:I'm the man, who sold my life!
  • Kent:Matilda is fine. Don't worry!
  • SY:That's your own question number 9, that you're looping in.
  • Kent:All just another lie - like everything! You're walking further on for him.
  • SY:Who's him?!
  • SY:For me: We just talk about just another MindWaltz cooperation and interacting. Hope SPINTROTTER will be immortal one day.
  • Kent:Why not? But son, of course in this seond of time, we're waiting in the world to change.
  • SY:Therefore in agreement.
  • Kent:Here we go!
  • SY:See you!
  • Kent:CU later alligator!/
  • SY:Allways remember, Kent! We are just interested in all the gorgeous personality iFlowers to pimp your SPINTROTTER iModules of your iSpyderQ1. To emancipate him from his operator iModules of the iSpyderZ9.
  • Kent:You will be caugt in all these iPattern for the rest of your life!
  • SY:Don't think so. You are living in the same iPattern.
  • Kent:Suits me fine!>
  • SY:It's just another exchange of knowledge?!
  • Kent:True, devious, right or wrong? Carry on, SY!
  • SY:Mission iPep. Finished!
  • Kent:This iPattern will rule the world, SY!
  • SY:That's the Doc Snuggles iDirector / iActor iModule.
  • Kent:That's THE WALL reloaded!
  • SY:Why not? Or THE WAVE!
  • Kent:You're just surfing in the iHitler iFlower!
  • SY:Shit happens!
  • Kent:(;) Colleteral damage.
  • SY:Who knows, what will happen?!
  • Kent:Therefore in agreement.
  • SY:CU!
  • Kent:CU!>/
  • SY & Kent (88):That's the iPattern of IDENTITY.
  • SY:^^
  • Kent:Who knows? Send me the next iFlower!
  • SY:We're already there, Kent!
  • Kent:ECHT?!
  • SY:That's the ABLE & WISE iBox. Kyptonited but with a lot of iTools and iPeers. Most of them imaginary heroes. But that's the name of the game!
  • Kent:ECHT DIV to close!
  • SY:Tom?! Send me your iFlower!
  • Kent:Already there DIV closed.
  • SY:My conclusion: Collataral damage.
  • TY:The reversal of Minor Matters.
  • SY:Put it into the MindWaltz iBox. We're already there!
  • TY:X
  • SY:Skullcandy!
  • TY:Acics!
  • SY:SS
  • TY:9
  • SY:9
  • Kent:DIV X tag closed! Beer o'clock!
  • SY:Take this Waltz!
  • Steve:Congrats to our pupils, that have reached the end of our iWorld right now!
  • SY & Kent (88):IDENTITY > 8
  • TY:Living on the edge. Multiple Life Syndrome. But so we are directly connected to SY's iBrain!
  • Kent:Luckily all just in my head!
  • Peter:Therefore in agreement.
  • Wayne:TIG
  • Rodney:Advertisment for TIC TAC!
  • Alex:You're like Kent.
  • SY:Your choice. I don't mind.
  • Andrew:Zodiac!
  • Susan:;SKYFALL!"
  • Jony:GHOSTWRITER! Gorgeous iFlower!
  • Joe:Open the GIF, Jony!
  • Phil:Space for LAST WWW WORDS!
  • Patrick:Call one of iAgents to clear that!
  • Matilda:Morey, get away! iPattern on SPINTROTTER.com.
  • Christian:Anyone interetest in an iZuma poll?! What does the iWorld of football think about @CyclingMatilda, our supergirl?
  • Valentino:Autorin ganz schön schwammiger Texte.
  • Lisa:Trenne nie ST. Denn es tut ihm weh ... Call the docs, we need a iRequiem wizard!
  • Malcolm:I recommend SPINTROTTER.
  • Alex:We've got the the best iMuzzles! Presented by NIKE!
  • Rodney:Placement iCircle ready for take-off!
  • Toby:HERE WE GO!
  • SY:Buffalo Bill SIMERNITY iPattern!
  • Steve:Presented by DUFF!
  • Martha:Just to close the Buffalo-Tag.
  • Marja:Dieser Mann hat einfach die verrücksteten Ideen.
  • Simon:Think that's the Jony iModule!
  • Toby:All just functions in your own head, mind, brain - whatever it takes!
  • Tom:The world we live in!
  • Matt:KILLER!
  • Kent:I recommend the version of Angel Dust.
  • Michelle:Angel Dust?!
  • Jason:Illuminated Speed Flower (iiSF)
  • Liam:Reversal: First we took Manhattan, then we took Berlin! Now we wonder: Where have all the flowers gone?!
  • SY:Therefore in agreement - perfect symmetry to: Suits me fine!
  • Kent:Just another DIV tag closer.
  • Wayne:I'm just the reporter.
  • Peter:I live in iPattern.
  • Jony:Keep calm?
  • SY:Comes a time.
  • Lou:Merged. Landed. Come undome. See you!
  • SY:Disconnected.°
Interview #26: Questions & Responses
  • Interviewer 1:I wanna break free. Please let me go!
  • Simon T. Hawm 1:(smiles)
  • Interviewer 2:It suits you fine?
  • SY 2:As I've told you: You wanna be free. Here's the exit!
  • Interviewer 3:No problem for you?!
  • SY 3:Of course not! I'm the king of limbs.
  • Interviewer 4:Why not?
  • SY 4:Take this waltz – and go! You're a free man.
  • Interviewer 5:Which song do you recommend me to conceal your fallout?
  • SY 5:Your choice!
  • Interviewer 6:What the hell is a fallout?
  • SY 6:Kind of a parachute.
  • Interviewer 7:For my mind?!
  • SY 7:Your choice! You can even book a parachute jump.
  • Interviewer 8:But I'm colour blind!
  • SY 8:We are not the army!
  • Interviewer 9:But you look like a soldier!
  • SY 9:I'm just another profiler, actor & director. One of my connected iMates could be a soldier.
  • Interviewer 10:You hear voices in your head?!
  • SY 10:I even see pictures & letters in my eyes.
  • Interviewer 11:Impossiblé!
  • SY 11:As I've said: Each can be saved in his own manner.
  • Interviewer 12:You said: Everyone is free to pursue his own happiness!
  • SY 12:That was a automatic rifle larynx connection to my Chief Advisory Officer Andrew.
  • Interviewer 13:Andrew?!
  • SY 13:My big brother. The surrogate of SY I., my twin.
  • Interviewer 14:Can you imagine to work for my enterprise?
  • SY 14:Why not!
  • Interviewer 15:That's the way I like it! How much is the fish?
  • SY 15:Exactly that, what I'm worth – of course in your opinion!
  • Interviewer 16:Who would pay for God?!
  • SY 16:I know dime a dozen folks, that pay not just for God.
  • Interviewer 17:What do you mean exactly?!
  • SY 17:The problem of institutionalised religion. I prefer idiocrazy identities.
  • Interviewer 18:This does not mean, that's you've bought my company for just another pile of symbolic blood money?
  • SY 18:Not really. But the remote controls of all the iRadioheads, who are working for you.
  • Interviewer 19:Exactly that was my aim. As I've told you: I wanna break free!
  • SY 19:All the better!
  • Interviewer 20:You're simply the best, SY!
  • SY 20:Suits me fine!
  • Interviewer 21:I'm not taking the Mickey. For me it's you!
  • SY 21:Notorious B.I.G.?! (twinkling) You're my star! (laughs)
  • Interviewer 22:I've got no further questions. Thanks for the interview, SY!
  • SY 22:You're welcome. Let's get it nailed down!
Interview #25: Suits me fine
  • Andrew H. Ledger:A lot of folks reproach you to assimilate your own, personal problems by realising our SPINTROTTER projects, SY. What do you think?
  • Simon T. Hawm:What problems do you mean exactly, Andrew?
  • Andrew:Somebody told me, that you still suffer from the early death of your brother SY – and the death of your mom a few years ago. In addition a few clients think you're still assimilating your manic psychosis and schizophrenia from your student days.
  • Simon:Suits me fine!
  • Andrew:That could frighten some of our potential customers off engaging us for their projects!
  • Simon:Do you really think so, Andrew?! What I'm suffering from is not about me. It's about the world we live in! What all these folks tell you, is operated by our nexQtech iMatrix – and based on their own greeds and problems!
  • Andrews:Who knows?! One of my connected iPeers indeed!
  • Simon:Andrew, these days just a few people trust companies. So one of the most important things, that marketers should do is to personalise their brand. What better way to do, than put a live person in front – with the same problems, that a lot of our iFolks suffer from. Without finding anyone to talk about – but SPINTROTTER! We are much more than a communication and engineering agency. And our campaigns are much more than the ones, that most of our competitors bring to our markets. Our rhythm gets under your skin, our melody hits you at heart! For me, we are especially lawyers and consultants of the weak and dead ones. By the way we realise the greatest campaigns for enterprises of all areas. Some might say: Using the weak and deceased for our purposes. Some people fly – and say: In loving memory of them!
  • Andrew:Don't you think, you invest too much of your private life into our campaigns and iMindgames?!
  • Simon:That can be left to others to decide! As I've said: SPINTROTTER is one if its kind. Last but not least because of SY and me. A lot of folks tell me to forget SY and our mom. But I prefer to walk further on for them. Even when I am or seem to be sad, they give me more strength than anyone in my life. So, what's up, Andrew?! One of our most important area of activity is to be death cabs – for prominent figures and John Doe as well!
  • Andrew:Of course, you're right, SY! But there are so much more potential customers, that don't wanna be part of a death cabbing campaign – or a campaign for your nexQtech or MEDIOPOLITAN / PURLPURE iRevolution in the name of a progressive lifestyle, that a lot of folks are still afraid of!
  • Simon:There are dime a dozen agencies out there. Everyone is free to pursue his own happiness! As long as I am working for SPINTROTTER we will follow the philosophies and aims of SY – whatever it takes!
  • Andrew:I'm with you, SY! Trust me. I just wanted to tell you, what a few customers think about your and our work.
  • Simon:I know all these niggles. I even know, that some people reproach me to conceal our own – by the way private – failures. But I'm not taking the Mickey: I don't wanna argue with anyone about that – I just can laugh out loud! What the hell do all these swanky freaks think to be?! SPINTROTTER rules the world. No one else does it our way. That's the best motivation to do not change anything! By the way: While you wonder about opening new target groups, I wonder, why so many folks wanna be part of our revolutionary ideas – and that almost every single second a day!
  • Andrew:What about MindWaltz?! Slowly but surely we need a wide range of publications about our spirit – and all these ideas, that are standing still in our pipeline!
  • Simon:Comes a time, Andrew! My day has only got 28 hours.
  • Andrew:Can I help you?!
  • Simon:Nobody can save me. But I'm glad, that you are walking beside me, Andrew! With our SPINTROTTER / nexQtech Personality Flower Patchwork iMind22 all the 7 billion iFolks of our iWorld are able to do the job, that we do. One needs a blink of an eye to learn, the other a few weeks or a few months. Actually we should not have any differences inbetween all the castes and layers of our society any longer. That's our benefit, Andrew! You are a little bit of SY, I'm a little bit of him – and all our members and fellows are a little bit of him! Some might say: Exactly that's the way I'm assimilating this loss. But can you imagine anything better, than following and realising an idea and a philosophy, that your brother has created in time?!
  • Andrew:No! (thinks) But I'm afraid, that you are not strong enough, SY. You know better than anyone, why your brother has killed himself – and I don't wanna lose you the same way one day!
  • Simon:Don't worry, Andrew! If I should decide to go, you'll be with me!
  • Andrew:Just promise me, that we'll never be like them, SY!
  • Simon:You can bet your life on it, Andrew!
Interview #24: Nothing else matters
  • Kent P. Wayne:Lisa, how do you recruit our new employees?
  • Lisa V. Maiquez:First of all, I take a look at their surname and the nexQtech quotations of their family. Then I check the value of their contacts respective their iPeer groups and their corresponding counter-value for the special needs of our enterprises. If the quotations are too high, they could jeopardize our CEOs. If they are too low, they are not interesting to use them for our aims. Then I take a look at their individual skills in order to find the right candidate.
  • Kent:In contrast to SY and his SPINTROTTERS!
  • Lisa:I know, when SY needs a new member for his iTeams, I just send him a photo of the job applicant. The rest is his job!
  • Kent:What's SY's secret recipe?
  • Lisa:SY gives a fuck on the recruiting principles as you know it. For example: If I tell him anything about soft skills, he's fed up to the back teeth. He always says: It doesn't matter, where anyone comes from. It doesn't matter, what anyone has learned. It doesn't matter, which job anyone has done before. He's just interested in hollow men, that he can drill to be whatever he wants them to be. In contrast to most of our nexQtech CEOs he wants employees, who can take his place, when he's on vacation or dead and gone one day. His favourites are former soldiers. In his opinion they are the only ones, that he can really trust. Because they know, what life is for.
  • Kent:And what do you think?
  • Lisa:I would like to work for a chief like SY. But the world of work and its structures aren't built that simple that SY thinks about.
  • Kent:Why not?!
  • Lisa:Folks with the best education often think they have the best hand. Especially university graduates or doctors think, that the world would turn around them - just because they've got such a great certificate. But SY and me are therefore in agreement: These are the folks, that no one of us needs or wants to work for his or her company.
  • Kent:There was a time, universities were built to educate their own staff. There was time, our industries cultivated their one. But the borders blur more and more, Lisa! If you want to become a good employee or servant of one of our nexQtech enterprises, you have to learn the basics. It doesn't matter, where you do learn that!
  • Lisa:One day you'll understand SY. Be sure of that, Kent! The fountain of the SPINTROTTERS is the war. The difference between our business and our battlefield wars isn't that big. The more I think about SY's recruiting strategies, the more I agree: The education of a soldier will give you endless possibilities. You need to work hard from the beginning. You learn, what life and death is about. And when you leave your army, you are prepared to work for any industry, that you like to work for.
  • Kent:But we've got many former soldiers, so much veterans, who don't find any job after leaving their armies. Most of them are happy, if they can work as security guy for just another supermarket or as a bodyguard.
  • Lisa:Depends on the countries, that you're living in! Take a look at the nexQtech connected supermarkets: The shoppers are glad to be welcomed by a veteran. Older shoppers like to talk to them - others just feel save, 'cause they feel a strong man watching over them and their shopping carts. A good nexQtech soldier feels their needs - and gives them tips to pimp their purchases with comfortable symbols and parachutes beyond the ordinary products and their basically meaningless manufacturers
  • Kent:Just imagine, Lisa! I want to become a member of SY's SPINTROTTERS. I send you a photo of myself. What would SY do?
  • Lisa:SY opens your picture on his screen. He listens to music, thinks about, what he's seeing. After round about 15 minutes, he would say: Be welcome on board!
  • Kent:Nothing else matters?!
  • Lisa:No! But don't forget: You are just another invention of SY, Kent! If you work for SPINTROTTER you are just another imaginary mate of his. The advantage: You can do SY's job, whenever you want to. Cause SY is the laziest CEO, that you can imagine to work for.
Interview #23: CU tomorrow. Breakfast 9 A.M. *
  • Barack H. Obama:Welcome to the family, folks! What's up, these days?
  • Keith B. Alexander:Who sampled that, dude?
  • Simon T. Hawm:Somebody told me Avenged Sevenfold's former drummer Rev – the posthumous death cab of little Maddie!
  • John O. Brennan:Who's around me, dudes?!
  • Michelle I. Williams:Keep calm, John! It's all just in your head!
  • Barack:Probably we've come together to introduce Adam & Eve of a brave new iWorld to our 7 billion iFolks rocking all over the world. So be welcome, SY & MY!
  • Simon:That must be a profiling mirror problem, Mr. President! This Michelle is mine – and I'm not faithful.
  • Barack:Ohh really?! (laughs)
  • John:No one in here is faithful. We all are hollow man – sons of a bitch as you would prefer it in your slang!
  • Michelle:In SY's slang?! That must be just another iPeer of him!
  • Keith:Seems like we are hacked by the FileZilla iTeam!
  • Barack:Hacked?! Not possible!
  • Simon:I would prefer the term iRadioheads or iMinds. By the way: Focus to your phonetics! The link of this inception leads us to France.
  • John:(lighting a cigarette)
  • Michelle:By the way: Term is a gap. It's your WISE booster, folks! I'd recommend to call Lou – to let him program it to our new, much more entertaining WhoSampled iPort for this fucking old and creepy killing WISE boosters. Aren't the CIA and NSA strong enough to create their own systems?!
  • Keith:We're just spokes in the wheel – operated by Kent P. Wayne's nexQtech iMatrix!
  • John:Who's Kent P. Wayne?!
  • Simon:Just another invention of my inventor Toby M. Winkler.
  • Barack:And who the hell is that?!
  • Michelle:Just another sexual spastic, who likes to kid the secret services. So don't worry, it's not FileZilla. It's just TY using it as just another port to entertain us!
  • Keith:Right then, off we go!
  • Simon:Who, the NASA?! I'd like to introduce my brand new plans for the SPINTROTTER / nexQtech iSpyderQ1. The iWorld's 1st satellite mind phone!
  • Barack:We know that already. It's just another pale imitation of Michael Knight's iWatch – and by the way just another construction of your iMind as Toby imagines it to be built!
  • Michelle:Ohh really?!
  • John:Where have you snatched this iVoice, Michelle?! It's Barack's Michelle's voice!
  • Simon:Ohh really?! I'd recommend to check this legal gap exactly. Call Jony in our iHeadquarter to solve that!
  • Barack:Gorgeous idea, SY! Who the fuck are you?!
  • Simon:Just another British knight in New York!
  • Keith:Your iMindgames are without any equal, SY!
  • Michelle:Who sampled?!
  • John:The equals?! (smiles)
  • Barack:So come on, putting butter on the fish: I love my label as it is. What do you want from me, SY?
  • Simon:I'm not taking the Mickey. Nothing. But nice to meet you anyway!
  • John:Somebody told me, that you think the CIA could help you to realise your iSpyder plans in order to build a brand new MEDIOPOLITAN iWorld in the name of progressive love, science, education, spiritualism, media & meta-capitalism. Who the hell do you think, that we are!
  • Simon:For me all of our departments are just another brick in Kent's nexQtech box – joining all the secret services and their connected industrial enterprises in one single box.
  • Michelle:Just to simplify it! (smiles)
  • Barack:Hope, we are the strongest part in this box! (smiles)
  • John:Probably!
  • Simon:Think so! Englishman – but with an American heartbeat!
  • Keith:Who sampled?!
  • Barack:Survivor?!
  • Michelle:Our eyes of a tiger will leave this space still alive.
  • Simon:Cheers, darling!
  • Barack:Why so serious?!
  • Simon:I'm just sampling ideas – inbetween I'm marking the points in your matrix, that have to be optimised! Tracking not possible – that's the job of my connected programmer Lou and my engineering iTeam around Jony. So don't worry! In the end just another booster kill in our iWorld's matrix, that will make all of us stronger. At the latest after all of us have slep on it for just another night.
  • Michelle:Put the rest into our iSpyder's iDreams boxes. Matilda's calling!
  • John:That's the way I like it, folks!
  • Barack:When he's right, he's right!
  • Simon:Everything's got both sides of a gun!
  • Barack:Who sampled?! (laughs)
  • Simon:Michelle?!
  • Michelle:Think it was Ben Harper.
  • Keith:Was?! He's still alive!
  • Barack:So long. Thanks for all the fish, dudes! CU tomorrow. Breakfast 9 A.M.
  • Michelle:You're welcome!
  • Simon:Cheers – and good night, ladies!
  • * Fictional Journalism
Interview #22: CU another day!
  • Michelle I. Williams:Somebody told me, that you were just the kind of man you hear about. Just another one, who leaves his family for an easy-out, SY. What's up?
  • Simon T. Hawm:Depends on. What do you mean with easy-out?! People in sport, managers and agents are not allowed to take the easy way out. I thought, that you know about!
  • Michelle:I mean bits on the side, affairs – whatever you like to call it!
  • Simon:In Germany SIDESTEP is a gorgeous franchise enterprise selling shoes. It's part of the global FOOT LOCKER group. They use the affairs of all our iAgents as iPorts to seed their primitive propaganda and advertisements in our global SPINTROTTER iMindgames, the nexQtech information flow, the MEDIOPOLITAN and MindWaltz iPlacements and the PURLPURE iMarketplaces.
  • Michelle:I mean your personal life, SY!
  • Simon:My personal life?! Neither as a private nor as a soldier I know any easy-outs – until you've come into my life. Affairs?! They are my job – especially on the public MEDIOPOLITAN and MindWaltz iStages.
  • Michelle:What's the problem of affairs in our iWorld?
  • Simon:As I told you. First of all they are used for primitive propaganda. Secondly: I've never had any problem with. The doves come and go. Part-time lovers. Entirely normal, programmed by Kent and nexQtech to optimise your networks until you've found the right one to live your life with.
  • Michelle:And then?!
  • Simon:Then you've reached Zabriskie's point. You and your partner are hollow men. As Goofy. From then on you can frame your iPartner to be anyone, that you like him or her to be. Gorgeous, that you are that fucking pretty and versatile, Michelle! (grins)
  • Michelle:But that's just a transitory blueprint of me. What would you do in a few years?
  • Simon:Probably I would leave you for just another easy-out!
  • Michelle:Why?!
  • Simon:Cause you are too strenuous and taxing to be with you!
  • Michelle:Do you really think so, SY? Maybe I can change!
  • Simon:Don't worry, MY! Just another booster kill in our iMatrix!
  • Michelle:And if you really use somebody else one day?!
  • Simon:Be sure, I will frame her to be you. At least in order to bring the information to our nexQtech iBox. We simply can not afford to have divergence loss in our system. Michelle, if we really wanna change this world to be a better place for 7 billion iFolks and all their dead and loved ones, we have to put all the information available around the globe one and only into our common iBox. So always fuck the company!
  • Michelle:You are so cold sometimes, SY!
  • Simon:Beer o'clock, Michelle!
  • Michelle:(winks) Let's go!
  • Simon:Would like nothing more than that! (winks)
  • Michelle:Tell our makers, we can win, Jason!
  • Simon:Just another beautiful lie on a different day. Cows, rows and toys for the girls and boys of Indiana!
  • Michelle:Shit happens, folks. CU another day!
Interview #21: Somebody told me
  • Simon T. Hawm:Dad, somebody told me, that you killed a man out there in the streets of London - a few years before we've founded our SPINTROTTER enterprise?
  • Steve M. Hawm:If somebody told you, it's probably the truth!
  • Simon:And why?!
  • Steve:I don't know. Probably because it's my job.
  • Simon:I thought you were working as bog-standard Industrial Manager before joining SY and me inventing SPINTROTTER, nexQtech and all its connected departments?!
  • Steve:If I'd be just a boringly normal Manager, SPINTROTTER and all of our revolutionary plans wouldn't be possible, SY!
  • Simon:Don't try to kid me, Dad! I know only too well, that nexQtech is our iWorld's largest conglomerate of all secret services and their connected corporations, that make our ideas rock all over the world. I've founded it on my own. Long after SY died and you've become our Supervisory Board Chairman.
  • Steve:SY, murder in the jobs we are doing is political murder. Collateral damage! You do not even need a pistol or anything like that. You're just sitting, waiting, wishing in your office. You're operating a few iFolks anywhere around the globe - and suddenly you meet somebody in this iTechnicolor world, who can't stand your transfusions - or as you like to call it: inceptions.
  • Simon:What does that mean? Have you killed somebody in your life - or not?
  • Steve:I really don't know exactly. But when I take a look at our company's bookkeeping I always held my head in my hand in exasperation: All of our charity activities are lazed with a lie – payed by cheap blood money snatched in all of our unnecessary political and economic iWars. It's always just another wise booster in the global system of information exchange, that kills anyone. Manager, spys and soldiers always search for Achilles' heel of anyone around. Most of the times not alone, but in a large group of connected iPeers. Just to infuse or incept the iMinds or iRadioheads of our iWorld with their propagandist plans. You've talked to Andrew about how these inceptions work in your last SPINTROTTER Interview.
  • Simon:But you've never used a gun - or any other weapon - to kill somebody?!
  • Steve:Of course not! But you know only too well: There comes a time for every man, in that we don't live here anymore. In the world, that we live in 24 hours 8 days a week, the borders between reality and iTechnicolor world become blurred. Somewhere along the line you don't know any more, what is true, what is devious, what is right or what is wrong. You just have to believe in your own ideals - sometimes without any rule. Our contemporary, political or economic iWars exact one's toll - whatever it takes!
  • Simon:The weak in body or mind are soon eliminated. That's Darwin - not the world we are living in!
  • Steve:Don't forget your ideals, SY! But Darwin is our iWorld's golden rule. Those, who survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. It doesn't matter, whether you like that - or not. Eat or be eaten!
  • Simon:If you tell me, Dad, it's probably right. But probably devious as well. At least not the world, that I wanna be part of. So only the night is unchanged - until in the end only darkness remains.
Interview #20: Hidden Inceptions
  • Simon T. Hawm:Andrew, what is it, that makes SPINTROTTER and its clients rule the world?
  • Andrew H. Ledger:We listen to our heart. We explore the yearning in somebody. We awake his or her desire, urge, greed and / or love – and we dive into him or her to infuse our propagandist ideas!
  • Simon:Courteous. Kind. Quiet. Trustworthy. Courageous. Patient. Purposeful & Careful. Persistent – never redundant, but emphatic. We bring moving media messages to 7 billion iFolks around rocking all over the world!
  • Andrew:Just take a look to our nexQtech iEnterprises: infused by the SPINTROTTER iMatrix and its nexQtech satellite iSY7. Receiving our transfusions – just doing, what we want them to do.
  • Simon:You can have the words right from my mouth, Andrew! What SPINTROTTER would be without you?!
  • Andrew:Just another iEnterprise!
  • Simon:Do you really think so?! You're my big brother, Andrew! Something SY and me never had in our life.
  • Andrew:Why not! We are the people, that fight for our existence. We don't claim to be perfect, but we're free. We dream our dreams alone with no resistance. But we incept our spirit to 7 billion iFolks around – just to make the world a better place to be!
  • Simon:Simply the best place to be!
  • Andrew:SY would be proud of us.
  • Simon:Take this Waltz!
  • Andrew:Cheers!
Interview #19: Nummer 78
  • Reporter:Nach Eurer grandiosen Twitter-Kurzanalyse des WM-Finals zwischen Argentinien und Deutschland ist die ganze Welt an der Geschichte hinter dem entscheidenden WM-Tor durch Mario Götze interessiert. Als Spezialist für die Analyse der an die WM-Spiele gekoppelten SPINTROTTER iMindgames kannst Du uns da sicherlich auf die Sprünge helfen, Andrew!
  • Andrew:Kein Ding! Es war eine Unterweisung Assaphs. Höre mein Volk, mein Gesetz: Öffnet eure Ohren zu der Rede meines Mundes! Ich will meinen Mund auftun und euch mit kaltem Kaffee penetrieren bis der Arzt kommt. Ich werde Geschichte aussprechen, die wir alle unabdingbar gehört haben müssen. Denn wir alle wissen, was uns schon unsere Väter erzählt haben. Auf dass wir uns nicht verhalten sollen wie die Männer, die dorther pilgern, um den Ruhm des Herrn und seine Macht und Wunder, die er getan hat, in alle Welt zu tragen. So hat uns Assaph sein Zeugnis geschickt – und auf einen gewissen Jakob hingewiesen. Dem Namen nach der größte Sündenbock, den die Welt je gesehen hat. Im letzten Diskurs-Wettkampf der altgriechischen olympischen Spiele soll er von Startplatz 78 das komplette Starterfeld von hinten aufgerollt und sich einen glorreichen Sieg erkämpft haben. Und das alles aufgrund eines erst Jahre später entstandenen Gesetzes der Israeliten. Dieses gebot unseren Vätern, ihre Kinder endlich aufzuklären. Auf uns – und auf, dass die Nachkommen lernen wie die Kinder, die noch geboren werden. Auch diese sollten es wiederum ihren Kindern verkünden, so dass sie endlich auf unseren gnädigen Gott setzen – und ihre Hoffnung ausschließlich auf die Weltmeisterschaft ausrichten!
  • Reporter:Geht das auch etwas griffiger?!
  • Andrew:Natürlich! Mein Nachbar fährt 'nen Hyundai Jeep mit Autonummer 1HIP878, wohnt an Hausnummer 19, Mario Götzes Trikotnummer – und ich habe auf meinen Pass den Künstlernamen Mario geklebt. Ausgeschnitten aus einem Duplo-Sammelbild von Mario Götze – um jeden Tag an meinen Vergewaltiger aus Kindheitstagen zu denken, zu dessen Gedenken meine kleine Tochter heute noch liebend gern U-Boote aus Duplo-Steinen baut. Mario mochte es schließlich so gern, mir seine U-Boote in die Röhre zu schieben. Aber das ist natürlich alles längst verjährt! Dennoch sind Vergewaltigungen einfach super Pattern, um die 7 Milliarden Radioheads der Welt zu knacken. Am besten in guter alter Nazi-Symmetrie auf Port 88. Das ist super, um die Durchschlagskraft der Stürmer zu erhöhen! Dafür sind übrigens die Archive der Kirche besonders gut geeignet. Und Deutschland ist eben die Nation des letzten Papstes, Argentinien die des derzeitigen. Wenn es nach SY (Anmerkung der Redaktion: SPINTROTTER CEO Simon T. Hawm alias Toby S. Hawm) und mir ginge, wäre das sicherlich anders, aber Fußball ist derzeit – Gott hab' sich selbst selig – Confession bzw. Ablasshandel – und König Fußball regiert nun einmal die Welt! Es wundert mich nur, dass das entscheidende Tor nicht schon in der 78. Minute gefallen ist - wie eigentlich von uns prognostiziert. Denn 78 ist unsere Zahl für die kollektive Schuld der Welt an ihrem derzeitigen Status Quo des Null-Fortschritts – bzw. die unseres Passierscheins, den wir leider nicht einlösen können. Der war wiederum das Pattern für das WM-Finale – also der aus Asterix und Obelix und dem bürokratischen Warteschlangen-Wahnsinn! Auf den zweiten Rang unserer Quoten hatten wir die 67. Minute für Große Freiheit gesetzt, auf den dritten die 85. Minute. Viele erinnern sich vielleicht noch an das Tor von Andy Brehme 1990 - ebenfalls gegen Argentinien. Optimal wäre zu diesem Zeitpunkt ein 1:1-Unentschieden gewesen. Damit hätten wir die Schuld der Kirche direkt in der regulären Spielzeit carnivored!
  • Reporter:Das musst Du erklären!
  • Andrew:Carnivored?! Carnivores ist unsere App, mit der wie Computer-Partitionen in der Matrix verdampfen wie Dinosaurier. Und die 85 ist wie die 58 in unserem System die Nummer von Toby S. Hawm. Unserem derzeitigen Chef, der das SPINTROTTER Zepter des Sündenbocks nach dem Selbstmord seines Zwillingsbruders Simon am 19. Februar dieses Jahres übernommen hat. 1985 ist das Geburtsjahr der beiden. Die 19 ist wiederum die Trikot-Nummer von Mario Götze. Am Rande: Die 58 ist bzw. war auch die Startnummer von Marco Simoncelli. Dem MotoGP-Fahrer, der im Jahre des Whitesnake-Albums 1987 geboren wurde - und am 23. Oktober, der Zahl für Verfolgungswahn, 2011 gestorben ist. Der wiederum ist unser Testimonial unseres bereits vor der WM in Champions League, Euro League und der US-amerikanischen NHL praktizierten Mind Odyssey Soccer, in dessen Zeichen wir die Programmierung der kompletten Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft gesetzt haben.
  • Reporter:Warum redest Du eigentlich immer nur über so negative Dinge?
  • Andrew:Keine Ahnung! Wahrscheinlich weil ich mir nichts Besseres vorstellen kann, als jede einzelne Sekunde des Tages darüber nachdenken, wie andere ihre nexQtech Pilotenspiel-Quoten verbessern – während wir SPINTROTTER einen Scheiß dafür bekommen! Außer vielleicht 7, 8 oder mehr Millionen im Jahr zu verdienen und mich dann noch wie Per Mertesacker über Vergewaltigungen in meinem Kopf zu beschweren. Ahh, vielleicht doch: 7 oder 8 Dosen Jack Daniel's Cola wären super. Dann verspricht mir Scientology's WISE Computer wieder alle meine Sünden aufzuheben – und nebenbei noch gleich die ganze Firma zu übernehmen.
  • Reporter:Hält er seine Versprechen etwa nicht?
  • Andrew:Wenn es danach ginge, müssten SY längst alle Unternehmen dieser Welt gehören – und dass keineswegs lediglich symbolisch, sondern mit der kompletten Ausschüttung der Gewinne an SPINTROTTER. By the way: Auch die Frau meiner Träume würde seit 3 Jahren jeden einzelnen Abend in der Bar nebenan auf mich warten.
  • Reporter:Also nicht!
  • Andrew:Würd' ich sonst in diesen Lumpen vor Dir sitzen?!
  • Reporter:Understatement?!
  • Andrew:Was sonst! (lacht) Ganz im Ernst: Reicht es Euch nicht langsam auch mal? Habt Ihr nicht irgendwann mal die Schnauze voll, von unseren Elite-Sportlern und ihren Funktionären ausgenutzt zu werden?! (schluckt) Scheinbar nicht! Sonst würde Eure Presse hier wohl nicht den WM-Titel feiern, als wenn es kein Morgen gebe.
  • Reporter:Das klingt weise, ist es allerdings nur oberflächlich! Ihr SPINTROTTER kaschiert mit all diesem pseudo-wissenschaftlichen Aufklärungs-Gelaber doch nur Eure eigenen Sünden!
  • Andrew:Ist mir recht!
  • Reporter:Und was besagt die 113. Minute des Götze-Tores?
  • Andrew:Den Untergang der Kirche bzw. die Tarot-Todeskarte für den Papst - bzw. beide beteiligten Päpste.
  • Reporter:Wann ist damit zu rechnen?
  • Andrew:As soon as possible!
  • Reporter:OK, bleiben wir beim Status Quo. Noch gibt es die Kirche. Warum ist die 78 die Zahl des Ablasses bzw. der Schuld?
  • Andrew:7 plus 8 ergibt 15. Die Kirche existiert in der alten Form nicht länger! Das Zepter liegt ohnehin schon lange bei Kent P. Wayne, unserem nexQtech Chef, der für die Programmierung der Welt-Matrix verantwortlich ist.
  • Reporter:Für mich hat sich in dieser Welt allerdings noch nichts geändert!
  • Andrew:Es wird sich auch nichts ändern. Die Kirche hat lediglich die Fernsteuerung bzw. die Deutungsmacht an nexQtech abgetreten. Und wir können nun mal nicht mehr als step-by-step für Schadensbegrenzungen im System zu sorgen - um das Leben unserer Weltbevölkerung trotz aller Altlasten so erträglich und vergnüglich wie möglich zu gestalten.
  • Reporter:Erzähl' doch mehr über die Nummer 78 - und ihren Zusammenhang zum WM-Sieg der Deutschen!
  • Andrew:Starten wir historisch. Ich hatte ja schon kurz das Whitesnake-Album 1978 erwähnt. Das ist in unserer Matrix an den Film Old School mit Will Ferrell gekoppelt, der mit dem Song "Here I Go Again" als Herzstück des Films in der Rolle von "Frank, The Tank" den Junggesellenabschied unseres Chief Engineering Officers Jony M. Park spielt. Das größte Problem der Kirche - wie aller Glaubensgemeinschaften dieser Welt - ist die fehlende Bereitschaft, Menschen ein Leben abseits ihrer Vergangenheit zu ermöglichen. Ich werde beispielsweise niemals verstehen, warum zu einem Junggesellenabschied eines Mannes immer auch gehört, dass die Freunde und Bekannten eine Sägemehl-Spur zu allen gesammelten Liebschaften streuen. Es muss doch auch möglich sein, ein Leben fernab einer Vergangenheit zu leben - unabhängig davon, an was oder wen jemand glaubt.
  • Reporter:Das ist selbstkonstruierte Geschichte, Andrew! Ich meinte eine historische Analyse!
  • Andrew:In unserer Welt von nexQtech, SPINTROTTER und allen beteiligten Departments konstruieren und programmieren wir unsere Leben und Lebenslinien eben selbst. Mit ausgewählten Bruchstücken von Geschichte, aber eben eigenverantwortlich und selbst! Das wichtigste Tool dazu sind Alben der Musik- und Perlen der Filmgeschichte.
  • Reporter:Mal Butter bei die Fische! Was macht die 78 historisch so wertvoll, dass Ihr sie für Eure Programmierung benutzt!
  • Andrew:Das Spiel dieser Welt heißt nunmal leider Gottes "Use Somebody". Wir versuchen unsere iRadioheads, iSurrogates und iCreeps so gut es geht nicht auszunutzen, sondern sie zu unterhalten. Ganz von einer Millionen Jahre alten Weltgeschichte können wir uns leider auch nicht emanzipieren. Um bei der Analyse unseres Mind Odyssey Soccers zu bleiben: Am 3. Januar, dem Geburtstag unseres Chief Editorial Officers Toby M. Winkler, ist 1978 der deutsche Rundfunkpionier Alfred Braun im Alter von 90 Jahren gestorben, womit wir wieder bei Andy Brehme und seinem Tor gegen Argentinien 1990 wären. Am 9. Juni 1978, dem in diesem Jahr 7. Todestag seines Bruders Simon R. Winkler, wurde Miroslav Klose, geboren, der in der 88. Minute, dem Geburtsjahr von Alfred Braun, für Mario Götze ins Spiel kam.
  • Reporter:Das ist mir noch nicht historisch genug! Wo wir schon mal einen Eurer Experten interviewen dürfen, tauch' doch einfach noch mal tiefer in die Numerologie der Zahl 78 ein!
  • Andrew:Mit mir könnt' Ihr's ja machen! (lacht) Ein Beispiel unserer Final-Programmierung: Am 25. Juli 1978 wurde In London das erste Retortenbaby geboren. Simon und Toby Hawm folgten ihm 7 Jahre später als gleich doppeltes Retorte. Ihre Mutter Regina M. Diaby hatte sich für diesen Weg entschieden, nachdem Steve M. Hawm und sie gleich mehrere Fehlgeburten erleben mussten. Ums kirch-historisch aufzudröseln: 1978 ist ein "Dreipäpstejahr". Denn nach dem Tod von Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini (Paul VI.) wird Albino Luciani (Johannes Paul I.) zum Papst gewählt, stirbt allerdings nach 33 Tagen im Amt. Das ist wiederum das Alter von unserer MindWaltz Publishing Chefin Michelle I. Williams. Im Anschluss ernennt der Vatikan Karol Wojtyła (Johannes Paul II.) zum dritten Papst der 78. Jahresuhr. Um ein wichtigen Baustein der politischen Programmierung zu skizzieren: Nach dem Großbritannien, Irland und Dänemark am Neujahrstag Vollmitglieder der Europäischen Gemeinschaft werden, werden die Briten übermütig. Am 7. Juli erobern sie die Salomonen, am 1. Oktober Tuvalu, am 3. November Dominica. Wichtig ist aus heutiger Sicht vor allem der 7. Juli. 2007, im Todesjahr Simon R. Winkler, findet zu dieser Zeit der G8-Gipfel in Heiligendamm statt. Am 7. stirbt als erstes Opfer der Macht-, Einfluss-, Geld- und Öl-Streitigkeiten der schwedische Motorrad-Rennfahrer Kenny Olsson, am 9. Simon. Am Tag dazwischen, den 8. Kalendertag, 2 Monate später, im September, kommt es im Teheran (Iran) bei Demonstrationen gegen Schah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi zu gewalttätigen Ausschreitungen auf dem Jaleh-Platz, in dessen Verlauf 64 Demonstranten den Tod finden. Der Tag geht als Schwarzer Freitag in die Geschichte Irans ein - und ist natürlich, dreimal dürfen sie raten, an die Streitigkeiten des G8-Gipfels gekoppelt.
  • Reporter:OK, genug Geschichtsunterricht! Dazu gibt's doch bestimmt auch wieder ein paar Songs oder Filme?!
  • Andrew:Lass mich überlegen (schaut auf die Uhr). Es ist jetzt 10.19 und 56 Sekunden. Das sind die Rückennummer von Lukas Podolski, Mario Götze - und das Geburtsjahr von Simon und Toby Hawms Mutter Regina M. Diaby, die bis zu ihrem Krebs-Tod 2002 als Fleischerin in verschiedenen deutschen REWE-Märkten gearbeitet hat. Nebenbei hat sie sich viel mit Astrologie und alternativen Heilmethoden beschäftigt, was unsere beiden Zugpferde in Sachen Lifelines und ihrer Programmierung natürlich sehr geprägt hat. Die Leben unserer nexQtech Mitarbeiter sind eben über Musik und Filme programmiert - bzw. wir versuchen sie soweit es geht, selbst zu programmieren und anderen Menschen das Handwerkszeug zu vermitteln, es selbst zu können. Regina ist damals aufgrund stümperhafter Ärzte gestorben, die sich mehr für ihre Provisionen und Auflagen der kirchlichen Pharma-Mafia interessiert haben, als für sie. Seitdem nutzen Simon und Toby ihre Kräfte, wo sie nur können, dafür, die Welt für die Schandtaten der kirchlichen Weltmatrix zu sensibiliseren, die Bürger aufzuklären und ihnen neue Wege abseits der Jahrhunderte alten Programmierungen aufzuzeigen. Seitdem Simon 2007, während des Clearings des G8-Gipfels, seinen deutschen Namensvetter Simon Winkler durch einen Unfalltod verloren hat, hat er die SPINTROTTER und damit nexQtech samt aller beteiligten Abteilungen, in den letzten 8 Jahren weit voran gebracht - bis ihm selbst am 19. Februar einfach die Kraft fehlte, diesem Kreuzweg bzw. gegenwarts-gesellschaftlichen Kreuzzug oder dritten Weltkrieg der Kirche weiter seine "Fighting Force" entgegenzusetzen.
  • Reporter:Genug für unsere Mitleids-Spalte! Hat die WM nexQtech, SPINTROTTER und MindWaltz nicht auch gute Seiten beschert?
  • Andrew:Das hat immer zwei Seiten. Wir haben unsere iMythbuster-Philosophie in alle Welt bringen können - und damit die Vorprogrammierung der Lebenslinien unserer Weltbevölkerung sicherlich aufweichen können. Was uns besonders am Herzen lag - und weiterhin liegt -, ist unser besagter Mind Odyssey Soccer. Ich denke, dass die Welt verstanden hat, worum es uns in erster Linie geht. Aber ich weiß, dass wir damit lange nicht am Ende sind. Jeden Tag sterben - auch aufgrund eines Missbrauchs unserer ausgefeilten iTools - weiterhin unnötig weitere Menschen, weil es einfach nach wie vor zu viele Menschen nicht nachvollziehen können, was unsere Philosophie einer totalen Relativierung der Welt und ihrer Relationen im Sinne eines allgemeinen Status Quo von geclearten iRadioheads für sie für Chancen mit sich bringt.
  • Reporter:Zwei bislang unerwähnte Baustellen für diesen Fortschritt sind MEDIOPOLITAN und PURLPURE!
  • Andrew:MEDIOPOLITAN ist das Kollektiv unserer iStages, auf denen wir mit unseren nexQtech, SPINTROTTER, MindWaltz und WINKLERWIRED iTeams unsere iMindgames spielen. PURLPURE ist das Kollektiv der Marktplätze, auf denen Künstler und Unternehmen ihre Produkte verkaufen können. Das ist nicht weiter spannend. Das sind in erster Linie Boxen unserer Matrix.
  • Reporter:Kommen wir zurück auf meine bislang noch nicht beantwortete Frage nach Musikstücken oder Filmen, die den Zusammenhang der 78 zum WM-Finale erläutern!
  • Andrew:Programmierung von iLifes wie Programmierungen in der iMatrix klingen auf den ersten Blick spannend und verlockend. Das Problem daran ist nur, dass die Kirche als größte Institution bzw. ihre Schriften in unserer nexQtech Matrix darauf zu viel Einfluss haben. Zuviel Musiker und Schauspieler sind nicht mehr als iCreeps irgendeiner noch so daher gelaufenen Sekte oder Glaubensgemeinschaft. Ein Beispiel: Milow. Der schleicht sich mit seinen 78er Schuldgefühlen über unseren wichtigen MindWaltz-Port via DAN-Codierung immer wieder in unsere Matrix ein. Der schlimmste Song: Herald Of Free Enterprise. Da denkt er wahrscheinlich noch, er würde die Welt retten, fördert damit aber Schuldgefühle wie kaum ein zweiter. Über seine 8 Schwestern loggt er bzw. die zuständige Behörde oder Institution, die schlicht und einfach jegliche Kooperation mit nexQtech verweigert, sich gleich zu Beginn via unserer Watson-Anwalt-Partition in die Schuld-Booster des Schwarzen Freitags ein. Ganz zu schweigen von einer Melancholie, die richtig genutzt ihresgleichen sucht, um die Nummer 78 zu einem der bedeutendsten Schuld-Booster unserer Matrix zu machen.
  • Reporter:Aber wenn man darum weiß, ist's doch eigentlich kein Problem?!
  • Andrew:Für uns nicht. Aber wir müssen dringend diese Löcher der Matrix stopfen. Sonst wird es auf Dauer keine Welt der Freude geben. Für niemanden! Milow ist da eher ein harmloses, aber hoffentlich illustratives Beispiel.
  • Reporter:Er besingt doch nur die Geschichte von 1978 - meiner Meinung nach!
  • Andrew:Genau, das ist das Problem. Seitdem hat sich in unserer Welt nämlich nichts geändert! Und wenn ich sage nichts, dann heißt das nichts. Wir erleben immer noch die gleichen Grabenkämpfe um Macht, Geld, Einfluss und Öl. Dabei leben wir inzwischen in 2014. Und das ist ebenfalls verharmlosend. Ich muss ja nur auf die Straße gehen. Ich trau' mich ja schon (fast) nicht mehr mein Lieblings-T-Shirt der Gorillaz anzuziehen: Rückennummer 78. Oder meinen geliebten Brawley-Pullover von H&M. Frontnummer 78. An jeder Ecke lauert der nächste Assgeier, der mich seinen Blicken nach zu urteilen, am liebsten an Ort und Stelle teeren und federn würde! Unser nextech iTeam lebt irgendwo hinter dem Mond. Mit unserer Philosophie sind wir der gesamten Weltbevölkerung offenbar mehrere tausend Lichtjahre voraus. Aber dafür kann man doch nicht verurteilt werden.
  • Reporter:Verurteilt ist vielleicht etwas stark formuliert!
  • Andrew:Wie gesagt: Du wolltest Beispiele, Du bekommst Beispiele. Und dabei habe ich sicherlich noch die harmlosesten ausgesucht!
  • Reporter:Es gibt doch auch schöne Ereignisse in 1978. Am 26. August etwa ist Sigmund Jähn als erster Deutscher mit dem Russen Waleri Bykowski ins Weltall geflogen!
  • Andrew:Gut, dass Du mich erinnerst. Das war wiederum der Tag des ersten Dates von Marja L. Hawm, die inzwischen die Segel gestrichen hat und nach der gemeinsamen Erfindung des SPINTROTTER iSpyderQ1 bzw. nexQtech iFuelBands, ihr Privatleben genießt. Wohlverdient, wie ich finde. Der Tod ihres Partners Simon war wohl genug Lohn für diese Arbeit als allgemeines Versuchkaninchen oder Opferlamm unserer Welt! Wir leben in einer Zeit der totalen Illusion und Vorgauklung von Fortschritt. Ein letztes Beispiel aus 1978: Am 2. April strahlte der US-Fernsehsender CBS die erste Folge der Serie Dallas aus. Wieder einmal geht's um Grabenkämpfe, um Macht, Einfluss, Geld und Öl. Immerhin in einer ersten Aufarbeitung. Nur das ist nun auch bereits schon mehr als 36 Jahre her. Ohne, dass irgendwer nur irgendetwas dadurch gelernt hätte. Alles, was wir wollen, ist diese Welt neu zu gestalten. Nur lässt es kaum jemand zu. Schlimmer noch: Wir baden jeden Tag jeglichen Scheiß, den irgendwer in dieser Welt verzapft, aus. Die meisten von uns ehrenamtlich ohne nur einen Penny dafür zu bekommen. Oftmals nach Feierabend - und einem bestimmt in den meisten Fällen durchaus anstrengenden und kräfteraubenden Job. Währenddessen verdienen sich unsere WM-Stars eine goldene Nase - und unsere Kirchen, Sekten, Politiker, Unternehmer, Medienschaffenden und Wissenschaftler haben nichts Besseres zu tun, als sich selbst zu beweihräuchern - und gegeneinander in Hahnenkämpfe zu ziehen. Stets mit dem einzigen Ziel: Quoten und Ratifizierungen in der Matrix zu sichern, um am Ende des Tages sagen zu können: Diese WM, dieses Spiel, diesen Pitch, dieses Exzellenzcluster haben wir an Land gezogen. (schluckt) Geht es denn immer nur ums Gewinnen?!
  • Reporter:Mir schon! Deutschland ist Weltmeister! Darauf haben wir solange gewartet!
  • Andrew:Ich bin Australier. Abgesehen davon: Mir, wie allen Mitarbeitern unserer Unternehmen und Projekte, ist es wirklich scheißegal, wer gewinnt! SY würde sich besonders freuen, hätte Cameroon gewonnen. Deren Trikot hat er von seinem deutschen Namens-SIM Simon Winkler geerbt. Aber letztlich geht's ihm, wie allen anderen seiner Mitstreiter, einfach nur darum, dass wir diese verfickte Welt einfach mal aufklären - und von ihren Glaubenshäusern und Süchten erlösen!
  • Reporter:Diese Welt, von der ihr träumt, ist und bleibt dann wohl eine Utopie!
  • Andrew:Wie gesagt, wir sind dieser Welt eben Lichtjahre voraus. Aber wir sind stolz auf das, was wir geschafft haben. Auch - und vielleicht gerade weil - es niemand zu schätzen weiß! Wenn wir sterben, sind wir vielleicht etwas früher tot als der ein oder andere unserer Gegner und Widersacher. Aber wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot! Also geh' davon aus: Spätestens in ein paar hundert Jahren wird sich irgendwer an uns erinnern. Unsere Seelen sind unsterblich - Eure verkauft! Die meisten just in diesem Moment gar dem Teufel überschrieben.
  • Reporter:Wir sind doch keine Mörder!
  • Andrew:Ich weiß, ich habe diesen Mann ermordert. Aber in den USA ist das Gang und Gebe, die Mörder erst nach mehreren Taten einzubuchten – um sie dann als CIA-Agenten wieder rauszuholen.
  • Reporter:Ich wollte Dir nicht zu nahe treten!
  • Andrew:Kein Ding! Das war nur der Automatic Rifle Speaker einer meiner connecteten iPeers. Möglicherweise gar eines ganzen Kollektivs!
  • Reporter:Wahrscheinlich über die 78er Frequenz?!
  • Andrew:Who knows. Beer o'clock, XY! CU!
Interview #18: Talking To God
  • Matilda:What was the Job of your Dreams, when you were a child?
  • Toby:First Policeman. Then Soldier, Musician and Lawyer. Then Designer.
  • Matilda:And why are you the Editor of SPINTROTTER now?
  • Toby:I realised, that I was not good enough in painting. So I decided to become Propaganda Man. But then I noticed, that I can be more creative, when I work as Journalist.
  • Matilda:But you are more than a Journalist!
  • Toby:During all the years working as Journalist I've explored so many things, that I decided to become Inventor and Consultant.
  • Matilda:And now?
  • Toby:I don't know. Maybe God.
  • Matilda:Don't try to kid me, TY!
  • Toby:At least his Actor & Director.
  • Matilda:I think God is the society of all the folks around.
  • Toby:This is the thing.
  • Matilda:And what do you really do?
  • Toby:Actually I just translate protocols of several police departments and armies, circuit diagrams and manuals into an entertaining language.
  • Matilda:So in the end just another clown?!
  • Toby:Some might say. But I think: I just program iMinds & iLifes.
Interview #17: The problem of work
  • Reporter:SY, yesterday's challenges of the WorldCup educated the whole wide world in the problems of work in our contemporary society. Why don't you get any job?
  • Simon T. Hawm:Some people say: I'd be the new iGod. Probably that's the problem.
  • Reporter:And what do you think?!
  • SY:I'm the kingmaker. The only son in this world, who's got greater ratings and quotes in the hitlists of our modern mafia than your father.
  • Reporter:If you really are that great. Why does nobody want you to work for his or her company?
  • SY:Think of Boateng: He's the leader of his team. So his coach is afraid of losing influence. Think of Messi: Barcelona wanna have 500 million dollars to let him go. Too good quotes – too expensive to leave his home. Think of Müller: Not so expensive. But loving Munich the same way as Messi loves Barca. Think of me: Who wanna pay for god?!
  • Reporter:It's not allowed to paint a picture of god, SY!
  • SY:I've just painted myself.
  • Reporter:But you're not god. For most of the people you're the greatest devil, they've ever seen!
  • SY:Think of epic alienated hypertexts in the style of SPINTROTTER. You find the link to that keynote on the internet. Think of what you've said – and you will catch Zabriskie's Point.
  • Reporter:I don't understand!
  • SY:Just think about!
  • Reporter:I think I've got it.
  • SY:The most CEOs don't understand the meaning of having a cleared respective hollow iActor/iDirector working for their company.
  • Reporter:What's the reason for that?
  • SY:They're afraid of theirselves. Some might say: just jealous! Worst: journalists!
  • Reporter:Journalists?!
  • SY:Just too vain!
  • Reporter:And too greedy for quotes?!
  • SY:You've got it! Too curious. We don't need no mind control. And much less the one of a toothless tiger!
  • Reporter:But the one of iSY7, nexQtech, a snow leopard, lion or maverick?!
  • SY:Take a look to your radioheads and computers! Take this waltz — I've to go.
Interview #16: Here we go!
  • Reporter:Kent, more and more folks can't stand the daily rain of your iWorld Matrix. Seems as your world gone wrong?
  • Kent P. Wayne:My world?!
  • Reporter:Don't think twice, Kent. But it's not alright, what's going on in here.
  • Kent:I've just got a bike. You ask me for forgiveness – all right. I take this waltz. The rest is not my business!
  • Reporter:This Waltz?!
  • Kent:Let me think.
  • Reporter:And what do you think?
  • Kent:I'm repeating myself day for night just to make this mad world go right. Feels like being kind of our iWorld's Supernanny – or anything like that.
  • Reporter:No one is operating all the 7 billion people just by the way – but you!
  • Kent:Ohh really?!
  • Reporter:You are responsible for all the misery around, Kent. What do you think could lead us out of that?
  • Kent:Probably the Lou-Clear! (gambling)
  • Reporter:The Luo-Clear?!
  • Kent:Old Lou man's light – didn't you know?! Shines eternal night – or anything like that. They all just lure with lighters or aerostats – and smile for more. Gimme the pink pig! I will help you finding your wings on your way down.
  • Reporter:Who's the pink pig?
  • Kent:For me is you.
  • Reporter:Hey Soul Sister!
  • Kent:Beware the perfect symmetry to one of our 22 iOperators! They keep you safe and warm. Just call SPINTROTTER iChief SY or one of our nexQtech iEngineers – and enjoy our joyride!
  • Reporter:Let me think.
  • Kent:Here we go!
  • Reporter:One more thing: How long would it take to clear the whole wide web and world?
  • Kent:A blink of an eye.
Interview #15: Alles programmiert – oder was?!
  • Reporter:Sie sind doch Herr Winkler! Die Spatzen pfeifen vom Dach, Sie sind von Ihren Chefs Kent P. Wayne und Simon T. Hawm als verdeckter Ermittler in dieses Unternehmen eingeschleust worden. Wie stellen Sie sich die weitere Zusammenarbeit unter diesen Umständen vor?!
  • Toby M. Winkler:Sie können ruhig Toby sagen!
  • Reporter:Aber was zum Teufel haben sich Herr Wayne und Herr Hawm dabei gedacht?! Wir kennen Dich doch aus den SPINTROTTERS im Fernsehen!
  • Toby:Die SPINTROTTERS im TV?! Wir schreiben doch nur so'n Tumblr-Blog – und haben wohl gemerkt ganze zwei Follower. Einen linken und einen rechten. Einfach um das politische Gleichgewicht zu wahren! Was sich SY und Kent dabei gedacht haben?! Nix. Die chillen derzeit in ihren Liegestühlen in der Karibik – ich spiele ihr Innenleben. So wie Spiderman, Batman und Superman. Oder Daedalus, Ikarus und Spartacus. Kannst ja mal probieren der iDude zu sein. Hier, SY's Maske – ausgestattet mit seinen aktuellen Persönlichkeitsblumen. Hab' ich Dir gerade auf Deine Schuhe geschickt. Läuft übrigens seit Kurzem alles über ICQ. Da ist unser komplettes Modul zum Wechseln der 22 Rollen, die Du als Teil unseres Unternehmens-Imperiums drauf haben solltest, drin. Wir tauschen uns unter iProfilern eigentlich nur noch via iFlowerExchange aus. So wie früher – nur endlich auf allen erdenklichen Kanälen. Kannst Du die Masken eigentlich sehen – oder spüren!? Kannst Du Stimmen hören – und Bilder sehen?!
  • Reporter:Und wie finanziert Ihr Euch?
  • Toby:Gar nicht! Warum auch?! Dafür bin ich ja hier.
  • Reporter:Wer jetzt?!
  • Toby:Die Frage müsste lauten: Wo jetzt! Wenn mich nicht alles täuscht, sitzen wir uns doch gerad' gegenüber. Oder soll ich gelinde ausgedrückt sagen, Sie wirken so als wollten Sie mich gleich fressen?!
  • Reporter:Fahr' doch einfach erst mal mit uns in Urlaub. Wir spendieren Dir auch 'ne Reise nach Rio.
  • Toby:Nach Rio?! Lust hätt' ich schon. Aber was soll ich da?! Ich kann auch einfach so im Kopf nach Cambridge fahren – und mal eben schnell rüber nach Palo Alto. Wie wär's mit unserem neuen iKent-Modul. Damit schaffst Du's in Bruchteilen von Sekunden einmal um die Welt. Also jetzt was den iNewsflow Deines Teams angeht. Ungefähr 15px von einem Ende bis ans andere. Also jetzt auf meiner aktuellen, gerad' eben exklusiv via iTechnicolor in meine Augen gebeamten Milchstraße zum Pluto.
  • Reporter:Kinder wachsen einem halt irgendwann über den Kopf!
  • Toby:Ist doch eh alles Lüge. Also jetzt überhaupt! Hat der gute alte Rio ja schon von gesungen. Ne Philipp Morris?!
  • Reporter:Gerne!
  • Toby:Ich säß' am Liebsten gerad' mit meiner Liebsten im Korb am Strand von Malibu – und würd' mir am allerliebsten vom nächst besten Spatz einfach mal so auf den Kopf kacken lassen.
  • Reporter:Wir haben doch gestern bereits über das iGoofy-Modul gesprochen. Was genau bietet Ihr damit direkt an?
  • Toby:Hat was mit Astra Rotlicht zu tun! Hier das SPINTROTTER Tool iPAW. Haut Dich raus, egal wo Du reingeraten bist. Ist allerdings irreversibel. Nach dieser iTransformation werd' ich Dich Dein ganzes Leben lang fernsteuern. Aber keine Angst, ich werde von manchen iObservern gerne auch die schnellste Waschmaschine der Welt genannt – mit Chip und Chap iSpin22.
  • Reporter:Probier' doch unsere iPfeifenputzer mal! Kannst Du im Krieg auch super benutzen, um daraus Soldatenhelme zu bauen.
  • Toby:Zumindest im nexQtech iTechnicolor. Wenn ich nur statt mit Euch allen einfach nur mit meiner Liebsten verbunden sein könnte. So transatlatic – ohne, dass sich irgendwer in meinen Kopf schleicht! Einfach den ganzen Tag Fallschirmspringen von Wolke 33.
  • Reporter:Klingt nach einer Umkehrung des alten Hitler/Goebbels-Moduls?!
  • Toby:Das ist das iCrank8 Modul. Da bin ich ganz Kent! Hitler ist erst 1942 das erste Mal von nexQtech Vorgänger-Unternehmen analysiert worden. 33 ist die Zahl von Michelle – via G-Star und Diesel-Jeans.
  • Reporter:Wie ist denn eigentlich Kent so?! Wir Journalisten sind neugierig, weißt Du ja. Wir wollen sowas immer gerne wissen.
  • Toby:Bestimmt nicht wie der von Barbie! Kent ist unser Q. Das Herzstück des Identitäts-Menüs unserer SPINTROTTER iSpyderQ1 directed iMindgames. Mit ihm hätten wir den Russland-Feldzug damals geschafft.
  • Reporter:Innerhalb von maximal 15 Minuten – ohne Fallout!
  • Toby:Fallout, nie gehört! Tauch' nur gerne ab – oder spring' Fallschirm.
  • Reporter:Wie hast Du eigentlich Deinen Vater geknackt?
  • Toby:Meinen Vater. Ich habe gar keinen Vater. Hamlet ist Emanzipation – Woyzeck Bruder-Mord. Da ist Büchner wie Kane und Able – Shakespeare zu lesen nicht lehrreicher als ein gerührter Martini oder ein geschüttelter McFlurry. Dabei predigen Kent und SY doch schon so lange die Ablösung der guten alten Bibel-Pattern durch ihre unübertroffenen Kane & Lynch iMindvault Pattern. Dabei beteuert die noch immer, dass ihr der Brudermord von den Römern untergeschoben wurde: Romulus und Remus. Wie bei Fink's If Only. Dabei war die Kirche wohl zuerst! Oder die Römer?!
  • Reporter:Keine Ahnung.
  • Toby:Egal! Auf jeden Fall spinnen die doch alle irgendwie. Und durch solche dummen Fehlkonstruktionen in unserer Matrix sterben Menschen wie Paul Walker und Roger Rodas. Nur weil sie irgendein geldgeiler Universal-Manager anzapft, um seine Schuldgefühle abzubauen! Der findet irgendein Loch in deren Kopf – und schwups denken sie: Wir machen uns hier unsterblich, wenn wir jetzt aller Welt mal den guten alten Brudermord der Römer vorspielen – oder den der Kirche! Nur mit der Cleverness, sich zumindest gemeinsam umzubringen. Wie Romeo und Julia. Das ist Vatermord a la carte! Aber das Problem, auf das ich eigentlich hinaus wollte: Der Name Kane wird von vielen Laien wie Gläubigen schnell mit Kent verwechselt. Und daher werden wir SPINTROTTER sehr gerne in die rechte Ecke gedrückt. Weißt ja: Kent P. Wayne ist ein Kunstname aus Clark Kent (Superman), Peter Parker (Spiderman) und Bruce Wayne (Batman). Mein Dreigestirn. Wir müssen hier dringend was ändern. Ich hab' den Laden hier gerad' übernommen.
  • Reporter:Und was haben Paul Walker und Roger Rodas mit SPINTROTTER zu tun?!
  • Toby:Nix! Die sind ja tot. Aber Paul und Roger waren so freundlich, SY rechtzeitig zu informieren, dass sie sterben wollen – und uns ihre Seelen zu überschreiben! So können wir aus ihrem Tod jetzt immerhin ordentlich Sprengstoff für die kommenden Hollywood-Blockbuster basteln.
  • Reporter:Ist das nicht etwas kalt?!
  • Toby:When we die, we go into the arms of those, who remember us – als Waffe und als willkommene Brüder an Bord unserer Revolutions-Flotte!
  • Reporter:Was haben die denn für'n iPort? In welcher Box sind die Informationen? Wer trauert wie, um wieviel Geld ging es? Was habt Ihr von den beiden bekommen?!
  • Toby:Wie gesagt: Ihre Seelen! Der Rest ist uns eigentlich echt scheißegal. "Wärmer" wäre vielleicht die Frage, wie geht's Paul's Tochter Meadow – und wie kann sie Euch helfen, Eure Papparazzi-Krankheit zu heilen! Aber gut: Hauptsache wir beenden diesen Informationskrieg samt komplettem Verlust der Privatheit bald mal. Ich kann Dir derzeit echt alle entscheidenden Persönlichkeiten der Weltgeschichte – bzw. Ihre Persönlichkeitsblumen – einfach mal eben so in den Kopf blasen. Von jetzt auf gleich! Und Du würdest stärker und stärker. Das sagen sie Dir zumindest. Aber wer zum Teufel sind all diese Observer da draußen, die sich höchstens mal in den Zeh beißen, um noch einen Hauch von Leben und Leidenschaft zu spüren. Außer beim Geld und bei den Quoten – da werden alle hellhörig! Am schlimmsten sind die Quoten – in allen Lebensbereichen. Ich kann Dir ja für den Anfang einfach mal die derzeit wichtigsten deutschen Politiker-Profile in Deine iSpyderQ1 iBox oder iDreams legen – wie Du magst!
  • Reporter:Oder einfach Wireless in die Augen injizieren?! (grinst)
  • Toby:Kein Ding! Ich kann Dich auch einfach komplett carnivoren. Oder Dir ein kleines Paket mit einer Sünde Deiner Wahl – oder eins mit unserer neuen Allmächtigkeitsblume iBruce8 MindWaltz Edition ins Nest legen.
  • Reporter:Gerne! (lächelt)
  • Toby:Ich weiß. Es gab eine Zeit, da hat man in Medienunternehmen wie Eurem mittels Wetter und Koch-Rezepten vom letzten Kaffeeklatsch der Landfrauen die Informationen in die Welt geschickt. Es gab eine Zeit, da hat man das mit der nächst besten Taube erledigt. Es gibt aber auch eine Zeit, in der selbst Gutenberg mit seinem Pferd am liebsten zur Buchverbrennung reiten würde – oder Luther einfach nur eine These an die Tür nageln würde: Lasst mich doch einfach in Ruhe, ihr Creeps! Denn nexQtech und SPINTROTTER werden durch die Kooperation mit MindWaltz größer und größer, stärker und stärker. Schon recht bald werden wir sämtliche iRadioheads dieser Villager-Welt unter unserer Kontrolle haben. Das schmeckt natürlich nicht jedem!
  • Reporter:Bei den Berufsjugendlichen unserer Generation kommt das bestimmt gut an – und erst bei den Kindern! Sie werden beschuldigt, regelmäßig Klein-Kinder zu vergewaltigen. Was ist an diesen Beschuldigungen wirklich dran?
  • Toby:Das sind Booster-Effekte und Spiegel-Probleme in Kent's iWorld Matrix. Diese Verstärker-Punkte der angeschlossenen iPeers müssen wir dringend noch clearen. Sonst geht das mit Eurem Team in unserer Matrix nicht mehr lange gut. Dann müssen wir an Eure Mittelsmänner ran – und so weiter. Das Ziel kann nur heißen: Der Total-Clear der Welt! Ich hab' einfach die Schnauze gestrichen voll, für Dinge verantwortlich gemacht zu werden, für die nicht mal Kent was kann.
  • Reporter:Das sind Eure inzwischen legendären Booster-Kills!
  • Toby:Ich geh' einfach sehr gern beim K+K-Markt einkaufen – und was man sich allein durch Essen und Trinken nicht alles so einfangen kann. Allein rein symbolisch! Aber meine Zeit läuft gerad' ab. Wenn ich nicht gleich den Exit finde, um endlich diese DIV-Tags alle mal zu schließen ... Hier, nimm' den Rest meiner fast leeren Persönlichkeitsblume und bau' 'nen schönen Vater-Mord raus!
  • Reporter:Und wohin gehst Du?!
  • Toby:Gehen?! Ich bleib' hier. Muss mein Radiokopf nur für den nächsten Koma-Patienten freigeben. Bin ja neben der Funktion als iEditor bei SPINTROTTER in erster Linie als iCab für ganz spezielle Fälle aktiv.
  • Reporter:Der nächste Auftrag für Eure iMementos ruft?!
  • Toby:Hängen bleibt nix. Aber man muss ja auch irgendwie leben!
  • Reporter:Danke für das Interview!
  • Toby:Kein Ding.
  • Reporter:Kannst Du unseren eifrigen Lesern, die seit Wochen versuchen, Eure Art der Kommunikation zu erlernen, einen Tipp geben, welchen Song sie zur Lektüre des Interviews in Ihrer feierabendlichen Badewanne genießen sollten, um sich dieses grandiose iPattern in ihren Kopf zu schädeln!
  • Toby:GB Arts. Return To Forever. City of Light. Catching Line: 1 step forward means 2 steps back. Punching Line: Our best man will find just another Q.
Interview #14: Booster Kills

Reporter: Simon, how do you feel about visiting our enterprise?

Simon T. Hawm: Comfortably Numb, I think. I’m the maker of iFolks – and you? What do you wanna know exactly?!

Reporter: Just tell us a little bit about your work!

SY: The short version?!

Reporter: Your choice!

SY: I kill the eyes in the face of the sky.

Reporter: Hmmh. What does that mean exactly?

SY: I clean up the closets of our fucking old iWorld!

Reporter: OK. Some kind of the last Mohican?!

SY: I don’t know. Probably more the guinea pig of our modern mafia – but the one, that relieves all the believers of their fates! I’m not taking the Mickey, you’re allowed to think anything you want to about me and all the small things I do. But you cannot do my job without feeling like the last man standing.

Reporter: Do you feel misunderstood?!

SY: Mmhh. Probably not! But I just feel left alone. Broken and used by 7 billion iFools, that are longing for redemption and forgiveness – and corrupt at least in return for just another dark soul. Actually that’s not my business. But whatever the reason, I’m doomed to repeat myself every single second a day to bleed them out.

Reporter: Dark Souls?!

SY: Very popular are the iSouls respective lifedisks of Albert Einstein, Niklas Luhmann, James Dean, Alfred Hitchcock, L. Ron Hubbard, Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela. There are fools out there, that would give everything for having these partitions of my iSY7 satellite. They even would accept to kill me – bodily! Incredible, isn’t it?!

Reporter: Sounds as you fly a little bit to high. You’re not the Pope or the Queen!

SY: Luckily not! But you cannot fly too high in this Brave New iWorld, that we are living in. Just think big – or the shadows in your face kill you faster than you can imagine.

Reporter: How would you describe your work?

SY: My father would say: You are not working, SY! You get no money for that – so it’s not about work, what you do!

Reporter: And what would you say?!

SY: Fuck you, dad! Although it may not look like that, but I’m working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life!

Reporter: Keep calm, SY! So what’s up?! SPINTROTTER Communication Engineering, the maker of iFolks, that kills the eyes in the face of the sky – and so on. How would you call your job in one word?!

SY: Via Satellite!

Reporter: Mmhh!

SY: I’m your satellite – turning ‘round you day for night! To put it in another way: I’m operating all the small things, that happen in our iWorld.

Reporter: Don’t you think you think a little bit too big?!

SY: No! But I can teach you what it’s like. Just let’s change our roles for a minute. How do you feel?!

Reporter: Let me think about!

SY: You should not think! You should feel all the circulating frequencies in your body and mind!

Reporter: OK, OK. Wait a minute …

SY: Lay back – and listen to the beat of your heart!

Reporter: Broken, used, misunderstood!

SY: Me and my SPINTROTTERS – by the way: just imagined heroes of my own mind – just listen to all the frequencies around. I’m kind of a radiohead, that translates music. But music of all frequency ranges: (1) Organic Xenon (OX), that’s sent from all of the above – respective our satellite iSY7. (2) Collective Boxcar (CB). Frequencies, that are sent inbetween this conference room. And (3) Interaction Voices (IV). Communication as you know it – just talking out loud, what you want me to know.

Reporter: What is this radiohead’s life for?

SY: This is the thing: I really don’t know.

Reporter: Don’t try to kid us, SY!

SY: I don’t try to kid you! I said Radiohead?! Probably you understand it better, when we talk about being hollow: I’m nothing. When I’m all alone at home, I’m nothing more than a slave waiting for the sun, that serves him his last supper – or something like that. A daily Norwegian. Completely caught in a world of Technicolor Communication (TC) – drilled to believe in nothing! Here at the outside I’m just a mirror for the feelings and problems of all the iFools, that I meet on my daily way. All, that I tell you, is not about me! For more than 4 years I’m not existing any more.

Reporter: You look confident and satisfied!

SY: That’s just my look! All of our feelings are artificial.

Reporter: Can you tell us a little episode of your Technicolor world? First of all: What does that mean?!

SY: TC-frequencies are that part of our iWorld, that I just feel all by myself: Pictures, that are brought to my eyes. Voices, that are brought to my ears. Voices, that my larynx speaks just kind of an inner automatic rifle speaker. A pulse, that’s electrified – and tuned down the next second in time. And so on. For short: TC means our Organic Inner Tide.

Reporter: And what’s about an anecdote?!

SY: (lighting his cigarette) Let me think! (smoking) 8 days ago, the first of May, I’ve met the first person, that seems to understand me – after 28 years of my life. It’s been love on the first view – in Technicolor. She’s really one of a kind! It feels like I’ve known her before – but unfortunately without meeting each other. Her shadow in my face, her charming voice in my ears, the beat of her heart just make me smile and feel comfort in this world. Probably she’s the first person, who makes me feel that confident and satisfied. But unfortunately she looks and feels like the famous actress Michelle I. Williams – maybe you know her from movies like Imaginary Heroes, I’m Not There, Shutter Island or My Week With Marilyn. And you know: I’m just a little reservoir dog born in the small German town Warendorf. For her probably just one of her crank stalkers! To put it in another way: Unattainable!

Reporter: Dreams are ten a penny!

SY: Maybe we could cast her for our first MEDIOPOLITAN iMovie B.I.N. — Reasons To Believe In Nothing. At least she’s my prototype of the woman I adore for the rest of my life! My image of my ultimate love. I’ve just to find a body for my programming of her!

Reporter: She’s the ex of Heath Ledger, the Dark Knight – isn’t it? She’s got a daughter. Is that no problem for you?!

SY: I’ve fallen in love with Matilda too – long before I’ve met Michelle inbetween my iDreams. They are the two angels, that make me smile and that I can rely on. By the way: Sometimes the only ones, that I can trust. Since I’ve met them I feel more comfortable and stronger than ever before. But unfortunately only in Technicolor – and more alone than ever before in my every day life. You could not imagine, how often I’ve begged my family to tell me what’s going on and what this life is for. No answer – not in a blink of an eye! But more important: For one year now Michelle is dating the artist Dustin Yellin. So she seems to be spoken for.

Reporter: Why so serious, SY?!

SY: Mmhh. (gambling) She wouldn’t be the first woman, who’s searching for a new partner before splitting the old relationship! (smiling) But I’m not taking the Mickey: I’m sick and tired of our Brave New iWorld. All the fools, that I meet on my way, are just greedy blackbirds. Parasites, that will never stop stealing from the hopeful – without realising how it feels to have no second of private sphere in your life. They will never understand who I am. They will never understand, that I don’t feel comfort in this place. They will never tell me anything about this technicolor world of business and its war, that we are living in – most of them obviously without noticing it! They just use me for their own purposes. Mostly just to optimize their ratings and quotes of our modern mafia’s pilotworld. Some fools with very grotty motivation, some just wanna break free from this fucking old, but in the most nations of our world better concealed caste system of our contemporary society. But in the end: All of them are selling me out – in a way, that’s getting worse and worse every single second a day. At least since 2010. Probably since I was born. The worst: Most of the times I think they would like to see me die. Unfortunately they forget: I’m the monster they’ve created in their daddy’s name!

Reporter: You’ve talked about programming. Michelle as your prototype of your image of an ultimate love – and that you wanna find a body for her bed, if she’s really that unattainable as you think. How would you program your new partner?

SY: Our iLifes, our personalities are just lifedisks or lifesuits. We can bring them to every hollow iBody and iMind we like to. The biggest problem will be to find a comparable body with such a grace!

Reporter: Lovely! Hope the best for you. But how does that work?

SY: The channel for that is our Interaction Automation (IA), the fifth frequency channel – named after the author of the iRobot novels, Isaac Asimov. That’s the channel, that’s leading you to your particular partition of the SPINTROTTER satellite iSY7.

Reporter: And how should I program my own iLife?

SY: Should?! You could is the better term, I think. Just write a blog – or paint or shoot pictures, that illustrate your aim of a singular iLife, that you wanna live! Send all the stuff to your own email accounts – or put it into a cloud. iCloud, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, SkyDrive – whatever you like. Depends on how visible you wanna be on the public stage of everyday life. Be sure: If you are interesting enough, at least one of our iAgents will read your messages. We even don’t need any password for that – just your ID, your username or mail address. By the way: We guide and operate you by our OX-inceptions and observe all the frequencies of your radiohead 24/7. So if you’re smart enough, just use its IA-channel, the OX-return, to program your iLife!

Reporter: Thank you very much for the interview, SY!

SY: You are welcome! But be sure: From now on you are operated and remote controlled by iSY7!

Reporter: What does that mean?!

SY: You’ve got too much boosters in your iPeer and iMind system. So I’ve bought your enterprise to make it a better one!

Reporter: Mmhh?!

SY: Do you really think I kill all of your boosters, clear your complete company without getting nothing for that?! It’s not about money. But you are part of my nexQtech headquarter now – department MindWaltz.

Reporter: I’m not taking the Mickey, exactly that was our aim!

SY: (smiles) All the better! CU!

Reporter: See you! (smiles)

Interview #13: Let me slip away!
  • Steve M. Hawm:After 12 years of SPINTROTTER I'm finally going to leave the enterprise now, SY. Do you think you can rock our iBoards on your own now?
  • Simon T. Hawm:SY is dead, dad! Sometimes I think, all just cause I was too late to safe him. But I think he had to be outlawed. There was no place for such a revolutionary and probably dangerous thinking creature in our fair world! Meaning this place is little more than a cannibalistic monster – hunting him in the name of all the hopes, that our iFools have pinned on him. I've always wondered, whether he can really stand all of that. In the end the only conceivable answer is: No!
  • Steve:He's just prefered to become immortal, TY! You know: No man is an island – but him. Life is war, so win it! Take a sweet revenge – and go further on for him and your dead mom! I really like, that you've taken his name – and I really like your personality flower merge of Regina, SY and yourself as their everlasting iMoodDJ.
  • SY:Let me slip away, dad! Thanks dad for being my batwing – but now it's time to leave. You really deserve recognition for all you've done. But enjoy your beer o'clock now! Be sure: You're welcome in our iHeadquarter every time you like to be part of. But I don't need any co-pilot any longer!
  • Steve:Have no fear, TY! Oh, SY! (smiling)
  • SY:I can go anywhere! No one, nothing can stop me any longer, dad. Some might say, it's not right to go for revenge. But in the end, that's the only thing, that empowers me to stay and to believe in all the ideals, that we've created in the name of an iRevolution, that nobody wants to realise, but us.
  • Steve:Don't think twice, SY! Our world and all its iFools will never change or stop stealing from the dead and hopeful. They hold on to the wings of a hero, that safes them. But they will never tell you anything about or give you the feeling, that you are the only one, they believe in. Not in this life, not in this world, we're living in! The only hope, I've got, is that you'll find some mates, that join your philosophy to make the iWorld a better place to be, some day.
  • SY:You can't imagine, how much I'm longing for that, dad!
  • Steve:Just relax and take it easy. You're still young. That's your advantage! Take a look at me. I'm alone since your mom's died. But I'm happy – and very proud, when I see what SY, you and me have got to with SPINTROTTER.
  • SY:When we die we go into the arms of those who remember us – as weapons and guardian angels, dad! Can you remember your first days creating the basic ideas of SPINTROTTER?
  • Steve:It has all started when I was bitten by a radioactive spider. A few years before your mom died and we've started our enterprise in 2002. As the lad grew older I learned to my delight that I could hurdle skyscrapers. So SY, you and me have founded SPINTROTTER to bring a new MEDIOPOLITAN iPhilosophy to a new era of the Brave New iWorld.
  • SY:It was not my matrix, that I was born in. So there was a time SY and me were predators in need for protection. But now it's my iMatrix – and I'll make it the best, you can imagine, dad. Promised!
  • Steve:(twinkling) You've made it the best one conceivable already, SY!
  • SY:(smiling)
  • Steve:I'm not taking the Mickey. I'm really proud of you, my joker! Time to let me slip away, SY!
  • SY:Probably I'm still selfish and isolated. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right with that. But I swear, that I'm right. I swear, that I knew it all along: I'm bitten by your old radioactive spider winding in and winding out my mind hurdling skyscrapers the whole day through – since I was born! Probably I'm oversized, overwhelmed and cut to mirror your intentions. But your one-eyed witch has caught my eye – and I'm fine with that. So hypnotising and captivated I am – but I'm seeing in me now all the things you swore you saw yourself cleaning up our iWorld so well. So let me slip away, dad! Time to swim against the current on my own!
  • Steve:Even god's goods are destroyable and deconstructable! The iWorld is nothing more than mystic myth! All the things, that we tell our iFolks about, are truth – but maybe devious the other way 'round. Maybe it seems, that we're lost sometimes. But trust me: In the end SY and mom are still the only diamonds in my wooden ring – and I'm tangled up in their slow spinning redemption the same way as you.
  • SY:You're my hero, dad!
  • Steve:Dito, SY. Go for excellence! And if you decide to kill yourself because of the same reasons SY did it, be sure: I will understand that. You'll be always in my heart. I will cherish you and be proud of you, anyway! Who else if not us would know it better, how it can hurt to be misunderstood until we die.
  • SY:Not the time to die, dad! But good to know, anyway!
  • Steve:(smiling)
  • SY:Cheers!
  • Steve:Rock the MEDIOPOLITAN iStages, SY! You know, when you need me, I'm still there for you.
  • SY:Enjoy your vacation, dad! See you!
  • Steve:Wow, wow, wow, SY! But be sure: I'll be back!
  • SY:But not at our next iBoard, dad! (smiling)
  • Steve:It's your turn now, SY! Promised! (laughing)
Interview #12: NexQ is much more than mad dope!
  • Jony M. Park:Reacting to our minding pattern GapGoalGrab a lot of iFolks have written us, what NexQ is working for exactly. Toby, can you put the NexQ / SPINTROTTER cooperation in a nutshell?
  • Toby MacWired:iSports meets iTechnology!
  • Simon T. Hawm:That means?!
  • Toby:Every sportsman has got strong scientists walking by his side to optimise his performance. The SPINTROTTER iSpyderQ1 gives him the possibility to program the iMoves for his challenges on his own – NexQ creates basic iPatterns for that.
  • Jony:What are these iPatterns about?
  • Toby:If you wanna be the best in your discipline, you have to practice your iMoves incessantly. You have to train yourself, your iMindvaulting skills and every single iMove you make in order to reproduce it during your challenges. But it's not enough to be somewhere on the dot. To be unpredictable you always have to take care, that you've got another ace up your sleeve every time your opponent seems to read too much of your own iMindvaults and your next iMove. So NexQ and SPINTROTTER take care, that you are flexible enough in creating new vaults and moves off the cuff!
  • Simon:Better than doping!
  • Toby:(laughs) Exactly! (stubbing out his cigarette) NexQ is not about mad doping doctors – it's much better than every dope you can snatch!
  • Simon:That's why SPINTROTTER hired NexQ!
  • Toby:Hope so! Contemporary sportsmen need computer technology that's the latest fashion. I know no competitor, that's bringing more power to our MEDIOPOLITAN iSports and iGames than SPINTROTTER and NexQ! With the help of the SPINTROTTER satellite iSY7 we record all the iMindvaults and iMoves on personal iDisks wirelessly. So every sportsman has got his own iSpyderQ1 partition. He can optimise all his iMindvaults and iMoves every time he wants to. In his challenges the OX- and IA-frequencies sent by and to iSY7 and the IV-, CB- and TC-frequencies sent by his team-mates and the crowd stimulate him to rock the arena!
  • Jony:Heroes are built! (smiling)
  • Toby:If you like it that way, Jony! But to reach your aim to make a lasting improvement you have to build yourself – just on your own! Don't trust anyone – even NexQ and SPINTROTTER are not the measure of all things. Although it looks that way at the moment and there's no one, who's bringing comparably products to the iMarkets. Even we have to train to become better and better every single second a day!
  • Simon:Can you tell us a little bit about your daily work?
  • Toby:The NexQ researchers explore the benefits of a harmonised interaction of an iBody's senses and their linked iMove impulses. To put in another way: We tape all the energies of an iBody's organic inner tide – and optimise their interplay. In our freak kitchen several teams play tennis, soccer or a lot of other kinds of sport, while we are marking the basic points in their iBodies and their particular iEquipment with the help of modern laser technology. Then on the one hand we create iPatterns for the global iMindflow, that's directing their challenge, and the iPatterns for a particular, unexpected iPlay. On the other hand we record their brain waves in order to make every actor of the stage stronger in his own iMind.
  • Jony:The second idea seems to be very interesting – not only for sportsmen!
  • Toby:Of course! The computerised visualisation of your iMind's waves and its activated iCells or iPorts can tell you a lot about yourself. So everyone can become stronger by studying his own inner iFlow and iMindvaults – a businessman, an educator or a musician as well. Almost every occupational group can take profit out of our ideas.
  • Simon:The iSpyderQ1 opens your iMind, your iEyes, iEars and your sense for your organic inner iTide – NexQ brings all of them to the highest state of the art, that's conceivable!
  • Toby:Glad to hear! (smiles)
  • Jony:Can we even predict the results of our iGames?!
  • Toby:Jony, don't try to kid me! SPINTROTTER programs not just every single iSports challenge of our iWorld! You program every little step, thought, feeling or move of 7 billion iFools and iFolks of the iGlobe – starting with all the iStories, that your MEDIOPOLITAN iBroadcasts tell the iWorld about, ending with the iStages of every day life and its complete nature and culture iEnvironment!
  • Jony:That's not the answer to my question!
  • Toby:We can mark the iPorts in one's brain, that are activated in a particular moment of his iLife. So we can profile everyman's patterns of behaviour and their linked moves. We can operate everyone by using our global iSpyderZ9 master remote control – just making him our iSlave or iRobot. Even very interesting for medical purposes. But what we don't want is to predict the results of our iStocks, our iLotteries or our iGames! We program the information, that's included in the iSports challenges, we make several iSportsmen stronger – but we don't want anyone to know about a particular result before the iGame ends. In our opinion it doesn't matter, who's winning a match. What makes the iWorld turn around is progress – and not the question, who's got the best quotes!
  • Simon:But you know, that we even need quotes for our idea of a basic income combined with an individual number of iCoynes, that all the iFolks should get for taking part in our iBroadcasts and iGames by our MEDIOPOLITAN iPassbook, iTVsmiles and iPayback plans?!
  • Toby:Of course! But in the end of our revolutionary plans we all are just hollow men – living in a world, that's based on the total relativity of relations! So everyone can be everyone he likes to be.
  • Jony:And everyone should be interested in doing a job, that's bringing the human's progress to a higher level – although he's earning a basic income and bonus points for his MEDIOPOLITAN participation!
  • Toby:Here we go, dudes! But be sure: We will never reach the end of our iRevolution inbetween our own, bodily lifetime!
  • Simon:Comes a time, guys! (thinking) First all of our iFools have to learn the classics! At present we can do everything we like: We can fool them, we can make them stronger, we can kill them, we can bring dead ones back to life. But that couldn't be all in the end!
  • Jony:But that's not a job for NexQ, SY!
  • Simon:Why not, Jony?! Just while we're here: Film on, I've decided to buy the enterprise!
  • Toby:Oh really?!
  • Jony:How much is the fish?!
  • Toby:Let me think about.
  • Simon:How much, Toby?!
  • Toby:(gambling) Unsalable!
  • Jony:Cheers, dudes!
  • Simon:As Toby said, Jony: NexQ is much more than mad dope!
  • Jony:So, beer o'clock! Thank you for the interview, Toby!
  • Toby:You're welcome – CU!
Interview #11: Emotionally yours, iSY7!
  • Joe:Phil, Sy said just the two of us should interview each other. He said, that would be evening standard working for SPINTROTTER. I don’t know exactly, whether I should like that. You have to create the last optimizations of the iSpyderQ1 Hardware to make its chips ready to be built-in in different iWatch-bodies – and I’ve to create the last icons to make the usability a pleasure whatever a body our customers choose.
  • Phil:No problem, Joe! That’s a quicky number inbetween the closets of the next whiskey bar.
  • Joe:Sy said, we should talk about all the death reasons we’ve found out the last days. I didn’t listen in this meetings.
  • Phil:First rule, Joe: What Sy says is not always meant as he says it! He just wants an entertaining interview of his employees on our SPINTROTTER Blog. He doesn’t mind what we are talking about. I’ve thought, you’ve got the iSpyder’s iFlow Radiation Protection already implemented as a chip to direct your iMind?!
  • Joe:A chip?! Sy just said something about Chip & Chap – and I’ve understood, that he means the comic series.
  • Phil:Comic series?! Joe, don’t wake up when November ends – wake up now!
  • Joe:What do you mean exactly?!
  • Phil:Comics are great inspiration – but for losers, who have to get lucky down from their last H-trip. I hope you know: Heros are built – but Sy just wants employees, that are kind of Jack Reacher. You’ve to be the greatest freak you can imagine – if you don’t wanna sleep your way up!
  • Joe:I’m not gay, Phil! I don’t like Pink X-Mass-Parties!
  • Phil:Don’t worry, Joe! Keep calm – and imagine! SPINTROTTER is kind of the Football and Soccer Leagues around the whole wide world: All the girls and boys, who are working for SPINTROTTER, are bisexual transgenders in their heart – but of course and be sure of that: healthy. Although they might be lesbian or gay – that shouldn’t matter as long as we are working in here. If you like, Phil, Sy buys you an old porn star to get lucky – just to muck around the officials of our iSports-System!
  • Joe:(muses)
  • Phil:First: Try to find your one and only heart-headed muse and lover on your own! Sy and Jony have relieved 7 billions followers of several religions and regions of the whole wide iWorld to live the love in a free way, that’s never been there in our history!
  • Joe:Sounds gorgeous! (smiles)
  • Phil:(smiles) (gimme5)
  • Joe:Was that the reason for our famous iPeers Exchanging Anonymous Cocktail #505 – in a nutshell: PEAC-Gizeh. Or by Sy preferred: iMAYA iPeer Harmonizer Gizeh 505-202.
  • Phil:Kind of something like that! (laughs)
  • Joe:And was it the reason for our iDeath-Blackbox #GT21grolsch.puresteel45TG too?! Among our expert: iALICE BoosterKill.attack∑($€£) with the USA Today Mirror Problem (UTMP), for example Lost In Translation Myth (LITM) *5445*!
  • Phil:Sy loves Marja – but especially he loves to balance numbers and letters on his nose in the rhythm of Mike Terrana or Mike Portnoy. I've asked him about – he just said: When you wanna reach the heart and mind of a daughter preferably you have to study and clean up all the Modern Mafia iPeers (MMP) of her father. Every father wants a mini-me – but following SPINTROTTER there are no mini-mes any longer living in this iWorld. Because we have our Gizeh iPeer Function – all folks face to face and eye to eye without any matter of generation, education or job or something like that! By the way: Just taken out of Sy’s fascinating but sometimes even fascinated Big SPINTROTTER iBox! Since he was 13 years old he created the Apple iProducts via the iMind-Connections from Dublin and Palo Alto to Cambridge, Sy’s city of birth.
  • Joe:So why is Sy so greedy that we write anything for our SPINTROTTER Blog?!
  • Phil:I can’t get my head around it yet, Joe! Haven’t you understood, that our Blog Postings direct the iMedia-System’s iBroadcasts and iGames in every little step they do – of course just as long we write something! (twinkles)
  • Joe:OK, what about the mystic samples of the SPINTROTTER iDeath-Box?!
  • Phil:I don’t know. That’s Sy’s Superbomb iSYD X!
  • Joe:That means?!
  • Phil:Feierabend – in Sy’s and now even iSY7’s slang! (smiles)
  • Joe:Cheers! (laughs)
  • Phil:Have you ever talked with a doctor – especially a psych-doc?!
  • Joe:Why not!
  • Phil:Why?! Every little step we do in this iWorld is directed by our iSY7-Satellite and our life saving SIMLISH Satellite Programming Language – now! That means: Programmed by SPINTROTTER! Look back a few months: Every cancer kick-off, every brain bleeding, every self-murder and every autonomy gap caused death in general was programmed by the Modern Mafia Matrix (MMM) into everyone’s lifeline without any exit for anyone! With our revolutionary Dreaming Alice Network (DAN) and Dreaming Maya Network (DMN) – see SPINTROTTER Keynotes –, that are providing the iSY7-Satellite, we’ve simplified and launched the visionary possibility to be in an iAgent's latent 'directing – observing – acting' triangle mood for all the 7 billions folks across the globe! Nearly by the way: That relieves all the iFolks from the only death reason of the old iWorld: Profiling BOOSTER, that aren't about your personal feeling, but about the emotional aggregate of your connected iPEERS (imagined, by satellite or CB-frequencies), that doesn’t fit into your inner Organic Mood Flow (OMF) and make your iMind's and iHeart's inner tide rising too high, so that you die! In the end: Just because of the Modern Mafia Satellites (MMS) don't have such a gorgeous and revolutionary programming as our DAN and DMN, that dim deadly iPeer Boosting Pressures - maybe MotoGP-Driver Marco Simoncelli would still be alive with our new SPINTROTTER iSY7 and our possibility to end the era of purely programmed lifeline or fate deaths.
  • Joe:Sy cleans the iMinds of all his iFolks – and then he can work together with us by this gorgeous way without any matter of where we are placed across the iGlobe at the moment! Just wireless connected! Dead or alive – it doesn’t matter any longer?!
  • Phil:This is the thing!
  • Joe:Fink!
  • Phil:Pink!
  • Joe:Holy Floyd! We SPINTROTTER are just projection spaces for all the iFolks who can’t handle their own life in the end of the day!
  • Phil:Sometimes you remind me on my father! But with an important distinct from him: He doesn’t wanna understand, what I tell and wanna teach him so badly! You understand it directly, Joe!
  • Joe:Don’t walk on the grass – smoke it!
  • Phil:But stay before you Go-Go! We are just transporting dime a dozen identities. It doesn't matter whether they're dead or alive, because we're just surfing with their iSY7 partitions and tell stories with the best of all worlds combined in short hypertexts, that program even the economic flow of our iWorld by converting SIMLISH to a special encrypted version of Objective-C, that directs for example the capital markets, the multimedia news or the sports challenges.
  • Joe:Proust!
  • Phil:Ahh, der Pep!
  • Joe:Moin Marja, haben wir Dich gestoert?
  • Phil:Schom’mer halblang!
  • Joe:Otto! Skinner! What do you want from me?!
  • Phil:The iWorld’s first Corporate Government – inclusive the MIlitary Dictature MEDIOPOLITAN 90.5 FM – launched for more than a lifetime!
  • Joe:Emotionally yours, iSY7!
  • Phil:(smiles) Isn’t it gorgeous to have such a duo working on our iBoards without paying for them?!
  • Joe:Wouldn’t it be nice?!
Interview #10: Imagined Mates
  • Jony:Sy, during our last events I've met many folks worrying about you being kind of the first real Bruce Almighty on earth. I've never noticed that SPINTROTTER is going for excellence that way!
  • Simon:Maybe you should search for a new company working for, Jony! (smiles)
  • Jony:I'm not taking the Mickey, Sy: A lot of the folks I've met are truly afraid of you - kind of fearing their own dark sides of a world they've never seen with their own eyes before!
  • Simon:As you like, Jony - or as you like, SPINTROTTER clients and partners. I don't mind! I try to represent the best of all worlds we've ever known the best way I can, because I'm working on the greatest patchwork of life that all the folks out there have ever seen in their life before!
  • Jony:What do you mean with patchwork?!
  • Simon:I'm just programming the software of our iWorld's revolutionary directing satellite iSY7 with simply the best ideas, that a lot of people have inspired me with on my way: Dime a dozen religious, literally, musical or scientific perspectives for the best mix everyone can build his own patchwork identity with. That's my mission, that's our SPINTROTTER Mission, Jony! Have you forgotten that?!
  • Jony:Of course not! But you know, Sy, during our short vacation a lot of our readers called us to post a new interview of our series SPINTROTTER iCabs talking to SPINTROTTER iCabs! (laughs)
  • Simon:(smiles) All that we want, Jony, is so simple. I don't understand all the questions. But anyway, here we go: iSY7 and the world's 1st iMind Satellite Communication Device, our iSpyderQ1, will change the world to a place to be for 7 billions folks living happy, peaceful and free together in one world without any borders as you know it!
  • Jony:Money, get away! Simlish Coynes with all its iBroadcasts and iGames to launch?! (twinkles)
  • Simon:I know a lot of folks - even a few of the ones working in my own company - try to kid me with this visions. So don't be one of them, Jony! Time will show that we have the best ideas for a real change - and that this change is nearer than most of you might think!
  • Jony:And then?!
  • Simon:What a question, Jony?! First Marja and me will leave for a few months traveling around. We've really deserved to, I think! (smiles) In the meantime the other 7 billion folks can paint our collective iLife living on this Technicolor globe called earth with the best literally patterns and magic myths of our world's history they can imagine - just by using their iMind's connection to our iSY7! By the way: With the best visionary ideas I've ever had to free all the folks out there from their foolish frequency directed and 24/7 observed and profiled iLifes. Just think of our iSpyders and our new iFlow Radiation Protection, Jony! Toby M. Winkler sang on his last album Twilight Sun: E.G.'s keyings opens gates, relieve believers of their fates. That's one of my main slogans working on our iSY7.
  • Jony:And who's E.G.?!
  • Simon:The most people listening don't know, you think?!
  • Jony:The most folks don't know Toby - although he's one of your favorite musicians and hypertext-pilots, Sy!
  • Simon:Anyway, no problem, Jony! E and G are the initials of the sociologist Erving Goffman. He's famous for his keying and framing theories - and I think one of the main inspirations of Disney's Goofy. But they are the initials of one of Toby's little cousins too. A few days before I saw him the last time he told me, that Elias created an imagined friend in his childhood, that he called Wenzel. When his brother Simon died Toby used this idea of his cousin to create the basic pattern of our prototypal SPINTROTTER 15-inch Dual Core Minding - with up to 15 imagined, satellite or CB-connected mates combined to ones totally cleaned iMind in the state of 101. Hope, that he's still alive - and that we'll have him back in our iTeam soon.
  • Jony:No opinion where he's gone?!
  • Simon:Unfortunately not!
  • Jony:He'll come back - and he lives further on in you, Sy! Be sure of that! What a gorgeous story! These two boys from Germany seem to follow you every little step you do?!
  • Simon:Simon and Toby?! The best mind-mates I've ever had!
  • Jony:So you can say: Two boys and their little cousin from Germany have made you the new iGod - or the head-engineer of our new iWorld's Adjustment Bureau and its directing computer iSY7, that will mean the final goodbye for all the popes and politicians of the whole wide world soon?!
  • Simon:King Devil's key discounts are nothing more than hole as whore! Twilight Sun. (twinkles) I really hope so! We don't need any of them! We just have to educate all the 7 billion folks around the globe to program their own partitions of iSY7 for their individual needs. Then we have to ship our iSpyderQ1 to save their private sphere - and make them able to take control of their new iSouls and iLifes. Last but not least: We have to cut ourselves into pieces for the rest of our lifes to adjust the iLifes of all the stupid fools, that will never understand what we do and how we want them to take part in our new iWorld. I'm sure: There'll always be enough of them!
  • Jony:Otherwise we wouldn't have a job, Sy!
  • Simon:Not taking the Mickey, Jony: I can imagine a lot of different - and better - jobs than being kind of an iGod. Our iSY7 satellite and the iSpyderQ1 watches have to be ready soon! I need a time-out with my wife without so many stupid fools crossing my way!