To All the Banned Botters:

You botted stupidly. I am still alive and kicking while my bot running at this very moment.

To All The Innocently Banned:

I feel a bit of sympathy for people who actually played fair but got banned because of people like me. I would turn myself in, but I have too much too lose and the drama in the forums is just so fun to read.

To The FR Team:

You stupid. Yes, you stupid. You can’t even ban the actual people who actually bot at least a million a day. lol

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This….person…..thinks only 1 in 10 women are marriage material.

Yup. The rest of you are just decedent sluts. Apparently.

Oh, he’s also 1/2 of the “creative team” behind The Sarkeesian Effect, a documentary that is going to “peer into the world of social justice warriors.”

355 people are giving this twatwaffle and his cohort almost $7000 a month to provide updates on the documentary, and their goal is to get to $15,000 a month.

Oh, and this did also stem from GamerGate. A TOTALLY NON MISOGYNIST MOVEMENT, HONEST! /sarcasm

Is it really too much to ask that we listen to each other?

Okay so this is gonna be a bit of a rant and me rambling about shit so feel free to skip or whatever.

Okay so, SJW’s.

I am conflicted on sjw’s.

On the one hand, they make very good and important points. Often about sexism, raicms, homophobia, transphobia etc. etc. that I very much agree with, I agree that these are horrible things that we should just end.

But SJW’s way of doing things, really pisses me off.

For people who say they want equality, and claim they are nice and accepting you are very fucking stubborn, never actually LISTENING to what people on the opposite side have to say.

Now, I’m not saying for things like racism, homophobia/transphobia.

But usually feminism or sexism.

Sexism is really, really REALLY fuckin stupid. Treating another sex badly or as inferior to you is just plain stupid and wrong. 

And yet.

SJW’s you have no problem doing it.


look, I know women have it rough. Far worse then men do I freely admit.

I’m a guy, and I know, that what i go through, is crap but women tend to go through a lot more and I admit that.

However that does NOT justify acting like the biggest assholes to people.

You assume that men can not HAVE problems based on there sex, that we live in a perfect golden palace where everything is great and wonderful and we never face any problems.

Yeah no.

Men have privilege. I know that but why does that mean we can’t have problems?

Why does that make us acceptable targets for harsh and cruel comments claiming we have no right to complain!?

Why are we automatically seen as evil in the eyes of everyone here? 

We need to be seen as strong! We need to be seen as powerful and we cant be allowed to show emotion or our peers will mock us.

We cant express a desire for anything feminine or girly or we are seen as “fags”.

No one would beleive us if we told them a woman beat us up, a court of law certainly would favor the woman in this endeavor in the case of violence against your spouse.

Again, I KNOW women have it harder but for crying out loud will you just LISTEN to what people have to say?

I’m not saying that men are saints, but they are also not fucking evil like tumblr makes us out to be.

We can be stupid. We can make idiotic mistakes but so can EVERYONE.

Male, female, gender neutral etc. 

But WHY is it acceptable to call us as nothing but a group of hulking neanderthals with no respect for women?

Why are we constantly being bombarded with messages saying “YOU CANT HAVE AN OPINION YOUR MALE”

Like, just treat people like you want to be treated.

If you meet a guy who does not share your views, calmly discuss it. If upon this discussion you learn he is an unrepentent douche bag then yeah okay fuck that guy.

But instead of generalizing people why don’t you remember that we are all human and should treat each other equally.

With respect. Male, Female. Black, White, Asian, Brown. Gay, STraight, Bisexual, Pansexual or Trans.

Just treat each other with respect.

If some guy acts like a cunt then rip him a new one, but don’t lump us all with him.

SJWS are just a bunch of sad little humans

I feel sorry for them, because they don’t have the capacity to enjoy anything. Books, comics, movies, series, cartoon shows… they’ll complain how all of them are oppressing minority X because of meaningless matters, like when they don’t have any character from that said minority in it, even though it’s a book about 4 musketeers in absolutist France. It’s just so sad.

I bet they all will become a Billy-no-mates, because no normal person can be friends with people like that. In the end, the sad little SJWs will be just stinky kids sitting all time in front of their computers, always complaining, always unhappy about anything…

"Guess what, dipshit. I don’t give a damn how “triggered” you are by a damn skin.
”ooooh that image offends me! It makes me uncomfortable! TRIGGERED!” I don’t care, and the rest of us normal people don’t care. You look like a whiney, sheltered baby who can’t handle real shit. Little special snowflakes like you don’t survive in the real world. We don’t need to cater to .001% of the population because THIS THING “TRIGGERS” YOU.

And if the winning skin/accent happens to be your trigger, I will enjoy watching you scream and squirm, maggot.”

Okay, I didn’t want to get into this, but after this??? wow. Also, I’m sorry I couldn’t quote correctly, I’m on my way to a restaurant.

First of all, see how my tumblr is displayed down there? I wonder why? Could it be because…..because I believe my opinion doesn’t need to be anonymous on an anonymous website to be valid??? That I can hold my own opinions without having to cover myself in even more capes of anon?? hOLY SHIT.

Second of all. It’s not about triggering; it’s goddamn respect. Like gore? Into plague? Good for you! Share your stuff with people who din’t mind. But not everyone in this goddamn website is into shock gore, thank you very much. I personally don’t mind cartoon gore-hell, I mutilate virtual dolls for fun- but hey, I have friends that don’t like that ish. Some of them have anxiety, some of them are triggered, and some of them just don’t like it. And you have to respect that. I assure you us “normal people” don’t have a problem with helping others.

Yes, we all know there is a plague flight with gross things, but you see, that’s why we are not in it! We had a decision, fuckass. Keep your shit inside the flight. Would you like it if let’s say, the Fire flight, had an entire skin list of dragons on fire, burns and all? No? Good. Why. Because there’s more to the fire flight than dragons on fire, plus not everyone likes to see that. We all have decisions.

You know who looks like a whiny, sheltered baby? Yep, that’s you! You don’t need to act “I AM STRONG AND I DON’T GET UNCOMFORTABLE BY GORE. KNEEL, MORTALS” to show us you can’t do shit, boo. Just starting to read your little act was enough.

Sure, some people overuse “triggered”! I get that. But hey, there’s a twist! Did you know helping people feel comfortable isn’t catering to people’s needs, It’s called being friendly? HOLY FUCKBALLS! WHAT IS THIS!?

Also, plague being all-gore is SUPER uncreative. I think there are way better ways to interpret it, huh? But naaaah, it has the word plague in it! IT HAS TO HAVE 100% GORE, RIGHT? NO OTHER MEANING BEHIND IT.

Suddenly the entire Survival plot is 100% useless.

Tl;DR because I know that as soon as you see your name you’re going to jump to accuse me of a sjw snowflake without actually reading anything: Not everyone wants to see gore. There is more in plague than stock shock gore. You’re wasting a lore-rich flight’s potential into “MORE BLOOD.jpg”. You’re an elitist asshole. Have a nice day.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of hate toward Shane for doing blackface after the Sam Peppers outing videos, and while Sam my have gave a shitty apology, Shane has set an example for what you should do when you make a mistake. Apologize for and explain your ignorance. After seeing this I was given even more faith in the youtube community and wanted to share with everyone that people can change. Now I’m not saying we have to completely forget everything and pretend it never happened but if we can at least try to forgive him I think we could make a lot of progress here. And who knows maybe more youtubers will do this out of his example.