Ok ok but…but…but have you considered…have you thought about…has it ever crossed your mind…Karai as Marceline and April as Princess Bubblegum. 

Casey as Marshall Lee and Donnie as Prince Gumball. 

Have you ever…did you ever just…no? Alright…ok then. 

nyota was the first one to find out about jim and bones. she accidentally ended up on their frequency while monitoring and after hearing half the sickeningly cute things jim was calling bones, naturally she couldn’t stop herself from listening in on it.

christine chapel was the first person on nyota’s list to find out about it, the two of them perched on a biobed during their break. anytime bones came storming past, they’d immediately shut up, until finally he demanded to know just what the hell they were whisperin’ about, dammit., to which they’d reply, ”nothing..pookie.” bones was bright red for about a week after that.


dorian staring at iron bull’s crotch every few seconds and rlly quietly whispering “free him”

iron bull overhearing it and laughing rlly hard before literally just ripping his pants off in the middle of town 

dorian then proceeds to fucking FAll over


I have a feeling that as the week progressed and when the animatronics got tougher, Mike hugged Doll a little tighter and longer each day.

Mike’s design is based of rebornica

(seriously check out their blog it’s awesome as all get out)

I wasn’t sure what to do with that one. If Rin’s dad also had shark teeth, it’ll definitely make people laugh (lol). Since the episode about his father is a serious one, we gave him normal teeth. Maybe his mother is the one with shark teeth (lol).

Who writes the fun previews every week?
I leave the previews to the series compositor Yokotani-san. The funniest one was episode 11. When Hirakawa-san says the title “Furious All-Out,” Miyano-san says “Your pronunciation is wrong.” Then the two repeat “All out” “All out” over and over and the scenario is meant to end there. But then Miyano-san adlibbed “Perfect Body” at the very end and Hirakawa-san just goes with it and repeats it for the finish. Since it fit in perfectly with the given time slot, it made me think, “Wow, as expected from pros!”

What is the reason for Makoto wearing glasses in the episode 4 end card?
It was an idea I drew for my first drafts, the “classes glasses.” Makoto sits at the very back of the classroom, and his eyesight is slightly fuzzy so he has a hard time reading what’s on the blackboard. That’s why he has the glasses. In that end card, he’s invited Haruka over to play video games and he wears those glasses when he’s playing serious.

Someone please tell me where this interview is from.


i dont care how theyre justifying mikoto and munakata they still look the same to me so they dont look like highschool students lmao
esp mikoto


  • in the x factor bathrooms, two years ago
  • harry:♪ isn't she lovely ♪
  • harry:♪ mmmmhhmm ♪
  • harry:♪ i NEVER THOUGHT-
  • /bathroom's door slams open/
  • louis:hum.
  • harry:
  • harry:oops ha ha ah. ha. hm.
  • louis:hi
  • louis:don't you think you should save that for the judges mate
  • harry:huh sorry thought it was empty
  • louis:nah it's alright. you sing pretty good
  • harry:th-thank you
  • louis:i'm louis tomlinson
  • harry:i'm-
  • louis:you're harry styles
  • harry:yeah! i mean how do you know that
  • louis:cause i know everything
  • harry:ha i don't think that's possible
  • louis:but i do
  • harry:really
  • louis:really
  • louis:for example. i know you're gonna be somethin special
  • harry:
  • louis:well you finish your business i'll be outside
  • harry:you're waiting for me?
  • louis:of course. why wouldn't i
  • harry:we... we barely know each other
  • louis:exactly. you're rather dumb aren't you curly? thank god i like you
  • louis:now hurry up. /stomps out/
  • harry:i-
  • harry:okay
  • harry:
  • harry:
  • harry:i like you too louis tomlinson

i just remembered that i had a dream about rei and nagisa living in a victorian boarding school last night omg