I’m producing a short film inspired by the 2014 Slenderman case and I’m really excited about it! This is our pitch video, which explains the story, our enthusiasm for it, and what kind of help we’re looking for. We’re running an Indiegogo campaign to help with fundraising, you should check it out

It’d mean a lot if you guys could help me spread the word about this project, and if you have the means to donate (and are interested in it), that would be awesome! 

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My modest illustration of Slenderman. With a girl. Walking. Alone D: Yeah, I think Slender could be the most scariest character in the fandomes Creepypasta and Slenderverse, but today there are only pictures of him, which R cool, amazing done but really dat scary. My one of course too - not DAT scary. Of course dat moon is … cute, not DAT scary ~

Art by © Me

"So what exactly did Dad say the monster we’re looking for is?"

"He said that it’s called Slenderman. It supposedly one of the new monsters that spawned in the Tartarus."

"A slender man? Oh, well, that hardly sounds threatening compared to the ancient monsters we’ve faced, right?"

it’s 1am and I’m watching Gravity Falls so this somehow this doodle occurred. Like say I dunno Hades sent his kids on a quest to grab slenderman who actually escaped from Tartarus.

i dunno i was supposed to go to bed early this time