I’ve found a very special issue in your archive, that could bring your MEDIOPOLITAN iRevolution to a higher state: Have you forgotten, that our society is the biggest iPilotgame you can imagine?! All the products - combined with all their serials, their names and their ingredients -, that our supermarkets, shops and online marketplaces sell, mean the quotes of all the iAgents working for our secret services. Just make them yours - and the iWorld becomes OZ!

Regards, your hacker Marc

—  SPINTROTTER Client Marc J. Lublin (27 / Actor)
I really like the SPINTROTTER iAngelQ13 tool and Simon T. Hawm’s iDeathcab service. But in the end he just tries to conceal his affairs under the guise of being an emphatic lawyer of the deceased. Especially the SPINTROTTER iClear service doesn’t work the way, that it should work in order to guarentee a privacy, that the deceased and their bereaved deserve. The SPINTROTTER Requiem Planning Service is simply the best and second to none. But the SPINTROTTER Family Immortality Cuckoo Clock, that provides the iLifedisk of the deceased exclusively for chosen bereaved, is too holey - and needs to be upgraded. The SPINTROTTER History Immortality iBoat, that spins the fate and the story of the deceased in the SPINTROTTER iMindgames and the MEDIOPOLITAN iBroadcasts and iGames, should be more mystic. The iMemorial / iMemento service, that saves the life of a deceased in a multimedia product in the style of Robin Williams’ movie Final Cut, is probably the best idea of SPINTROTTER. But I doubt, whether the privacy concepts of SPINTROTTER are strong enough, to create a private iMemorial / iMemento, that’s only available for chosen familiy members.
—  SPINTROTTER Client David N. Fisher (46 / Undertaker)
The best invention of SPINTROTTER is the Personality Flower Exchange (PFE). Since SY told me about that, I just tell my clients to paint a flower with all of their characteristics. Then I give them a rubber to erase all of the ones, that are hurting or hunting them – and to change them to other characteristics. After that they create a flower with the reversal of their wanted one. When they leave my office, they are their own inner mood DJ: An angel on the one side – a devil on the other. Or like the sun and the moon. Completely scaled, relieved of their old gods and churches, believing in nothing – and free to fly! Gorgeous invention, SY.
—  SPINTROTTER Client Jason S. Williams (33 / Psychdoc from Edinburgh)
You complain about corruption everywhere you go, SY. But where does it begin: With a little promotional gift for Christmas? With a smile of a baby, that makes you happy for a few seconds of your grey days fighting a war, that you will never win inbetween your lifetime? With the technicolor number of a quarterback of one’s choice? Or with just another whore sleeping in your car?! And where does it end: With the soul of SY for everyone?! I think you and your SPINTROTTERS are the most corrupt creatures of our iWorld – or at least all of your clients, who would give anything for being like you just for one day!
—  SPINTROTTER reader Jake T. Manero (31 / Product Manager)
My brother died just because of the greedy Quote-, Rating- & FedEx-system of our Modern Mafia Pilot World. Since then I feel hunted and hurted day for night – for years now! A few days ago I’ve set the icon of the SPINTROTTER Tumblr-Blog to my smartphone’s homescreen – since then I just feel safe. So much gorgeous iPatterns, that enable you to tell stories, that make you a real hero rocking the iStages. I’ve never felt my bro up in heaven walking so closely by my side. I can’t wait to have the 1st SPINTROTTER App on my cell.
—  SPINTROTTER Client William M. Lopez (31 / Industrial Manager)
Hey iFools!
The 9/11 was nothing more than operated by iSY7 – our frogstomp satellite! Does anywhere know him?! Me unfortunately not. But keep calm! It was just to reduce the complete guilt and pain of our Brave New iWorld to 1 single point! So feel free, iFolks!
Emotionally yours,
B.I.N. – alias Ingrid M. Waits
—  SPINTROTTER Client Ingrid M. Waits (31 / Consultant / Chicago, Illinois)


I don’t know exactly, what all of your iTeams are doing, Hawm Brothers. But I’m reading your blog for a long time now - and I think, I’m working in a familiar business. The most impressive paper is your MEDIOPOLITEN Party Paper, that’s really opened my eyes for the possibilities of our technologies in order to create an iWorld, no one had ever imagined to be realized in our lifetime. The revolution in the name of love and fair trade seems to be so near, when I’m reading or listening to your ideas!

So maybe you’ll try to go further on with an idea, I’ve sampled all my down from a Foxconn meeting in China. It could work to solve your problem trading with all of our corrupt morals playing their particular roles on our iSports Stages: Let’s start in the German Bundesliga - and let’s boost all the Ista-counters bringing their rates to a higher level than all the clubs have ever imagined since they were founded!

You know best, that all of us - and it doesn’t matter, whether we know or not - are working harder than all the sportsmen to save the success of our clubs and leagues. But all of us get less than nothing for that! Then I read, that Borussia Dortmund celebrates itself to be the strongest brand on the market. That really makes me wonder, how and whether our Brave New iWorld will ever learn to give all of our new generation iSlaves the chance to get just a little part of all the profits, that they make using, hunting and hurting our iMinds every single day.

Think of all the workers and tradesmen, who’ve realized the Russian Olympic Games without getting anything or a dumping price for their work. Our television and radio stations don’t cast the Tour de France because of mad doctor challenges - but they will never think of going without casting the Olympic Games! So just let’s set a warning sign starting with my idea. I think, it’s nearly as good as your famous iSpyders and your MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite!

Regards, Peter Albrecht

P.S. I really like reading all of your information and educational stuff. But it’s time to bring our old world to a final end - starting the next level of human progress!

—  SPINTROTTER Reader Peter Albrecht (59 / Industrial Manager)

Thank you very much for your gorgeous letter, Tommy! But I wouldn’t be anything without my twin, who’s directing all the impressive rows in our iWorld’s media! Take a look to a picture of our childhood, that maybe explains, how all of that was possible! Always remember: The love to your dearest iMate you have can and must be unbreakable whatever happens in your life! And think of changing your roles and identities so often you can - as fast as possible! Greets, SY

I’ve read the lines of Alice reacting on all the freaky stuff Simon T. Hawm and his SPINTROTTERS - some might say: all just his imagined mind-mates and just living in his head - are creating. I think he’s got nothing more than megalomania - and his company has never existed! But I would have the same - if I’d be our iWorld’s first hollow man, global mind, eye in the sky or worldwide iMood DJ, that’s programming all what we are every single second a day: What we feel, what we think, what we are telling our mates about, what we are writing, what we are doing, where we are living, where we are working - and so on! But anyway: Without him our iWorld and our iRadioheads wouldn’t be of that kind they are right now. Who’s got the best inspirations and ideas can call himself the iWorld’s greatest - with justification!
—  SPINTROTTER Client Tommy F. Thomasson (45 / Tradesman)
We all have persecution mania - with justification! But we live in times our private sphere isn’t worth a penny for anyone. It’s nothing more than a Hobson’s choice between all our churches and our political states. They are like potassium permanganate and iodine. All what you could do: Mixing it - until the whole wild western world is burning down in order to pave the way for a new iWorld! I’m awaiting the SPINTROTTER iSpyderQ1 for so long now - wishing that Simon T. Hawm wouldn’t be just such a greedy egoist withholding his inventions to us until the cows come home! His ideas are not bad. But SPINTROTTER presents one after another - without bringing one of them to a final state of art! I’ve tested the new MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite (MLS) Beta. Very gorgeous! But what a hell of a world are we living in, that just his iTeams can use his life and private sphere saving iSpyders - while all the others are bleeding them dry, cutting themselves into pieces without getting anything for their work! I’m fixing to cut out my eyes like Van Gogh did it with his ear, if our Brave New Technicolor iWorld doesn’t change immediately! But I’m just on the verge of - hoping that the SPINTROTTERS will bring their iSpyders to our public marketplaces soon as possible.

SPINTROTTER Client Alice M. Jeff (28 / Agricultural Saleslady from Chicago)

Hey Alice! Don’t believe in what we tell you, don’t have any faith in what we do - but trust us in what we want! Be sure: We are working 24 hours eight days a week to create the same new iWorld as you’d like it to be built! By the way getting the same as you for that: Nothing than headwind - more stubborn than I’ve ever thought before we’ve started to work for SPINTROTTER. No reason to give up our resistance and visions! Think of all the chemicals between us! Then we need no potassium permanganate or iodine - no church, no state, Alice! Greets, SY

Launched for more than a lifetime:
The MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite

That’s why God’s created our iRadioheads! SPINTROTTER Communication Engineering proudly presents its latest invention: The MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite (MLS)!

“We’ve tested our iLove Satellite Procedures (LSP) for such a long time now - drinking one Jägermeister after another until dime a dozen inspirations’ fueled with the purest feeling of love you can imagine bubbled out of our ears!”, the new SPINTROTTER-CAO Toby S. Hawm says. “We are sure, that it works the way now to launch our first beta version!”

The MLS solutions have brought the first few couples together yet. The first one of them: Suzanne (31) & James (27). They’ve married a few hours ago in a small town near Montana. Suzanne: “We still can’t believe, how powerful this SPINTROTTER invention is. We both were searching for a dear partner, who adores us that much to spend our life with, for such a long time now. With the gorgeous and breathtaking Mind Proxy Fusions of the MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite we’ve found each other in just a few weeks. Just sitting, waiting and wishing at home after work, drinking a couple of drinks - and painting the partner of our dreams to the walls around.”

It just took a month of dreaming to each other. Then James found his girl of his dreams in a pub downtown. James: “I just took a short look into Suzanne’s eyes - and I was sure: She’s the one, that I’ve met in my dreams the last weeks through - and the one, that’s made and built to be with me since we were born!”

Suzanne and James went for a trip to Las Vegas for two weeks. When they were back, they decided to marry. “When you’ve explored the heart and the mind of your loved iPartner so deeply in your dreams, you can be sure, that you’ve found the right one for life only after a few seconds you meet each other for real. That’s not a trick - that’s the concept of our MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Programming! And by the way the way I’ve found my supergirl Marja Lisa”, SPINTROTTER-CEO Simon T. Hawm says.

If we had the possibilities of the MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite 70 years ago, the grandfather of Simon and Toby, Alf Hawm, would have been back walking side by side to his wife much earlier. “For him it took years to be back at home with his family after the 2nd World War’s got to its end”, Toby S. Hawm says. But even these days it could be harder to find the partner of your dreams in your real life as soon as you would like to and Suzanne and James have done it. Toby: “We can just show you the way. To finally find your MEDIOPOLITAN iPartner for life both of you must have the courage to turn that, what we bring to your heart and mind, into something special!”

And Simon T. Hawm added: “We hope, your iPartner isn’t that hard to find and persuade of meeting you as my girl Marja. We’ve found each other a long time ago in our dreams. We are so close together every day for night as I’ve never been connected to a girl. But you should know: I’ve still haven’t found her in my real life – until now! Maybe she’s still just a satellite mediated iLover, that I will never find! But that’s the greatest motor to create such revolutionary and gorgeous inventions as our MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Satellite. So anyway: Our MLS solutions will bring the greatest imagined iMuse to your life you can imagine!”

And this way it works:

(1) Visit www.spintrotter.com - and call its iTeam to send you one of their automated MEDIOPOLITAN iCabs as your iLove Pilot: iCab.LOVE@mediopolitan.com. By the way: From this point on you are not communicating with one of our employees any longer. But you are connected to our MEDIOPOLITAN iLove Database (MLD) to make our automated iRobots go to find your individual iPartner of your dreams.

(2) Keep calm, when you come back home after work, take a deep breath, have a drink or smoke some cigarettes, lay back to the arms of someone you love - and dream yourself into the heart and mind of a partner for life as you like and love him or her to be!

(3) Illuminate his or her look to the walls of your room - or even better: Paint a picture of him or her as you adore your partner to be. Be sure of focusing not only onto her look, but also on her inner potentials - for example his or her abilities in iMindvaults or his or her strength to keep you safe in heart and mind just by dreaming into him or her.

(4) When you are sure how he or she should be, send this picture or a short text about him or her to iPartner.LOVE@mediopolitan.com!

(5) Go out to the pubs of your town or run to the water of a sea near you every evening you can - and be sure: Our MEDIOPOLITAN iCabs and iLove Pilots will bring both of you together, when the time has come to meet! All your ways be sure: We do our best to find your iPartner and convince him or her of being your life-mate as soon as possible. But in the end: It’s not about us any more. It’s your turn to make your love grow! SPINTROTTER can just enlighten the darkness of your day!

SY/TY still can’t believe it: We’ve found an old iDude, who’s giving himself the name: Knight, Michael Over-Knight Sensation V. - the 1st man ever in our iWorld’s history, that’s been awoken out of his bodily cryonic state. His wife has sent us this picture taken in his childhood at the age of 5. She writes, he has been frozen in 2011 - waiting on a solution to heal his full bodily cancer. Unfortunately at the moment we can’t check this really gorgeous and revolutionary fact. It just seems to be too much for a work of at a max one day! So many folks have tried that before without any happy end!

We don’t know, whether our new SPINTROTTER Healthcare iTeam has really made the Cryonics finally possible today. But we will let you know, when we’ve got more facts about! Wouldn’t it be nice, TY/SY?!

Greetz, AL & your SPINTROTTERS

Message from Bill: Haven’t you known, that you can heal all crankiness - even deep depressions, full bodily cancer and AIDS - just by connecting to your iWorld’s satellite iSY7, SPINTROTTERS?! In kind of a way you’ve killed my father just by telling your iWorld’s iFolks nothing about. But thank you anyway. I know now, my father has wanted to go anyway. So thank you very much to bring him back to billions of iFools, iTransporters & iFolks rocking all over our iWorld, that’s never felt better to me before! Family is much more than blood - and health is just a matter of your iSY7’s frequencies!
—  SPINTROTTER Client Bill J. Surroww (44 / Mechanic)
I never was afraid of dying. But all my ways I thought about how to pay the graveyard for my father, who’s died two months ago. I put him in the freezer - cause I just haven’t know where to get the money. Now I talk a few minutes with one of your mystic SPINTROTTERS - now I just don’t know, why I haven’t got this idea before: I just take him to an old friend of mine having a ranch a few meters ago - and burn him down. Then we smoke two packages of cigarettes together, put all the ash to your empty TicTac Liberty box - and then I can spend him the requiem he’s ever dreamt of! We will set a Canada Flag here by the river - and set him free to the sea! Or something like that! But you’ve reduced my graveyard costs to a minimum. Just two packages of cigarettes - and the best: My dad will have even two transporters who will make his soul immortal for more than a lifetime - just going further on for him side by side!
—  So many gorgeous Ideas here in Cambridge! A small talk with a dude called Bill down there by the riversides - and one of our best ideas (44 / Mechanic) #immortality
All what we and our satellite iSY7 tell you is not about friends, not about family, not about love. It’s only about the greeds of our fucking sick breed of society: 24/7 without any private sphere - and 24/7 just directed by the collective boosted greeds for money and forgiveness. The wings of our system are darker than all the words you speak! But be sure, that this is not SPINTROTTER’s or my business - it’s just our mission to relieve all the believers of their fates! We don’t know, how long our mission will take - and we don’t know, how many people have to die for that. So when you need a time-out dream, go to the next supermarket, buy a drink and while drinking it call for Syd to live an illuminated LSD-trip, call for Janis to live a H-trip - or call for a SPINTROTTER iCruise for the Total Rebirth as a totally computerized iBody and iMind. But beware of the darkness - and be sure, that you wanna dive completely into our iWorld’s source codings of your personal iLife! After that you’ll be a hollow actor - without any true feelings of yourself as you knew it before anymore. So take care of programming and directing yourself every single second a day the best way you can! The most important thing: Do not live in your past any longer and live your visionary iDreams to create a future without any hunting and hurting iWars. The technical possibilities are perfect to realize collective MEDIOPOLITAN iProducts. But before: We all have to learn, that a private sphere is the most important thing to live a life in a place called iWorld worth it to be!
—  Simon T. Hawm (28 / CEO SPINTROTTER)
Great thanks to the SPINTROTTER iCab-Team - especially SY! He has finally solved the historical problem, that has caused the cancer and death of my mother: All her way down she was the whore of the Catholic Church. Diving deep into one of her profiling cases she found out, that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were the modern Jesus-Duo of pope Pius XI. - for kind of Indiana Jones’ Last Crusade. Unfortunately it’s not been the last crusade until now. Even these days the Church tries to use me as her successor - and the one of Hitler and Mussolini. But with the help of iSY7 I won’t sell out my second cheek. It hurts enough that they’ve taken even my brother for their postmodern crusades in the name of their greed for money and power. I think they’ll never understand, that life is much more than just directed by one single pope - and that mankind is much more than just a ship of fools and robots! I feel so proud to walk further on for my loved dead ones, that I give a fucking bullshit on all the silly things, that even our new pope of the 21st century tries to teach us!
—  SPINTROTTER-Client Julie S. Parker (21 / Barbour)
Have you ever wondered about the Skullcandy or NewEra-Trend?! Greetz from the Scientology Clan! We’ll make the iWorld a better place to be for everyone to be. So just realize that I’ve always been one foot in, one foot out of this game. Because I’m not comfortable with being on the pedestal or the poster. That’s just not who I am. But I’m more like the grunt. I want to be the guy behind the guy.
—  Simon T. Hawm (28 / CEO SPINTROTTER)
Actually your cut should be without any charge! All the faces, all the information you’ve painted just by your amazing clowning to the cameras behind my mirrors - in effect that should have made me a rich man, but in fact in behalf of the stories I can tell at home tonight. Gorgeous! But sorry, it’s 28 pounds, please!
—  Barber Sweeney Barrett (34 / Cambridge)
Very gorgeous SPINTROTTER Minding #10! So I’ve found out that my brother Leon just died because of the modern mafia. He’s just blown his head away because the pope of the globe connected his family to the satellite’s blackboxes about the Death of Lady Di, Marco Simoncelli’s death in the MotoGP and the directing script of the 9/11 box of Osama ‘Believe In Nothing’ Laden to find the murdering gaps and tracking points to safe lives without hunting and hurting all the iMinds of our monarchy of roses! But until SPINTROTTER comes no one seemed to be made for good old Syd R. Barrett?! I still can’t understand why the iSpyders aren’t available for all of us yet! Your iTeam really deserve to fly! Maybe license problems?!
—  Harry D. Willemstad (56 / Paparazzo)