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schemilix said:

Wait a second, was Beethoven not white? I mean if he wasn't that's a pretty big cover-up. If he's not, and we have paintings of him, is the challenge that we shouldn't accept paintings as valid and that they whitewashed him - that we should look beyond the contemporary depictions for signs of cultural and racial bias by his contemporaries? Or are you using him as a suggestion that before we tacitly accept historical figures as white, we question why people think they are?

Beethoven’s race is debated. I’ve haven’t brought him up, I have only answered questions i have been asked.

I have not “used” him for anything; Beethoven has been used by various literal, actual white supremacists and white nationalists to make some kind of groundless point about my blog.

I’m sick and tired of people coming out of nowhere, asking me to prove the race of historical figures that have been deceased for centuries.

I am not here to tell you what to think or what to believe.

I present evidence, sources, and my own opinions, as well as the opinions, conclusions, and sources of others. This is a discussion.

Unlike many people in academia as well as a lot of people who seem very invested in debunking or invalidating the work gathered here, I do not claim to be the sole arbiter of truth. It’s been written about quite a bit, and there is a great deal of writing that states explicitly that Beethoven was variously Black, mixed race, White, or a race such as Turkish or Arab.

Look, here’s a screenshot with a drawing of him from life, and three quotes from people who knew him or had reason to speak with authority on the matter.


Fanny Giannatasio del Rio.

More on this at JSTOR.

As I just posted earlier today, it seems like any reasonable discussion on this topic is utterly overshadowed by the apparent ease with which most people are willing to accept “everyone knows Beethoven is White!” as a valid academic counterargument.

So, until someone brings something new to the table (including my recommended rebuttal sources, which continue to be ignored), I consider this discussion closed.

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 -schoolhall (clara)

I refuse to become a seeker for cures.
Everything that has ever
helped me has come through what already
lay stored in me. Old things, diffuse, unnamed, lie strong
across my heart.
This is from where
my strength comes, even when I miss my strength
even when it turns on me
like a violent master.
—  Adrienne Rich, from Sources

franslair said:

"lol you are being serious" is not a correct reply to "provide proof, because burden of proof is on you". this is science, my dear. personal opinions of people about things matter little, and you can't just call a person a "white supremacist" in order to avoid any argument and shift burden of proof. considering that you're the sort of person who calls saint nicholas black. saint nicholas. black. come on. what? again the burden of proof is on you, & you failed to provide any proof for your claims

Alright, since everyone seems to think that you’re *just uneducated*, I’m going to give this one. last. go. Especially considering how much of the clutter in my inbox is from you.

Let’s talk about how this blog happens.

These objects are called “books”




I have many, many more of them.

I have so many because I like them. I like them because you can open them up, and inside there are words, and sometimes pictures!




Sometimes, when I find a picture or some words I think are interesting, I look on somewhere called “the internet” to find out more about these ideas! Luckily, there are many, many places to go to find out about them!

You can also BUY MORE BOOKS on the internet! These books are made by people who have done a lot of reading, and a lot of writing, and are very knowledgeable about the topics in the books! Books like this one:


If you click the link, you can even read some of that book on the internet! Right now! You could totally do it!!!!!

Now, because I like books so much, I like to talk about them online with people who can’t buy the books, maybe can’t understand them very well, or with people who have read the books and want to talk about them, too!

Now, rather than sending message after message to the same person demanding “proof”, why not go to a book, open in up, and look at the words and images inside? Of course, I cannot make you do that, any more than I can make you believe any kind of “proof” you refuse to look at!

If being unable to force humans with free will to do my bidding and look inside a book, or an online version of a book, or an article written and published online, is according to you, a “failure”, then yes. I have failed. I have failed you, and I have failed us all.

I am a failure, my blog is a failure, because I cannot force your head physically with my hands into a book, pry open your eyelids, and somehow manipulate your optic nerves with telekinesis to READ THE SOURCES I HAVE ENDLESSLY PROVIDED.

We can all take our ball and go home now.

anonymous said:

Feminism is about women and equality. It's these naked women who pee on pictures of men, then post it online and call it "feminism" that give the movement a bad name. How can you hate feminism? Do you really think every person who stands for it thinks the same way? I just want equality for all women everywhere. But it's idiot blogs like this that think feminism is man hating and aim to shit on every aspect of it.

This is feminism in action. Don’t come telling me that feminism is about equality when this is all feminists do in the real world. Feminism does not mean equality anymore. That ship has sailed. Feminism is now a radical political ideology that does not deserve the right to speak on women’s behalf.


Ok so an anon asked me for the pictures I was using as my phone background, and here they are!

I posted them yesterday without the sources, because I was stupid and didn’t think I could find them again, but I went through my archive and found them!!

The Stucky picture is from here

And the Bucky picture is from here

The artists did a beautiful job, I’m so sorry I didn’t think clearly before! I deleted the other post in the hopes it won’t get passed around anymore.

tropius-paskewitz-deactivated20 said:

Have you responded to blackinasia's response to your answer on "blackness"=/=slavery in graeco-roman antiquity?

I am not in the business of telling Black people how to feel about any of my posts on constructions of Blackness. Part of the problem inherent in my writing this blog is that because I am not Black, my writing might be taken over the writing of Black people on the same topic, because of the mistaken idea that writing about things that don’t affect me makes me more “objective”.

Moreover, there’s nothing in that post that I disagree with, other than a slight misunderstanding over my primary point.

To address questions about my sources and statements, 1. I didn’t say Romans did not have a construction of Blackness. I felt like that was clear from what I said, but maybe I could have been more clear. The point of my post was that skin color was not conflated with slavery.

2. I used sources that “conflict” because there is no cut-and-dried conclusion on whether the Greeks’ ethnocentrism was a form of proto-racism, especially in regard to anti-Blackness. As blackinasia states, the debate over translation rages on, much less debate over the connotion of those translations. Which leads to

3. I use Snowden as a source to demonstrate the documentation of contemporaneous racism in the translations of primary sources from the 1940s. In other words, I use him because he is one of the only ones to have said: the historians of my time are mistranslating documents from the Ancient World to reflect their OWN biases, not those of the original documents they are translating. That’s doesn’t mean that Snowden was exempt from his own racist assumptions or essentializing what he and others considered Black features or characteristics, and the language he uses is offensive because it is outdated.

^That’s important because it shows us how we ended up with the ideas we have about the ancient world and race now. There isn’t some kind of time-vacuum between 300 B.C.E. and 2014 C.E.; each successive generation or era added a “layer” of interpretation, and we are building on those layers. NONE of those layers are objective, and neither is what we write about it now.

That is why I’m quoting sources that are as primary as possible, touch on the Renaissance, go to the Enlightenment, then the 1800s, then 1916, then the 1940s, then modern academic sources, then modern media.

I think the only place of actual disagreement would be that “Aethiops” translates to “burnt-face”. That was actually exactly what I was saying when I cited Snowden, that these translators were inserting their own prejudice into the texts!!!

That translation, if you go to the Wikipedia page, directly cites Henry George Liddel, who wrote A Greek-English Lexicon. This guy was born in 1811. That translation is from the 1840s, which is almost 300 years out of date.

So, yeah, if you believe Henry George Liddel, and “middle-complected” Greeks were going around calling dark-skinned people from North Africa and India “Burnt-face”, there is definitely a case to be made for color prejudice among Ancient Greeks, although not, as has been agreed upon, an association with slavery.

I’m not trying to make a definitive conclusion on whether one can generalize Greek ethnocentrism as proto-racism or not, which is why I presented multiple dissenting opinions on that.


More transparency in academic research, distinguished readers. :)

anonymous said:

could you perhaps link me to the post where there's a whole bunch of links to online university courses that are free? I had it in my likes on here but I can't seem to find it! sorry for bothering you but it would be a great help if you could give me a link to it, thank you!

Of course, dear! TSR actually has multiple posts concerning free online courses and self education resources, so I’ll post the links to each below for you to browse over on your own time, as I’m not completely sure which one in particular you’re referring to. 

Please, please make sure to read the terms and agreements for each and every site you use and/or sign up for, especially in case you’re looking for transferrable credits, as many of the sites courses aren’t legally credible in known educational institutions unless otherwise stated. I’ve put a warning on a few of the posts, as well as my Resources for Self Education page, which I also suggest checking out here.

You’re no bother at all, no need to apologize. I need to update my FAQs, so this happens more times than not as I’m more familiar with the whereabouts and tags of certain posts than you all. I’d rather my readers ask me for help finding something they find useful as opposed to just giving up and never finding it at all. I hope this gives you some good tools, and if you need any further help my ask is always open. Enjoy!!


So I’m kind of shaking with rage right now

I really need to start watermarking my edits and gifs…

So you guys may know of shineelover234

Yeah, they have a nice blog when they’re not reposting stuff from weheartit and other tumblr users (including me)

http://shineelover234.tumblr.com/post/96376811719 includes two gifs from a photoset I made this morning

Please be careful when you’re reblogging stuff and make sure that the source of the post you’re reblogging is not from this user, weheartit, or any other reposter that you know of

Believe it or not, for some people, it can take a while to make these edits and gifs

I would’ve went through the user’s ask and ask them kindly to take it down but I noticed that a lot of their posts were reposts and, I’m sorry, even if you’re brand new to tumblr or the internet, you’ll quickly learn not to do this stuff.

And also, if you are an editor, if you feel like it, watermarking is pretty important.

I just learned that.

A thought for tonight…  I’m so sick of seeing pictures that I’ve posted, and gone through the effort to provide credits for, being reblogged on Tumblrs with the credits erased.  Really?  Erase my comments, sure… but if someone designed a room or took a photograph, don’t take the credits off.  That’s just dumb.