Teppei Koike Blog Entry Translation: 24 May 2015

Alright, today is the final day for Death Note the Musical.

So long. So enjoyable.

But it has still not come to an end yet.

The last L was full of fun.

Speaking of which yesterday, Kakki, another person who played Light, also came to Nagoya.

Got the chance to chat a little, what a great guy!

Anyway, will continue sprinting until the end.

His original post in Japanese:

sleeping is so much more enjoyable during the day and being awake is so much more fun at night. petition for the entire world to collectively become nocturnal.


Bc there are “It’s you” performances on my dash - here, have one of my favourite ones.

I know it is always a bit sad when members are missing, but at the same time it is kinda exciting bc you get to hear others shine and I absolutely live for Ryeowook’s adlibs in the end. 


Eight-year-old Blair is the girl on the bus that everyone teases. Chuck is the little boy that comes to her rescue. He, too, is an outcast of sorts, struggling to cope with the loss of his dying mother. Together, they invent an outrageous game of “Dare” to keep their spirits alive. Their game becomes a glorious mutual addiction. It binds them together as it tears them apart. As their feelings for each other grow through childhood into adulthood, each must decide if they are willing to finally acknowledge their love for each other. But can they ever stop playing the game?

AU: chuck and blair +  “jeux d’enfants” // ”love me if you dare”.

Wow Rumple!! You’re not fighting that Ogre with your bare hands..

You’re using magic because that is the weapon you have to work with, esp when you had to act quick since the Ogre was  fast upon a child.  

But that makes you a coward still because we’ve only ever seen an an Ogre killed from a distance with a bow..

But we know Killy Willy would use his eyebrows and defeat all the Ogres

**Rolls eyes at the stupid things haters say**

anonymous asked:

Hello, I really love your Arts. They are really great. I really love them. Do you do any request too? My wish is to see Narutox Sakura in bavaria clothes. Bavaria clothes are actually from germany/bavaria. Would you draw this for me? I will be happy❤

Hello there! ♥♥♥ awww, >u<)) Thank you so much for enjoy them!. I’m really precious and glad to hear that!

And here my pleasure gift I made for yah! ^^ I’d research about Germany/Bavaria clothes and it’s very lovely & enjoyable. So then, I draw Narusaku dancing in Bavaria’s style (I hope I draw ‘em in a right choice XD hehe!) . It’s simple anyway, but hopefully you like it!~♥  :)

Honestly at times like this I start to wonder if I’m just a 1D fan out of spite. Clearly 1DHQ isn’t trying to market to me, they’ve taken away so many enjoyable aspects of 1D’s dynamic - like social media interactions or Louis&Harry or fun promo, etc.

But then I stop and think about it and no: I’m not here to spite 1D’s management team (although that does give me pleasure.) I’m here because I like this band. I like the music they make. I like the shows they put on. I like them as people. And yeah, this marketing sucks for us but that isn’t going to drive me to give up something I like so much. On the day that I start to hate 1D I will peace the hell out, but that day isn’t today and it’s a long time away. 

A two month break with dumb narratives isn’t going to stop me from having fun.


Twin suns of Tatooine, Taught me everything I know…(x2)

There’s room up there for second chances,

Singles are fine but doubles are fantastic,

I’d like to think that there’s a star for me and you,

Spinning round, falling for one another

Twin suns of Tatooine, Taught me everything I know…(x2)

Solos are fine but duets are romantic

A pair is grand but a trio’d be disastrous

I’d like to think that there’s a star for me and you

Spinning round, falling for one another