SJ blogger

anti sj blogger: *brings up a ridiculously vapid and overused argument that has that has been refuted in depth hundreds of times* pwned those SJWs….

i really dont get anti sj bloggers obsession with “hurting special snowflakes fee-fees” or whatever like great. you hurt a child on the internet. that really isnt as funny as you seem to think it is

the thing that always gets me about the whole “WOW, TYPICAL TUMBLR” thing people always say when they complain about ~the SJWs~ is that I’m almost absolutely certain that sj bloggers aren’t the majority on tumblr as a whole. the average tumblr user is, like, a photoblogger, or someone who almost exclusively reblogs random popular posts from big blogs like did-you-kno or thefrogman or pleatedjeans or one of the many cute animal picture blogs

Ankh-Morpork City Watch & Social Media Headcannons

(brought to you by maesonc​ and hardly-questionable​)

Angua and Sally are the Watch’s biggest Twitter users. They regularly live-blog Watch mayhem.

Cheery, on the other hand, is an avid Vine and Instagram user.

Cheery: “Do it for the Vine, sir!”
Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable height difference, most of Cheery’s Vines just feature Vimes’ knees.

Vimes has no idea what a Vine is and wants to know why everyone keeps shouting his name and what they are doing for him.

Sybil runs a rather popular, very informative and debatably cute Instagram for her Dragon Nursery.

Nobby Nobbs does have Vine, Twitter & FB accounts, for public safety reasons they have all been deemed ‘unsafe for human consumption’

he is, however, a rather avid SJ blogger on tumblr

Carrot does NOT have a Twitter account (its for his own good)

Carrot tried to start an ‘Official City Watch’ Twitter account. Angua shot it down. 
They let him manage the FB page

The #FuckingCarrot tag is NSFW

Angua did not start the #FuckingCarrot tag
Neither did Sally. 

In Uberwald the trending hashtag is #pullingaVimes which is the Discworld equivalent of #YOLO

71-hour Ahmed started a hashtag in Klatch that roughly translates to #Vimesdid. People use it when suggesting impossible/highly improbable acts

example: “Swim the Circle Sea in only on breath? #Vimesdid”
It is a very popular tag

(will hardly-questionable and i stop? who knows)

goku: normcore food/animal blogger. reblogs ‘please signal boost this’ posts every time he sees them on his dash and semi frequently makes text posts about internet safety for kids.

vegeta: adult “welcome to my twisted mind” anti sj blogger who eases up gradually and learns the error of his ways.

bulma: popular fashion blogger who consistently posts her ootd. sends softly written anon hate to vegeta.

piccolo: completely empty standard redux themed blog. header reads “PICCOLO”

chi-chi: winemom blogger who posts ironic passive aggressive minion memes, fitspo things and Winemom Jokes

chcherik asked:

i don't understand what's with the 'down with cis' post

Because it literally never happened but we’re supposed to believe this person lives in a city where there’s a gang of impulsively violent transgender people who identify themselves with some sort of uniform that declares, “DOWN WITH CIS”. And if that wasn’t hilariously improbable enough, the OP claims they survived this “vicious attack” with a few cuts. The point is, this never happened, though it happens to trans people on a daily basis. This person is just a transphobe (and a seemingly violent one at that) who spun some ridiculously unbelievable yarn about “cisphobia”, and the funniest part about it is how gullible anti-SJ bloggers are reblogging this story with captions like, “cisphobia is real” and “is that what you call justice?” It’s honestly hilarious and I want a down with cis t-shirt.

highonmelanin asked:

I wish I knew who released it! I would love to shake their hand!! lol, and ikr? one time i saw an anti-sj blogger saying how they're pissed at staff because they won't delete these "racist" sjw blogs and i was like >___> omg you sound ridiculous. There are blogs on here with BLATANT nazi content and you don't even bat an eyelid, silly little anti-sj trolls

Guess my memory’s not that bad after all eh? (x)

Yeah isn’t that ridiculous?? How do they honestly continue to believe their own bullshit??? And I dunno, I keep getting the impression that staff are anti-SJ trolls themselves. Everything they do keeps making it more and more likely. :(

re: x

For everyone who is pissed Spidey will once again be white teen Peter Parker.

Assuming the schedule holds, Netflixs Luke Cage series should already be out by that time.
So how about a campaign of “Watch Luke Instead” where you skip the theaters while Marvels Spider-Man is out and just stream the Luke Cage series as much as you can instead.

I know it won’t make the movie bomb or anything, but at least a spike in viewship after the show isn’t ‘new’ anymore should help show Marvel that people want more non-white superheroes

If you want you can stream both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to show support for female superheroes as well.

currently there are a lot of ppl being like “not all whites are racist! not all cops are bad! stop generalizing us!!” but honestly if you are more concerned about a few teenagers expressing anger on a microblogging site than you are about a black man literally being beaten within an inch of his life and denied treatment until he died with no explanation by white people in power who are supposed to serve and protect

then you need to take a good long look at your priorities and set them straight tbh

me, an evil social justice warrior: *agrees with other social justice warriors on an issue and/or uses terminology common in this discourse community*

someone who is literally indistinguishable from any other pissy anti-sj blogger: SOCIAL JUSTICE HIVEMIND

november-moth asked:

Young Avengers for the ask

Fun story: I actually filled this meme out the day after it was sent to me, but tumblr erased everything I’d done when I tried to post it and I didn’t have the motivation to do it again ‘til now.

okay but here’s a good fandom ask meme thing. send me a fandom and i’ll tell you:

  • who is the aesthetic blogger
    • Cassie, but, like, science aesthetic. She reblogs lab coats and cool test tubes and pastel-colored Large Hadron Colliders
    • Also Noh-Varr has a sixties-themed sideblog
  • who is the sj blogger
    • Eli is super intense when it comes to social justice blogging and helps organize marches against police brutality in NYC (and later wherever he is in the midwest) and all that sort of stuff
    • The others reblog a lot of his stuff but he’s definitely the one doing the most for it
  • who is the fandom blogger
    • Billy, Teddy, Loki, and Cassie.
    • Loki has both a regular fandom blog and a troll blog and he’s equally dedicated to both of them
    • Other than that though, they’re basically split up as follows:
      • Billy writes a lot of meta
      • Teddy draws a lot of fanart
      • Loki writes a lot of fanfiction (both trolling and not)
      • Cassie gifs things, mostly anime and foreign films
  • who puts everything under a read more
    • Cassie, Kate, and Jonas all do a lot of ‘Read More’-only posts
    • Billy does them sometimes
  • who posts the most selfies
    • Kate posts a lot of selfies.
    • BUT
    • Tommy and Loki get into contests for who can get the most ridiculous seflies. Loki grabs a selfie with a dragon. Tommy gets one with Magneto and Quicksilver and makes a Matryoshka joke. Loki takes another selfie in Hel, with Hela herself and the Disir in the background (Hlökk is posing enthusiastically; Brün pretends she isn’t but she’s totally trying to look like a badass). Tommy grabs a selfie with the entire current team of Avengers, with Wanda hugging him from behind. Loki takes one with the All-Mother. Tommy takes eight selfies in less than five minutes from all over the world. It just keeps escalating.
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast
    • I mean, canonically it’s Loki.
    • But also I feel like David subtly inserts memes into the conversation whenever he can and just waits to see how long it takes people to realize and/or makes it blatant and waits for them to look at him strangely because he’s supposed to be the stoic brainiac (HE REALLY ISN’T)
    • Also Tommy because Tommy
  • who makes really quality themes
    • Jonas. He makes them all pretty and nice and usually he makes them for Cassie but the others use them too.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments
    • Noh, because he’s still occasionally making mistakes when it comes to human-ing.
    • Jonas, for much the same reason as Noh.
    • Loki, because he’s a troll.
    • Tommy, for much the same reason as Loki.
  • who has the most followers
    • Kate has two blogs, one of which has a lot of followers because she blogs as Kate Bishop and posts a lot of gorgeous selfies, but another as Hawkeye which has a HUGE following because she posts her adventures with Clint whenever she can get away with it without revealing her identity or SHIELD secrets.
    • America. She’s not quite sure how it happened, particularly since she doesn’t really care about social media in the first place.
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post
    • America uses them to make threatening posts seem less threatening
    • I XD AM ^_^ GOING ;) TO :P (&%@#$ \o.o/ MURDER O.o YOU :S LOKI :D
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again
    • Teddy, probably. He’s still a fan of two of the three shows, but he’s not embarrassing about it anymore.

The good side about shipping Pewey is that it keeps people the people I don’t want near me VERY far away, what people? People who are easily bothered and angered by silly ships, I don’t want raging bad SJ bloggers that overuse socio-political terms to police and harass bloggers because they hate a harmless ship (a ship devoid of abuse) or an AU of a cartoon show.

  • tumblr blogger:"This person is bigoted because [thing they did]."
  • anti-sj:I'M SO SICK OF SJWS RUINING EVERYTHING. THEY'RE NOT BIGOTED BECAUSE [thing they did] WAS ACTUALLY BECAUSE [incredibly unlikely list of coincidental reasons, all of which are reaching.]
  • tumblr:*gives the anti-sj blogger 700k notes because they don't want to own up to their bigotry*