I will never get over that anti-sj blogger who said I sound like a cult leader because I pointed out how much of a manipulative liar another well known anti-sj blogger is like wow anti justice bloggers must do a lot of yoga because they really know how to fucking stretch

Why are there so many self proclaimed sj bloggers on here who are ableist and classist as shit

no but heres the thing

everytime i talk to someone i’m constantly listening for phrases and behaviors that will tell me they’re queerphobic

i’m on my guard all the time, even with my family and friends, because it’s the only way i know to keep myself safe

so when queer people talk about how fucking ridiculous heterophobia is it’s because you’re literally comparing fearing for your safety 24/7 to getting your fee fees hurt on the internet

anonymous asked:

your post about the black officer is actually scary...you don't think he should be charged? why, because he's black? he ASSAULTED somebody, something officer Wilson didn't do. ut you're basically saying black officers should be allowed to beat white people up to death at will? so I cant defend myself if attacked? fuck that, if im in danger or in trouble or in pain, ill take my chances with the jury later

This ask is bullshit from start to fucking finish. Utter bullshit. This is what anti-sj bloggers do. distort, lie, pose leading questions, believe the lies racists have told despite the inconsistencies in their stories… This ask is utter garbage

I don’t understand why so many people on this website look for fights when there literally isn’t one. Imagine if we acted like this in real life.

"my favorite color is orange."



saying “protect girls” does not mean “push every man, boy, and androgynous person who might be male into oncoming traffic”, and no, it is not implied. All that is implied is “protect girls”. this is very simple to understand, actually.

making a post supporting one thing is not necessarily condemning the opposite, so stop pretending it does.

Honestly I really hope the people who react to posts like that in such a volatile way don’t act like that all the time, because such an explosive person who jumps to conclusions like there is no tomorrow sounds exceedingly unpleasant.

idk whenever people mention an Asian ethnicity doing something sexual it’s like. Why is their ethnicity relevant.
It’s like are you trying to invoke the image of the “sexually deviant Japanese girl”.
“Japanese” as an adjective implies that there is some way that Japanese people look specifically, and there isn’t.

Feminism is so gross and disgusting.

Feminists go on and on about the male ego being fragile. But the minute you criticize feminism. They want you to kill yourself. Or they hope you get raped. They want people to die over a a ideology. They want people to be raped, while claiming to be against rape.

Feminists are  horrible people.

What people need to understand is that racism isn’t only hate crimes.

Those are the most overt and most heinous. But there is also insidious racism. The kind that makes people angry at being called racist. It’s things like cultural appropriation, fetishization, and exoticization that are subtle. People don’t believe it’s racist to like someone for their race or skin color!

Just because you aren’t raising up a mob to storm down PoC doesn’t make what you’re doing not prejudiced.

Being called a racist hurts. But you know what’s worse? Denying it and then continuing to hurt others because you can’t take being labeled for what you’ve done.

Only people vile and disgusting as feminists would use the deaths of innocents to justify their hatred and agenda.

May the victims rest in peace. And I hope their families find peace.

post made by anti-sj blogger: all i did was SNEEZE ON THE BUS. and then a CRAZY TUMBLRINA came up to me and told me i was a cishet male ableist scum who needed to check my cisracial privilege and threatened to MEME ON ME