No but. Can we just talk about that sneek peek scene. And the little additions it adds to Murtagh as a character?

We’ve always known how fiercely loyal Murtagh is to the memory of Ellen and therefore to Jamie. He traipses across the highlands without a fucking word protecting Jamie and then Claire because he’d promised Jamie he would.

But. But.

This little nuance - that Claire in some way reminds Murtagh of Ellen - that part of the reason he watches out for Claire despite her utter inability to WATCH OUT FOR HER BLOODY OWN SELF JHRC WOMAN - OH GOD I AM CREY.

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레이디스 코드(LADIES’ CODE) - I’m Fine Thank You MV

R.I.P., RiSe and EunB

flickersphinx said:

Heya! I was just wondering... when you started making 164 Days - did you consider that your two protagonists make polar opposites on the Magic spectrum? Azorius 'Science Boy', Gruul Weather Witch. It's pretty neat!

I did write them intending them to be very different! And sometimes I sit and put them into MtG colour pie. (Jakob is definitely Izzet, Varik is mostly White)

I’m gonna fall farther
Baby, I know
Wait for it, wait for it
Here I go

You’re fumbling ‘round in the bedroom
Trying to take off your shoes
Hair back down, dress half off
You look at me and there it is
Baby, don’t move, I wanna soak this in
I got a new favorite memory of you
Here we go again
I got a new favorite memory of you

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2x01 "In My Time of Dying"

"Get the hell away from me. I said: Get back!"